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Santa Monica CA Rooms & Roomies

New | $1,400

Emily, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica

I'm respectful, clean, love to have a laugh, go for drinks and I will definitely cook for you :)

Found | $1,000

Victor, Male, 37yrs

Looking in: Marina del Rey, El Segundo, Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice Beach

Hey! I’m originally from Brazil. Independent design professional. Active lifestyle: surf, skate, snow. Passionate about street art and culture.

Found | $1,500

Hannah, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Culver City, North Glendale, Beverly Hills, Burbank, West Hollywood, Santa Monica

Hello! I am originally from the Chicago area and moved over here to California for an internship in downtown LA at a digital marketing agency! I am looking for a roommate who knows how to have fun and also how to do absolutely nothing at the same time...like me! I am a non-smoker, I LOVE pets so I am open to having them but I don't have my pups with me, I enjoy movie marathons and cooking/baking! The internship could go on to a full-time job at the end of February so I am also open to a longer lease.

Updated | $1,495 inc

Santa Monica, CA

Furnished room in an Apartment

Fully furnished, this apartment unit comes with home appliances, a laundry room, internet, paid utilities, and a parking space. It's located in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood at the epicenter of many shopping stores including the 3rd street promenade. Transportation is readily available. The Big Blue Bus stop is just a block away.

New | $750

Aaron, Male, 28yrs

Looking in: Ladera Heights, Santa Monica, Culver City, Torrance, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista

I'm an Orange County native who picked up a job in Playa Vista. I'm clean, friendly and pet-friendly. I'm not a party person, but I can have fun! Looking for an easy going roomie. Thanks!

Found | $1,400

Aleks, Couple, 20yrs

Looking in: Mid-City, Downtown, Ocean Park, Santa Monica

Hello! We are two girls from Sweden who´s going to Santa Monica for college in Jan/Feb 2019. We are therefore looking for a place to stay, preferably close to SMC. We are used to take care of ourselves etc. would be nice to find a place together with maybe a couple roommates! Please write if you have something that might be interesting :)

Updated | $1,000

Kelcey, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Mar Vista, Culver City, West Los Angeles, Mid-City, Santa Monica

I am extremely chill and easy to get along with. I am quiet and clean and work M-F 8:30-6 so won't be home much during the week

New | $2,000

Aubree, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, Venice Beach

I am clean, organized, overall pretty chill, and a sucker for a good board game. I will be working from 8:00 am-6:30 pm at the children’s hospital in LA. I am relocating from Texas, so I would love a roommate who also wants to be friends. I love the outdoors, so I would ideally like to find someone who would be down to hike, surf, go for a run ect..

Found | $1,000

Casandra , Female, 37yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica, Malibu, Westlake Village, Agoura, Tarzana, Encino, Calabasas, Woodland Hills

I'm laid back, clean and tidy, never late with rent, communicative, nice, friendly, work Monday to Friday from 8-6, not loud and just an all around great roommate. I was born and raised in Southern California, work full-time in Agoura Hills as an HR & Customer Service Supervisor for the last 5 1/2 years, love the beach, trying out new restaurants, I don't cook much, love pizza, and drink socially in the weekends.

Found | $1,000

Josh, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica

Friendly, easy going, will never steal your food.

Found | $700

Veronica, Female, 53yrs

Looking in: West LA, San Pedro, Culver City, Torrance, Santa Monica

I am positive, clean, considerate and easy going. I am quiet keep to myself and not much bothers me.

