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Norwood, MA

Unfurnished room in a house

$1,033 inc.

Rent for room to RENT NOW!!! House with 3 bedrooms. We are two ladies in late 20s. Renting Temporarily until September 1. And if we get along we can add you to contract after Sep 1. Good credit, responsible, and we check criminal records. My old roommate left the state and we have to fill his r...

Room near: North Dorchester, Boston, MA, Readville Manor, Norwood, Norfolk County, MA, Norwood Centre, Norwood, Norfolk County, MA, Norwood Centre, Norwood, MA & Norwood, MA.

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26 years · Female · Preschool Teacher


I’ve been described by many as flexible and easy going. I am organized and clean but not obsessive or controlling about it by any means. I really try to go with the flow and keep to myself but am definitely friendly and love to converse!

Roommate looking in: Attleboro, Bristol County, MA, North Attleboro, Bristol County, MA, Norwood, Norfolk County, MA, Sharon, Norfolk County, MA & Foxborough, Norfolk County, MA.

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63 years · Male · Fish monger , landscaper and work for estate sale company.


I would be a good roommate because: I will pay rent and utilities when due , I'm very respectful of others and am very neat and clean. I also love the great outdoors and am a pretty good cook.

Roommate looking in: Norwood, Norfolk County, MA.

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51 years · Male · Cher


Im 51yr old professional chef for more then 34 years I'm ready to move in as soon as possible I have two teenage children who might come over to visit from time to time I currently am the Butcher at the Capital Grille And work catering on my free days I'm clean, quite and keep to myself B...

Roommate looking in: Norwood, Norfolk County, MA.

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Lloyd John

70 years · Male · Sales associate


I am very quiet, do a lot of hours at work, when l am home watch a little Tv. And go to sleep, very clean and respectful. No pet , or hard drinks.

Roommate looking in: Norwood, Norfolk County, MA.

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28 years · Male · Aviation Industry


I'm a very relaxed and quiet individual. Always looking to spend time and hangout with roommates. One of my talents is that I could make people laugh.

Roommate looking in: Norwood, Norfolk County, MA.

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26 years · Male · Software Engineer


I'm a software engineer at a med device company at Walpole with a pretty normal 8-5 work schedule. ‍I'm looking for a friendly, responsible roommate who is also clean and tidy. I am more of an outdoor-loving person so I may not be home a lot. I like hanging out with friends and traveling to...

Roommate looking in: Holbrook, Norfolk County, MA, Braintree, Norfolk County, MA, Randolph, Norfolk County, MA, Milton, Norfolk County, MA & Quincy, Norfolk County, MA.

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Jacob & Jack

27 & 29 years · Males · Serve/bartender


Hello Jake and Jack here we are easy-going, responsible, and good-hearted individuals, and we’re also boyfriends. We believe in creating a positive and harmonious living environment where everyone feels comfortable and respected. Our easy-going nature allows us to get along with anyone. We are commi...

Roommate looking in: Roxbury, Suffolk County, MA, West Roxbury, Suffolk County, MA, Westwood, Norfolk County, MA, Norwood, Norfolk County, MA & Hyde Park, Suffolk County, MA.

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29 years · Male · Ups supervisor and big y deli


Any place to put my motorcycle? I am very hard worker. I work as supervisor at ups and deli at big y after. I need a room really bad I need to move out. I sometimes play videos games very competitive also lmao 🤣 please lmk if u think all that is fine. If there is a garage I can even slide my motor...

Roommate looking in: Norwood, Norfolk County, MA.

Photo of Diana


23 years · Female · QC associate scientist, microbiology


Hello, currently I am 23 years old and am looking to move to be closer to my job. I work for a pharmaceutical company in the microbiology department. I can be a very quite person but once you get to know me I can be a very fun loving person !

Roommate looking in: Norwood, Norfolk County, MA.

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