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Photo of Luke


21 years · Male

I am a very chill person to live with. If you want me to keep to myself I will, but I also prefer being good friends with my roomies. I like sports, v...

Roommate looking in: Rockford Winnebago County IL.

Photo of Tyler

Tyler & Scott

20 & 36 years · Males

Both real quiet, friendly and hard working individuals. Looking for a good start on pursuing bigger and better things. I guarantee you’ll find us humo...

Roommate looking in: Rockford IL.

Photo of Jasmine


20 years · Female

I’m a type of person that likes to stay to myself I’m a student attending college just trying to find a stable home during this time

Roommate looking in: Rockford IL.

Photo of Christian


43 years · Male

hello yes I'm currently looking for a place to live room for rent for $450 to $500 a month I receive a disability check so it will be fine with me I'm...

Roommate looking in: Rockford IL.

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Photo of Jen


49 years · Female

I’m quiet and happy. I work, and stay busy doing my own stuff. I’m moving end of April.

Roommate looking in: Rockford IL.



71 years · Male

It's all about the golden rule and ASKING if what you are doing is too excessive a foible for the roomie(s). Then do not go to the mat in a power trip...

Roommate looking in: Rockford IL.



43 years · Male

I am hard worker person, I have nothing to do with smoking, noise, pets or children. I respect others privacy & point of views. Home for me is plac...

Roommate looking in: Rockford IL.

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