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Angie & Jermaine

37 & 38 years · Couple · Lead cashier


My husband and I are looking for a room to rent with my 2 service dogs. We are both working full-time, he is a DSP and I am lead cashier at Circle K in Monmouth. We are quiet and keep to ourselves. Our dogs are lovers, they love kisses and belly scratches! Hope to get to meet you soon!

Roommate looking in: Independence, Polk County, OR & Monmouth, Polk County, OR.

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18 years · Male · Student


I’d love to move in this August! I’m open minded and happy to accommodate and listen to any concerns. I’m respectful about boundaries as well. I’ll clean and help with what I can. My pronouns are he/they and I’m a music Major at WOU.

Roommate looking in: Monmouth, Polk County, OR.

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28 years · Female · Behavior technician


Hello, I'm Cheyenne. I'm seeking either a room or studio to rent. I work two jobs (both with special needs children) and also run my own online business. I am a peaceful, respectful person who enjoys writing, making art, and cooking. I also have a calm ESA cat named Lavender.

Roommate looking in: Rickreall, Polk County, OR, Dallas, Polk County, OR, Albany, Linn County, OR, Monmouth, Polk County, OR & Independence, Polk County, OR.

Photo of Liberty


20 years · Female · Student-Athlete at WOU


I currently live in a two bedroom, one bath house less than a minute away from the college. The house is great, I occupy the smaller room and my roommate (who is moving out) is occupying the larger room right now. The place is roomy but easy to manage, tucked away behind another house. I'm laid back...

Roommate looking in: Monmouth, Polk County, OR.

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College Street South, Monmouth, OR

Unfurnished room in a house


You will get your own room, a fenced in backyard tucked behind a house, small driveway and parking spot, laundry shed just a few feet away, full kitchen and living room! It's really private and a quiet space but enough space to have friends over! (note: the house isn't usually as messy as it is in t...

Room near: Rickreall, OR, Rickreall, Polk County, OR, Independence, Polk County, OR, Independence, OR & Monmouth, OR.

Photo of Rebecca


20 years · Female · Student at western Oregon University


I am a very clean person and usually keeps to myself. I am not the going out type and am usually a home body if not at work or class. I am always down for cooking and movie nights! I am pet friendly but do not own an animal.

Roommate looking in: Monmouth, Polk County, OR.

Photo of Eric


24 years · Male · Personal Trainer


Paying on time will never be an issue with me, I’m sociable but also enjoy being in my own space. I wouldn’t consider myself difficult to live with, and I’m big on communication. If you want to be super friendly roommates I’m down w that, but if you want to do your own thing I get that too.

Roommate looking in: Monmouth, Polk County, OR.

Photo of Dylan


18 years · Male · Student and working at equine vet


I am a student transferring to WOU in hopes of studying music. I am currently going to OSU but will be transferring here soon. I’m a quiet person when it comes to meeting new people but I open up quickly. I’m pet friendly and I have lots of experience watching and taking care of pets. All I hope in...

Roommate looking in: Monmouth, Polk County, OR.

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