Roommates & rooms in Hayward CA

Photo of Kiara'
$1,200 — New

Kiara' · 25 years

Looking in: Hayward CA.

Eldest sister. Educator. Nonprofits. Communications major. Poetic and artistic. Social justice. Hospitality. Active. Plant-Based (most of the time)

Photo of Patricio Sacramento
$900 — New

Patricio Sacramento · 23 years

Looking in: Hayward CA.

I am transferring from Cal Poly to finish the final year of my degree at CSEB. I am an extremely laid back guy. Looking for a very chill place to live...

Photo of Ibraheem
$900 — New

Ibraheem & Aisha · 25 - 26 years

Looking in: Hayward CA.

We are a married couple going to a graduate program. We do not drink or smoke. We'll be spending most of our time either studying or on campus. Lookin...

Photo of Tracy
$800 — New

Tracy · 22 years

Looking in: Hayward CA.

Hi, my name is Tracy Yang. I am a recent college graduate from UC Davis, and I am starting my full-time job in Hayward in September, so I am currently...

Photo of Melanie
$650 — Updated

Melanie · 22 years

Looking in: Castro Valley CA & Hayward CA.

Just looking for a calm place to live. I am pretty reserved. I am responsible. I like to keep to myself mostly. I will probably be working or at schoo...

Photo of Daisy

Daisy · 21 years

Looking in: Hayward CA.

Hello im looking to move out of my parents house this month of August . I am able to give Half the deposit if the roomie i choose pays half as well. I...

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Photo of Victoriano

Victoriano · 22 years

Looking in: Hayward CA.

Hello, I'm a 22 year old business student at Cal State East Bay. I'm out the most of the day at campus or at the library doing homework (Monday-Thursd...

Photo of Jess

Jess · 55 years

Looking in: Hayward CA.

I am easy to get along with, I'm clean, I'm quiet, I don't drink and I am employed with the same company the last 12 years. I don't eat a lot of proce...

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