Photo of Kassandra


26 years · Female · Landscaping


We new into town just looking for a place to save up so we can get our own house . We are great people and we really love it here . We have a great amazing dog he's a daschand super sweet and chill doesn't bite . Were Cannabis friendly . Gay friendly . Were both Covid Free .

Roommate looking in: South Medford, Medford, Middlesex County, MA.

Photo of Varsha


22 years · Female · Software Engineer


Hi! I am a 22 year old female, moving to the Boston area for work! I am looking for roommates (one or many & preferably female) and hoping to move to the Somerville or Allston area but I am flexible. I am a pretty chill, neat and respectful roommate and I like to relax during the week but enjoy...

Roommate looking in: Davis Square, Somerville, Middlesex County, MA.

Photo of Parv


26 years · Male · Solutions Engineer


Hi, I am looking to team up to look for an apartment starting September 1. I'm a clean/quiet person, barely cook anything and respect others' privacy. I work from home. I enjoy hiking, exploring local restaurants, and road trips. I also have a small dog (maltipoo)

Roommate looking in: East Boston, Suffolk County, MA, South Boston, Suffolk County, MA, Cambridge, Middlesex County, MA, Davis Square, Somerville, Middlesex County, MA & Charlestown, Suffolk County, MA.

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