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Photo of Pat


37 years · Male · Activist


I'm a friendly, responsible, and a reliable person. I pay my bills and balances on time. I am clean and neat. I respect others and myself. I'm just trying to live my life, and do my thing.

Roommate looking in: Enfield, Hartford County, CT.

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43 years · Female · Pharmacy Technician


Looking for a Female roommate. I currently work full time but I’m going back to school fall of ‘24. I’ll be starting my program in the summer online. I’ll be working part-time at that point. I have 4 cats and living room furniture coming with me. I love to cook and make art, read. Looking for a...

Roommate looking in: Suffield, Hartford County, CT, Agawam, Hampden County, MA, East Longmeadow, Hampden County, MA, Enfield, Hartford County, CT & Longmeadow, Hampden County, MA.

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Bigelow Commons, Enfield, CT

Unfurnished room with own bathroom in an apartment

$850 inc.

Your room is a secluded sanctuary with large industrial windows, wall to wall carpet, and your own full bathroom. Enjoy peace and quiet behind thick walls; or, crack a window and listen to the sound of the Connecticut River nearby. Our room is up again after our roomie from this site decided to p...

Room near: North Thompsonville, CT, North Thompsonville, Hartford County, CT, North Thompsonville, Enfield, Hartford County, CT, Thompsonville, Enfield, CT & Thompsonville, Thompsonville, CT.

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23 years · Female · Student, Service Desk Clerk


Hi! I'm Sabrina! I'm finishing up my associate's degree at Holyoke Community College and plan to move out within the next few months. I keep my space organized and clean, and I'm generally easygoing and cooperative. I'm looking for a place with affordable rent in a safe, fun community.

Roommate looking in: Holyoke, Hampden County, MA, Suffield, Hartford County, CT, Enfield, Hartford County, CT, West Springfield, Hampden County, MA & Agawam, Hampden County, MA.

Photo of James


40 years · Male · On husky C


I’m quiet and keep to myself. I would prefer that the room comes with internet. I have some furnishings. I would like it if it was close by to a gym.

Roommate looking in: Enfield, Hartford County, CT.

Photo of Aubriana


21 years · Female · Unemployed until I can find a place to live


I’m a 21 year old female and looking for a room to rent. Preferably with another female. I loveee to clean and organize. It’s my therapy. I loveeee animals!! Right now I am couch hopping. I get dependable money once a month. I did have to leave my job due to couch hopping. But as soon as I’m settle...

Roommate looking in: Enfield, Hartford County, CT.

Photo of Kelsey


32 years · Female · Disabled


Hey there! My name is Kelsey I’m 32 I’m single with no kids. I’m looking for a roomies room for rent in the enfield area. I’m very clean respectful and quiet. I tend to stay to myself but I can be social if the opportunity presents itself. I’m looking to move into a room on November first. 😃

Roommate looking in: Enfield, Hartford County, CT.

Photo of Michele


34 years · Female · RN


I’m a traveling RN currently on assignment at Baystate Medical Center. I’m quiet, considerate, clean and friendly. Enjoy hikes, my peloton, happy hours, reading, traveling, hanging out with friends.

Roommate looking in: Enfield, Hartford County, CT.

Photo of Eric


28 years · Male · Engineer


Looking for a roommate to save on living expenses. Looking for someone that works, doesn't smoke or host big parties. On the quiet side, typically wearing headphones at home. Must be ok with cats. Looking to live in the following: Southwick, Agawam, the Longmeadows, East Granby, Suffield, Enfield, S...

Roommate looking in: East Granby, Hartford County, CT, Somers, Tolland County, CT, Southwick, Hampden County, MA, Broad Brook, Hartford County, CT & East Longmeadow, Hampden County, MA.

Photo of Jeff's room

King Street, Enfield, CT

Unfurnished room in a house


Its just a room in a house on RT5, Its on a larger piece of property. I have a dog who is pretty cool. Plenty of parking area. I’m a mechanic so I’m often working on stuff in the driveway. Fire pit in the backyard. Its a pretty chill place to live for pretty cheap. Shared bathroom with 1 other roomi...

Room near: Spring Village, East Windsor, CT, Warehouse Point, East Windsor, Hartford County, CT, Warehouse Point, CT, Kings Corner, Windsor Locks, Hartford County, CT & Kings Corner, Enfield, CT.


19 years · Female · Waitress/ Bartender


My name is Jessie, and I'm a full-time student in college. I'm a waitress and bartender; I work full time. I'm very friendly and outgoing. I love to meet new people and make friends. Being in school and working, i'm not home that much. I mostly just need somewhere to eat, sleep, and do homework. I l...

Roommate looking in: West Hartford, Hartford County, CT, Westfield, Hampden County, MA, Springfield, Hampden County, MA, Enfield, Hartford County, CT & Suffield, Hartford County, CT.


35 years · Female · Disabled veteran


Disabled veteran pays bills on time, quite clean likes to cook for more then just me. My small 10lbs is house broken and is kennel trained eats at the same time every day and love to cuddle with everyone once she gets to know them

Roommate looking in: Enfield, Hartford County, CT.


39 years · Female · Delivery Driver, E commerce


My boyfriend & I both work. My schedule varies as he is mostly gone during the day. I will also be starting a couple online businesses too when we get settled in somewhere. We are both quiet & clean, responsible, respectful people & are both very easy to get along with. We do not go out partying & w...

Roommate looking in: East Longmeadow, Hampden County, MA, Longmeadow, Hampden County, MA, Westfield, Hampden County, MA, West Springfield, Hampden County, MA & Enfield, Hartford County, CT.

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