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Photo of Vanessa


39 years · Female · self employed, and on SSI


I need a safe, private space. I'm friendly, but I'm not looking to be anyone's therapist, healer, maid or cook. I have a job. I'm clean, I'm quiet. I'm black. I'm about my credit. I'm never late with bills. I expect a level of reciprocity in this energy. I'm not content with stagnation! if this pers...

Roommate looking in: Brockton, Plymouth County, MA.

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23 years · Female · Sales Specialist


Hellooo!! I'm Kaylyn, I'm 23 and looking for a comfortable and convenient place to live while pursuing going back to school. I'm responsible, and always pick up after myself! I'd love to find a roommate that I can come to be friends with! I love art, nature, anime and video games. <3

Roommate looking in: Braintree, Norfolk County, MA, Holbrook, Norfolk County, MA, Taunton, Bristol County, MA, Brockton, Plymouth County, MA & Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA.

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Brockton, MA

Unfurnished room in a townhouse

$900 inc.

Looking for working professional, friendly female. Non-smoker (cigarettes or marijuana). Very clean and organized. Pays bills on time. Great communicator, willing to bring up any household issues promptly and peacefully. Price includes electricity, water, heat, wifi, sewage, washer and dryer exp...

Room near: West Abington, Whitman, Plymouth County, MA, West Abington, Abington, MA, West Abington, Brockton, Plymouth County, MA, South Stoughton, Brockton, MA & Brockton, MA.

Photo of Steven


21 years · Male · Assistant Manager at Planet Fitness


Hi i’m steven, i'm 21 years old, and im a quiet and respectful person. I mostly listen to music and work and i go to metal shows frequently. I play the electric bass but not super loud. I’m also pansexual with a non-binary partner who would be staying with me fairly often.

Roommate looking in: Brockton, Plymouth County, MA, Attleboro, Bristol County, MA, Easton, Bristol County, MA, South Easton, Bristol County, MA & Norton, Bristol County, MA.

Photo of Anthony


34 years · Male · Renewable Energy Consultant


Greetings! I am excited about living together and creating a harmonious and enjoyable environment. As a young professional with a passion for track & field and the gym, I understand the importance of balance and staying healthy. Cooking nutritious meals is a big part of my routine, and I look forwar...

Roommate looking in: Brockton, Plymouth County, MA.

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51 years · Male · Retired/ Retail assistant manager


I'm a retired police officer and military vet. I work as an Asst. Manager for O'Reilly Auto Parts. Great sense of humor and very sociable, but can also respect privacy and diversity.

Roommate looking in: Brockton, Plymouth County, MA.

Photo of Nick


35 years · Male · Technician


Hi, my name is Nick. I work full time and been at my company just under three years. I do not smoke, drink or party. I keep to myself. I have no pets. I'm clean, organized and quiet. I stick to myself. I do have a partner that may spend weekends with me. She sticks to herself and is friendly....

Roommate looking in: Taunton, Bristol County, MA, Braintree, Norfolk County, MA, Whitman, Plymouth County, MA, Brockton, Plymouth County, MA & Avon, Norfolk County, MA.

Photo of Patreena


23 years · Female · Cook


I’m a simple, clean woman with no issues paying my part and respectful to you and the household boundaries. Please respect mine as-well. I’m always working most of the time. Looking for a comfortable, friendly environment. I’m a good person to talk to if need be and a fun person to be around once k...

Roommate looking in: Randolph, Norfolk County, MA, Stoughton, Norfolk County, MA, Avon, Norfolk County, MA & Brockton, Plymouth County, MA.

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