Roommates & rooms in Sacramento CA

Photo of Wesley
$500 — New

Wesley · 40 years

Looking in: Sacramento CA.

I am quiet, clean and keep to myself. I clean up after myself. I like to be around people and socialize. I don't smoke, drink alcohol, do harmful drug...

Photo of Karie
$650 — New

Karie · 61 years

Looking in: Sacramento CA.

Hello, My name is Karie. I am a 61 year old female looking for a room to rent with it's own bathroom. I do not smoke, drink or do drugs. I am outgoing...

Photo of Lijina
$700 — New

Lijina & Armani (my son) · 16 - 37 years

Looking in: Sacramento CA.

I am 37 a Sagittarius very clean love to cook i have a 15 we just moved from St.Louis back in march. My fiancee passed away so i came back to Cali (wh...

Photo of Justin
$1,200 — New

Justin · 24 years

Looking in: Sacramento CA.

I am a hard working Army Veteran and work for the State of California in Information Technology. I am clean and very work focused. I don’t do drugs or...

Photo of daniela
$550 — New

daniela · 23 years

Looking in: Davis CA & Sacramento CA.

Hi! I'm a recent graduate from UC Davis, looking for a single room! I'm clean, respectful, and mostly keep to myself! Month to month is preferred.

Photo of Annie
$400 — New

Annie · 26 years

Looking in: Sacramento CA.

I'm pretty quiet but friendly and my cat is very well behaved and quiet as well. I generally keep to myself and commit to homework but enjoy lounging...

Photo of Anthony
$600 — New

Anthony · 22 years

Looking in: Sacramento CA.

I’m a full time medical assistant and my girlfriend is an artist. We’re both friendly, hardworking, respectful and clean people. We rave and we’re can...

Photo of Brittany
$800 — Updated

Brittany · 23 years

Looking in: Roseville CA & Sacramento CA.

Hello! I am a Sonoma State graduate and have recently moved back to the area. I studied Psychology but am working in the insurance field currently....

Photo of Alix
$550 — New

Alix · 19 years

Looking in: Sacramento CA.

Very understanding and polite. Won’t ever over step boundaries. Quiet, very social, and room bodies(will be in the room most the time if not at work).

Photo of Melisa
$600 — Updated

Melisa · 22 years

Looking in: Sacramento CA.

I am clean and respectful. I would like to move to the Sacramento area. I have a cat she is a calico who currently lives her life in a room. Well beha...

Photo of Jennifer
$750 — New

Jennifer · 27 years

Looking in: Sacramento CA & Sarasota FL.

I'm easy-going, open, fun, and clean. I keep shared spaces clean, don't use your belongings without permission, don't eat your food without permissio...

Photo of Gil
$700 — New

Gil · 27 years

Looking in: Sacramento CA.

I mind my own, don't smoke/drink/get wild, yet am very accepting of others and easy to get along with. I only spend money I have and always pay my due...

Photo of Marissa
$700 — New

Marissa · 24 years

Looking in: Elk Grove CA & Sacramento CA.

Hello! I'm very outgoing and get well with anyone. I have a very chill 17 year old male cat who sleeps all day and is obviously potty trained. I work...

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