Housemates & Flatmates in Upper Tacoma District, Tacoma WA

Couples Female LGBT+ or Gay Male 50 years + Single Student With cat With dog


61 years · Male

I am an engineer and math instructor looking for a room in a house with other working professionals. I like landscape photography and travelling to...

Roommate looking in: North End, Tacoma WA.

Photo of Sethin


32 years · Male

I am an easy going guy. I like my place neat and I work all the time. On my days off I like to visit my daughter or hang out watching movies. I usuall...

Roommate looking in: Old Tacoma, Tacoma WA.

Photo of Aaron


29 years · Male

Cleanly, friendly, tolerant and accepting. Although I’m a musician, I’m very quiet and usually play music with headphones or at low volumes. I plan on...

Roommate looking in: Tacoma WA, Lacey WA & Olympia WA.

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Photo of Brennah


21 years · Female

I am fairly clean, very social, love animals, and have lived in Washington for about 3 years. I'm a bit quirky but all together easy to get along with...

Roommate looking in: Puyallup WA & Tacoma WA.

Photo of Konstance


50 years · Female

Looking for a place for me and, maybe my cat. I am a respectful and respectable female. My son is grown now and moved out of our 2 bedroom apartment...

Roommate looking in: Tacoma WA.

Photo of Danielle


28 years · Female

I am 28 years old. I don’t have any kids or pets. I am hardly home and I’m just looking for a reliable and safe place to lay my head at night. I get...

Roommate looking in: Tacoma WA.

Photo of Mae


18 years · Female

Hi, I am looking for an apartment or home to share with someone!! I am a mild mannered and quiet mixed native lesbian, and I work from home so I'm hap...

Roommate looking in: Tacoma WA.

Photo of Abraham


30 years · Male

I’m super chill and friendly. I’m very clean, cordial, keep to myself. I can tolerate a lot I’d just prefer not to! Thanks

Roommate looking in: Tacoma WA.

Photo of Lashae Lynn Nazarian-Asby

Lashae Lynn Nazarian-Asby, Lashae & Logan

21 & 22 years · Couple

Me and my fiancé are quiet, respectful and clean. We keep mostly to ourselves but are very nice/friendly when we are around other people. My fiancé wo...

Roommate looking in: Tacoma WA.



44 years · Female

I'm awesome! :) Friendly, respectful, considerate, professional and still lots of fun! I love cooking for people and I love animals. I also love some...

Roommate looking in: Tacoma WA & Puyallup WA.



57 years · Female

I work in the medical field and need a place for a 13 week assign. I do not smoke. I will be working nights and sleeping days 4 days a week.

Roommate looking in: Fife WA & Tacoma WA.

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