Credit checks

Credit checks are a great way to demonstrate that you are a responsible roommate and reliable when it comes to paying your rent on time.

What's included

Roomies has partnered with Certn to perform the individual credit checks. The reports are powered by Equifax, one of the three largest credit bureaus.

The credit report includes the following types of information:

  • Identifying information- Your name, address, and date of birth
  • Credit account information- Credit card, mortgage, student loans, vehicle loan
  • Inquiry information - "Soft" inquiry
  • Bankruptcies- Information about bankruptcy public records
  • Collections accounts- Past due accounts that have been turned over to a collection agency
  • Any notable risk factors

How it works


Begin the application process

Certn will collect some personal information including most recent address and SSN. These are only used to for the purposes of completing the check.


Verification completed

Certn generally processes the credit check within 24 hours. Once the result comes back a verification tick will be applied to the Roomies account.


Download and share your check

You can save a copy of your completed credit check to use how you please, or share it with other users on Roomies.

Other verification options


ID verification

Verify your ID using your driver's licence, passport or ID card. Generally processed within minutes.

Background checks

Choose between two levels of criminal background checks. Generally processed between 3–5 business days.

Frequently asked questions

How do Roomies and their partners handle personal data?

Here at Roomies we take our user's privacy seriously. We do not sell user data, and we believe in full transparency regarding our policies as well as our partners' policies. When you purchase an ID check, credit check or background check with us, this information is not saved on our platform, and we do not handle your sensitive information on our own servers.

Our partners at Stripe and provide the technology we use to process your information. Stripe, the provider of our ID checks, has a robust privacy policy. Your background and credit checks are run by Certn, which also has an extensive privacy policy.

These partnerships do not automatically opt you in for additional marketing and your private information will be safeguarded according to their individual company policies. If you would like more information about how we handle your data, read the Roomies privacy policy.

If you have any additional concerns or questions regarding these policies please don't hesitate to reach out to us, our support team is always happy to help.

Which documents are not supported for verification checks?

Expired driver's licence, ID cards, and passports cannot be verified. Ensure that your documents are not expired for both the ID and criminal checks.