Found | $1,200

Darren, Male, 36yrs

Looking in: Culver City, West LA, Santa Monica

Hi, I’m Darren. I am still new to the West coast. I moved here from NY/NJ area back in March. I’ve been staying with extended family up in Agoura Hills while I look for a job, which I am happy to say, finally happened. I am looking for a mid November or December 1st move-in. I now work in West LA in advertising (9-6). Since I am a working professional, I am looking for a suitable lifestyle that allows me to go to bed by midnight during the week. I don’t need complete silence – I used to live on a busy avenue in New York City, so I am used to some ambient noise. I am in my mid-thirties, so my hardcore partying days are well behind me, but I do still enjoy a few drinks now and then. As far as 420 goes, I’m not much of a smoker, but I will vape from tine to time. I do really enjoy the edible scene however. I have no real preference on it for you beyond I don’t want to live with anyone that does any harder drugs than weed. Overall, I’m a pretty chill guy. In my spare time, I like to work out (I’m not in shape, but I try to not be a total fatass). I also like to write, perform stand-up (at open mics), and join intramural sports leagues for fun. I’d imagine that I’d be doing a pretty healthy dose of that in the near future as I try to establish myself here. I also have a ps4 that I use to game on occasion (but mostly use for Netflix) I enjoy a healthy dosage of TV and movies. However, I feel like I can do without cable and just go the Netflix/Hulu route – If cable is a must for you, that’s fine, after-all it is still best for live sports, which I like to watch as well. TV habits (so you can get an idea of my personality): Seinfeld, South Park, Impractical Jokers, Bojack Horseman, Big Mouth, Aqua Teen, Better Call Saul, etc. What am I bringing? Well to be honest, not much – I left the majority of my belongings on the East coast. So if the room is not furnished, I will need to buy a bedroom set. Beyond that and my clothes, I have a Nutri-Ninja for protein shakes. And that’s pretty much it. I don’t do much cooking beyond broiling or grilling chicken most nights. Overall, I’m respectful, mostly keep to myself, and don’t make a mess. Also, I’m pretty progressive/liberal. My hope is that you are similar in those regards. Also some final info on me pertinent for a roommate: • I am single • Straight • Have a credit score in the 700’s I hope that this is enough information and that we can meet! Thank you, Darren


Hsuan, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Venice, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Palms, Mar Vista, Inglewood, Culver City

I have a small Maltipoo called Chow Chow and he is super friendly. Looking for a room for me and my Maltipoo! I can have him stay in my room when I go to class. No mess at the public area!

Found | $800

Wilma, Friends, 20yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica, Los Angeles

We are two fun, easy going and happy girls that are super exited to move to Los Angeles and study. Hope to hear from you soon about more info :)

Found | $1,500

Marc, Male, 45yrs

Looking in: Mar Vista, Palms, Venice Beach, Santa Monica

Professional Male, Travel over summer, motorcycle enthusiast, easy going, clean, sociable.


Sarah, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Calabasas, North Hollywood, Studio City, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks

Moving back to California from Atlanta. Working full time in Warner Center. Looking for a chill, clean roommate who likes to have fun.

Found | $1,800

BHAUMIK, Male, 32yrs

Looking in: Playa Vista, Westwood, Brentwood, Marina del Rey, Beverly Hill, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica

I am a single full time physician (Blood Cancer Specialist - Pathologist) trained in Miami, who leads a very dynamic life. I will be moving to LA for my fellowship in blood cancers (hematopathology) at UCLA. My work schedule will be from 8 am to 7pm from Monday to Friday. I am a very organized person who likes to be on top of things. I like travelling, crossfit and social dancing ( Zouk/bachata/kizomba/salsa). Looking forward to have a pleasant stay with you for a minimum one year or upto possibly three years if you are cooperative to keep the place clean and organized.

Found | $1,700

Deanna, Female, 47yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica

I’m organized and fun. Private but I do like “at home” social hour. I live here in SAMO and work at an amazing steakhouse on Ocean. I moved from Minneapolis three years ago and haven’t looked back! I have an adorable tabby named Tyke ( he’s shy) I have an awesome rental history and now Im looking to pay less than I do. It’s a lot! Looking for my own area and bath. Proximity to a balcony or green space. Thanks Dena

Found | $700

Yaritza, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Culver City

Hello, I am from the Bay Area, but moving to LA to attend school. I am an art student pursuing graphic design. I am currently unemployed but will be looking for employment. I like to keep things in order, dishes clean and my place smelling fresh, I love the scent of bergamot. My music taste ranges from Latin pop, R&B to Kpop. For free time, I like to go out and hang out with my friends or stay home watch some rom-com and snack on hot Cheetos.

Found | $1,000

Manny, Male, 41yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica, San Clemente



Jed, Male, 22yrs

Looking in: Culver City, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Venice Beach

I'm very respectful, easygoing, social, and not too messy. I like going out with a friend or staying in.

Found | $1,000

Thomas, Male, 22yrs

Looking in: Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Hi ! I am a French 22 y.o, comming to UCLA for my last year of school, I have a background in IT devlopement but I am going to take project management courses there. I've been living with roomates in Bordeaux France for 4+ years. I'm easy going, I can be quiet or talkative when needs to be. I respect boundaries and can adapt to most of the rules we will put in place for the day to day life. I can cook mean dishes and cocktail. I like animals, so no problems if you have any pets. I'm 420 friendly, but I do not smoke by myself, so again, if you do I do not mind at all. Do not hesitate to hit me up with more questions, I will happily answer anything you may want to know about me, or my lifestyle.

