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21 years · Female · Student


I'm a relatively quiet person and keep to myself but once I get to know someone can be super fun and friendly. I am fine with having people over but also like my quiet time. I like to cook and bake and do crafty things, in general, I love animals, museums, thrifting, etc

Roommate looking in: South Boston, Suffolk County, MA, Fields Corner, Dorchester, Suffolk County, MA, Uphams Corner, Dorchester, Suffolk County, MA, Back Bay, Boston, Suffolk County, MA & Dorchester Center, Dorchester, Suffolk County, MA.

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20 years · Female · Americorps Member


I'm a student at UMB and a full-time professional and I'm searching for an apartment that makes my commute across the city easy. I'm clean and I have an ESA Cat (her name is Willow) who stays to herself in my room unless you want to be friends with her! I value cleanliness and a form of community...

Roommate looking in: Boston, Suffolk County, MA, Mattapan, Suffolk County, MA, East Boston, Suffolk County, MA, Allston, Suffolk County, MA & Medford, Middlesex County, MA.

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