Roommates & rooms in Arvada CO

Photo of Jamie
$800 — New

Jamie · 47 years

Looking in: Arvada CO.

I am very clean , Quiet, responsible, Friendly, easy-going, personableI and trying to live a semi active lifestyle. I have been self-employed for ap...

Photo of Antoinette
$500 — New

Antoinette & Cassidy · 18 - 21 years

Looking in: Arvada CO.

We are currently living at Job corps so we dont have access to jobs right at the moment, but we will get a job immediately after moving in and we will...

Photo of Peterwusow
$700 — New

Peterwusow · 59 years

Looking in: Arvada CO.

My name is Pete. My dog is 59. In a Marine Corps veteran. I'm an avid outdoorsman. I work for a small well established company that tr...

Photo of Aaron

Aaron · 44 years

Looking in: Arvada CO.

I keep to myself but can be social. I am vert respectful of other people's property and privacy. And am work focused. I have no pets but I like cats a...

Photo of Aundra Mack

Aundra Mack · 46 years

Looking in: Arvada CO.

Go workout at the gym all the time usually my room opens in the girlfriend I’m just socializing I’m doing my artwork on the artist Easels and a paint...

Photo of michael

michael · 18 years

Looking in: Arvada CO.

My name is Michael and i am 18 and i am looking for a roommate with an extra room. i need a place to move in really soon by the end of july. i am able...

Photo of Gary

Gary · 29 years

Looking in: Arvada CO.

I am an artist that does everything from drawing to music to poetry. I am clean, respectful, and I love to cook. I work an 8 to 4 job with weekends of...

Photo of Mareca

Mareca & Ebony · 25 - 31 years

Looking in: Arvada CO.

We moved to Colorado in February and have had a hard time finding a place to live. We are friendly and fun, yet stay to ourselves. I love to cook, rea...

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