Found | $1,200

Jenny, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica

I work full time in luxury retail. I have two darling little kittens that are beyond affectionate. I can go out or have a chill night in. Always respectful of privacy and noise. I’m quite easy to get along with I’d say. Love the beach, paddleboarding, exploring. Just trying to find a new place incentive my lease is up and to find a roomie to save some monies.

Found | $1,900

Ainsley, Couple, 24-26yrs

Looking in: Culver City, Santa Monica

Hello! My husband and I, along with our 20 lb Spitz dog, are seeking housing in the Santa Monica area. My husband is a professional in the film industry and I am a public school teacher. We are friendly, clean, and enjoy cooking. Our dog is very friendly with humans but not other animals. We know the situation we are seeking is quite unique: private room, pet friendly, no other pets. Interested in starting a lease November 1.

Found | $1,300

Kelsey, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Westwood, Culver City, Brentwood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica

Recently moved from NYC, works in hospitality. I love being active, cooking, nature and writing. Very adaptable, not a complainer life is good!

Found | $1,400

Alexandra, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: La Brea, Koreatown, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Newport Beach

Super clean and like a clean living space. Always down for fun but also love nights in to cook and drink wine. Love hiking,running and spending time at the beach. Easy going, laid back looking for a roommate or two that are the same way! Open to different moving dates!


Deirdre, Female, 45yrs

Looking in: Culver City, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey

Easy to get along with, respectful of others and shared space, clean, reliable, busy.

Found | $1,400

Lynque, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Downtown, Santa Monica

Just moved back from Sweden


Kristen, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica

Hey there! My name is Kristen and I recently moved to the Santa Monica area. I'm currently living at my aunts house but am looking to be out on my own. I just graduated from the University of Rhode Island with my degree in Kinesiology and am looking for opportunities to get into the health field. Currently, I am working as a dog walker for WAG in the area and have a good chunk of money saved up otherwise. I'm 22 years old, and I love a good night out to town. However, my real passions include surfing, hiking and skiing. Recently, I've also been getting into slack-lining by the Santa Monica pier. It's so fun! Overall, I'm a very laid back person, but I like everything to be clean. I hate fruit flies, so you won't find me leaving dishes sitting in the sink. I can't wait to meet my future roomie! Best, Kristen

Found | $650

Vidhi, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica, Signal Hill, Long Beach, Los Angeles

I am a happy person, who likes a balance between socializing and personal space. I graduated from USC this year and am now working full time at Long Beach. I love reading, cooking and Harry Potter. I enjoy nap time, pizzas and lazy Sundays. My idea of fun is either spending the weekend reading a book or chatting with a few friends over a drink. I am not a party person, I sometimes like going to them but hide when they come to me. I clean up after myself, and am respectful of other people's preferences and boundaries. I am looking for a nice, quiet place and friendly roommates. Please hit me up if you have a place to share. Thank you!

Found | $1,000

Julius , Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica, Westwood, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Century City, Culver City, Brentwood

Hi everybody, I’m 26 year old. Works full time, really laid back and chill to live with. Looking to move at the end of the month. No pets, no baggage, just good vibes.

Found | $900

Denise, Female, 51yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica, Culver City, Studio City, Ventura, Los Angeles

Very Tidy. Work a lot.

Found | $2,000

Lindsey, Female, 33yrs

Looking in: Ocean Park, Santa Monica, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, Marina del Rey

I’m in my early 30’s, work full-time as a senior producer in sports media, work long hours and travel often. I enjoy to spend my free time relaxing, watching movies, hanging at the beach, going on walks, the usual. I love sports, the beach, camping, exploring SoCal... I moved here from Cleveland about 18 months ago, so while I have a few really great friends, I work a lot and still don’t know a ton of people. I’m not a party person and prefer to stay home and be low key instead. I love meeting new people and trying new things, but I’d love for my home to be a place I can relax after a crazy day at work. I don’t think I’d be a good fit with someone who has a lot of parties and/or tons of different visitors in the common areas, unless of course we communicate ahead of time.


Brian , Male, 22yrs

Looking in: West Los Angeles, Culver City, Santa Monica

Hi, I'm Brian! I'm very open-minded and easy to talk to. I don't like to start drama, and believe issues are resolved through constructive discourse, rather than abrupt action or hostility. I like to keep my space clean and don't smoke at all.

Found | $800

Samantha, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Venice Beach, Santa Monica

I am a young proffessional, I work a lot, keep clean and tidy.


Michel, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica, Culver City, Koreatown, Mid City

I’m super chill, never home cause I’m either working or at school.