Roommates & rooms in Merced CA

Photo of Hannah

Hannah & Katie · 18 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

Born in Brooklyn, New york a friendly and outgoing person. Loves to watch anime and play video games. Doesn't like to start drama and is great with co...

Photo of mitzy

mitzy · 21 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

I'm a really easy going individual looking for a room for myself, and if possible for my dog as well(German Shepherd, trained). I am very adaptable to...

Photo of Arjuna

Arjuna · 20 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

I am 20-year-old male. I like to skateboard. I am starting Merced College so need a place to rent starting August 11, 2019.

Photo of Mauricio Rafael

Mauricio Rafael · 30 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

Hi my name is Rafael, I'm from Italy 30 years old I'll be in California for 6 mount because of study I love music, horror movies, cats ,basketball...

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Photo of Samuel

Samuel · 20 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

Hi everyone call me Sam. I'm very energetic I have a high personality rate very clean I work as a security guard at LaGuardia security and I like ma...

Photo of Martin

Martin · 20 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

Very tidy, friendly, no judgement just a guy tryna get out of his parents house and start life on his own.

Photo of Michael

Michael · 34 years

Looking in: Merced CA & Atwater CA.

Hello future roommate(s)! My name is Mike and I am greet to live with. I’m clean. I’m quite. Super friendly. And most importantly very respectful. I h...

Photo of Tiara

Tiara, Jaden & Tiara · 17 - 18 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

We’re very sociable, friendly, and can compromise with ease. My boyfriend & I are trying find a nice room & try new things with our lives :))

Photo of Gladys

Gladys · 19 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

Hi, I’m going to be a second year at UC Merced this fall and am looking for a master bedroom to share with my friend who will also be a second year.

Photo of Lex

Lex · 22 years

Looking in: Winton CA, Merced CA & Atwater CA.

Hey! I am a pretty relaxed and chill person. I keep to myself and tend to hang out with my dog and friends a lot, outside of the home. Currently try...

Photo of Sylvia

Sylvia · 46 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

Im a very easy going person. I dont have drama and just relax or visit family on my days off.

Photo of Jenny

Jenny · 18 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

I am looking to rent a room. I am a student at UC Merced. I am friendly. I enjoy outdoor activities.

Photo of Gianna

Gianna · 21 years

Looking in: Merced CA.

Just looking for a room in a house with some friendly, trustworthy, and chill people. Rent in California is too expensive so I can’t afford it on my o...

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