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Photo of Kim


45 years · Other · Disabled and retail


I am a disabled person looking for a place to live to get out of a bad living situation. I am also immunocompromised and need to be very careful about my energy levels.

Roommate looking in: Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA.

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Weymouth, MA

Unfurnished room in an apartment


3 bedroom 2 bathroom - Beautiful unit with easy access to Boston and all the benefits of the suburbs. This very well-maintained apartment is ideal for people working from home. The large kitchen boasts granite countertops, beautiful cabinets, an open floor plan, and hardwood flooring. Easy access to...

Room near: Weymouth Heights, Weymouth, MA, Weymouth Heights, Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA, Jackson Square, Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA, Jackson Square, Weymouth, MA & Weymouth, MA.

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25 years · Other · Part-Time Cashier


Hi there! I'm Victoria (she/they), 25 years old, and I'm in search of either a month-to-month or yearly lease. I have a stable income from work, and I handle my own cooking and cleaning. I'm not easily bothered by loud noises, so if you're a night owl, that's no issue for me. I have no preference re...

Roommate looking in: Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA.

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Weymouth, MA

Unfurnished room in a house

$1,250 inc.

This is a great house next to highway but far enough away to not realize it! The room I am advertising is a private room, with a private entrance into the spacious hardwood floor room. You will have a separate door to enter the kitchen, as well as the front door. The bathroom is shared, but I keep m...

Room near: Jackson Square, Weymouth, MA, East Weymouth, MA, East Weymouth, East Weymouth, MA, East Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA & East Weymouth, Weymouth, MA.

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33 years · Male · Inheritence


I'm a recent Legal Studies grad from the University of Central Florida. I'm originally from Massachusetts and honestly tired of Florida. In time, I'd like to attend a University in New England, either pursue a law degree or a graduate degree. In all honesty, I miss the North, the culture, the people...

Roommate looking in: Salem, Essex County, MA, Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA, Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA & Braintree, Norfolk County, MA.

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32 years · Male · work at Legacy village doing jantorial work


I am a 32 year old high functioning Austistic person that has held a steady job for 10 years. My father was in a car accident and will not be able to live on his own, he will be going to an assisted living facility when he is released from the hospital. I need to find a place on my own.

Roommate looking in: Canton, Norfolk County, MA, Hingham, Plymouth County, MA, Quincy, Norfolk County, MA & Weymouth Landing, Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA.

Photo of Jeff


35 years · Male · Sales


I am 35 and have lived in both NYC, Cape Cod and the Boston area since 2011. I'm an avid Boston sports fan, I like to work out, socialize, travel, hang at the beach, and just chill. I'm very clean and respectful. Happy to jump on a call to get to know each other and see if living together would be a...

Roommate looking in: Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA.

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24 years · Female · Home Health Care and Customer service


Hi! I’m Dacaria. I’m looking to team up with someone to find a place. Ideally just one person and myself. I work as a home health aide and I also work from home in customer service. I am a neat and clean person. I love to hang out in my room a lot, but I do enjoy going out and having some fun. I don...

Roommate looking in: Boston, Suffolk County, MA, Dedham, Norfolk County, MA, Cambridge, Middlesex County, MA, Quincy, Norfolk County, MA & Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA.

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Alexis & Shane

22 & 31 years · Couple · EMT


I’m a 22 year old EMT that is looking for an unfurnished room to share with my long term boyfriend who works as a direct care worker for a homeless shelter. We both work overnights and we keep to ourselves and are quiet. We don’t party or have people much of at all. We have two well behaved cats tha...

Roommate looking in: Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA.

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22 years · Other · Line cook


LGB(T), 22, just looking for my own corner so I can exist. It would be cool to make a friend out of it, but really I'm just needing a stepping stone to the next part of life. I'm very quiet & introverted, not much of a party guy. I keep to myself and keep my space clean.

Roommate looking in: Middleboro, Plymouth County, MA, Halifax, Plymouth County, MA, Hanover, Plymouth County, MA, Whitman, Plymouth County, MA & Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA.

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58 years · Female · House cleaning


I'm 58 no smoking or drugs of any kind. I clean houses. It would be great to find someone who has a pet. I love animals. Both of my dogs have passed away. I love the outdoors , gardening, hikes, skiing, tennis , biking. I'm quiet and respectful of peoples space. I Don't really cook but I...

Roommate looking in: Kingston, Plymouth County, MA, Canton, Norfolk County, MA, Norwell, Plymouth County, MA, Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA & Scituate, Plymouth County, MA.

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20 years · Female · Server


Hey I’m Katie! I’m 20 years old and am currently working full time as a server. I am friendly and outgoing and would love to get along with and be friends with my roommates! I love to read, hang out with friends, go to concerts, and I am an organized person!!

Roommate looking in: Braintree, Norfolk County, MA, Pembroke, Plymouth County, MA, Hanson, Plymouth County, MA, Rockland, Plymouth County, MA & Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA.

Photo of Robert's room

Weymouth, MA

Furnished room in an apartment

$1,000 inc.

Available for rent is a furnished private bedroom in a 1100 sq ft, 2-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom apartment. All utilities are included in the rent. The move-in requires payment of the first and last month's rent. The apartment is conveniently located near Boston and Quincy, with easy access to the commute...

Room near: Weymouth Landing, Braintree, Norfolk County, MA, Weymouth Lndg, MA, East Braintree, Weymouth, MA, Central Weymouth, Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA & Central Weymouth, Weymouth, MA.

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