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Photo of Shirley


30 years · Female · Operating Room Nurse


Looking for a one bedroom in a 2b2b apartment with a female roommate, preferably 30+ working professional or healthcare worker. I’m super kind, respectful, clean, and considerate person. I work pretty long hours at the hospital during the week so when I’m home I enjoy wining down by doing yoga, wor...

Roommate looking in: Boston, Suffolk County, MA, South Boston, Suffolk County, MA & Jamaica Plain, Suffolk County, MA.

Photo of Enmanuel Perez

Enmanuel Perez

30 years · Male · DHS


Hi Everyone, My name is Enmanuel and I'm 30 years old. I am a business management professional with over 7 years of experience in retail management. I'm relocating from NYC to MA due to professional advancements. I am urgently looking for a dependable place to stay. While I might be reserved initia...

Roommate looking in: Boston, Suffolk County, MA, Cambridge, Middlesex County, MA, Framingham, Middlesex County, MA, Quincy, Norfolk County, MA & Lynn, Essex County, MA.

Photo of Max Hunter

Max Hunter

23 years · Male · Non-for-profit


Hey, I'm Max, 23 years old, I live in Australia but will be moving to Boston and in need of some housemates. I've been living in sharehouses for many years, super chill, like to cook, write, make music. As a new Boston local I'll be super keen to explore everything the city and surrounding nature ha...

Roommate looking in: Boston, Suffolk County, MA.

Photo of Exsenet


29 years · Female · Event Manager


I am an outgoing & easy going roomie. I am down to share food, household items and become friends. I am organized and like for things to be clean, will respect common spaces. Let’s agree on how many days dirty dishes can be in the sink. Easy to talk to, willing to compromise. I prefer the day to day...

Roommate looking in: East Boston, Suffolk County, MA & Boston, Suffolk County, MA.

Photo of Du Hanh

Du Hanh

22 years · Male · research student


Hi, I´m Du Hanh, 22 and a medical student from Germany. I will be doing a research fellowship at Harvard Medical School, starting in November. I am an open-minded, clean and simple person. I have lived with 17 other people for over 3 years now, always happy to get to know people from different backg...

Roommate looking in: Boston, Suffolk County, MA.

Photo of Melanie


23 years · Female · Band Teacher


Looking for a young professional roommate(s) to live with. Females preferred. I work as a public school band teacher. I like to keep my home very clean. I have one cat named Cece, who is very friendly with people! I do not smoke and I drink socially. In my free time, I like practicing my ins...

Roommate looking in: Richmond, Richmond city, VA, Cambridge, Middlesex County, MA, Boston, Suffolk County, MA, Arlington, Arlington County, VA & Washington, DC.

Photo of christy


27 years · Female · Nurse


I am a 27 year old nurse working in Boston and wanting a safe environment to live in with a roommate. I’m very quiet and a first time mover just looking for a safe space to live and new people to meet. I also work days as a nurse

Roommate looking in: Boston, Suffolk County, MA.

Photo of Miguel


27 years · Male · Barista ; Sound Designer


Hi! My name is Miguel and I'm looking for an affordable room in Boston. I don't smoke or drink unless socially, and spend most of my time out working. When I'm not out working, I'm working at home, as I am also a sound designer on the side. My hobbies include photography, video games, reading, music...

Roommate looking in: Boston, Suffolk County, MA.

Photo of Genna


23 years · Female · sales representative


Recently moved to Arizona and I’m working full time while in college. I’m looking for very low key and friendly people to live with. I’m going to be busy and most likely not at the apartment most f the time anyway. So, you don’t have to worry about loudness as well as me interfering. I’m not loud an...

Roommate looking in: Boston, Suffolk County, MA.

Photo of Khaleel


18 years · Male · I’m working a full time job and botta go back to school


I like having fun an connecting with other great cause in the end of the day that’s what’s life’s about making new friends or just meeting new ppl

Roommate looking in: Boston, Suffolk County, MA.

Photo of Eli


23 years · Other · budtender


I am looking to move to the Boston area this summer! I am about to graduate from UVM, and I am so sure that if I don't start my life right away, it's not going to happen. As for my tendencies, I am a bit of a night owl and a homebody. I have two kittens (currently 5 months) Goose, and Pebble. The...

Roommate looking in: Winchester, Middlesex County, MA, Watertown, Middlesex County, MA, Malden, Middlesex County, MA, Brookline, Norfolk County, MA & Somerville, Middlesex County, MA.

Photo of Eli

Eli & Sloane

19 years · Others · Student


I’m going to be a junior at Massart next year along with my current roommate Sloane. looking for two bedrooms. I’m a creative creator who does many crafts also I love all animals. I am responsible and run my own business selling art and clothing. I also am very attentive so any conflicts brought up...

Roommate looking in: Longwood Medical Area, Boston, Suffolk County, MA.

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