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Couples Female LGBT+ or Gay Male 50 years + Single Student With cat With dog
Photo of Gina

Gina & Gina

56 years · Females

Im an easygoing, mature woman looking to rent a room. I'm neat and clean. I love the beach, the gym, and being outdoors. Looking for a peaceful, frien...

Roommate looking in: Encinitas CA, Leucadia CA & Carlsbad CA.

Photo of Lolo


57 years · Female

Hi Iโ€™m very friendly calm and easy going person. Iโ€™m a plastic artist from Brazil looking for a place to rent around Oceanside Carlsbad Leucadia Encin...

Roommate looking in: Leucadia CA.

Photo of Esteban


22 years · Male

Iโ€™m a college student and a jiu jitsu practitioner , Iโ€™m looking for calm place weโ€™re I can cook my meals and relax after a week of work and practice...

Roommate looking in: Leucadia CA & Encinitas CA.

Photo of Kyla


25 years · Female

Hi I am a laid back lady with a little dog. We just recently moved back to the Encinitas area after living in Portland for 2 years. I am into fitness...

Roommate looking in: Leucadia CA.

Photo of Colie


32 years · Female

I'm from WI. I jumped in my car in Nov and drove until I hit the ocean. I've already wanted to live here. I'm looking for a place for me to bring my 1...

Roommate looking in: Leucadia CA.

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