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Photo of Sorangel


61 years · Female · Esthetician


Hi my name is Sorangel I am a responsible, professional yet down to earth! I respect other peoples privacy, I will take good care of any place I live, as if it were my own! Between work & volunteering, I am gone sometimes for a few days as I stay with someone I care for on the weekends! When home I...

Roommate looking in: Edison, Middlesex County, NJ.

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25 years · Female · WFH Customer Care Expert/Licensed Cosmetologist


Cleanliness, organization and respect for others are my top values. I work from home full time and I am mostly a homebody, eclectic but generally quiet and reserved, sociable and friendly. Health conscious and a home maker. Private bathroom preferred. Looking to potentially find a compatible roommat...

Roommate looking in: Highland Park, Middlesex County, NJ, Fords, Middlesex County, NJ, South Edison, Edison, Middlesex County, NJ, Plainfield, Union County, NJ & Middlesex, Middlesex County, NJ.

Photo of Hennesey


24 years · Female · Certified Nursing Assistant / activity Aide


We are pretty much a team player. My partner and I are all about learning and growing. I cook, clean and work full time. I’m currently in nursing school, my partner is a medical receptionist at a hospital. Her and I are not home much but when we are we are quite and out of the way.

Roommate looking in: Matawan, Monmouth County, NJ, Edison, Middlesex County, NJ, Old Bridge, Middlesex County, NJ, Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, NJ & South Amboy, Middlesex County, NJ.

Photo of Wenli


55 years · Male · Consulting


I am a citizen of USA, I am 55 years old, I just came back from China, I was a mechanical engineer in USA, I was a life insurance broker in New Jersey, I can cook by myself

Roommate looking in: Edison, Middlesex County, NJ.

Photo of Kathleen


33 years · Female · Teacher


I'm easy going, I like connecting with people, but I'm pretty independent. I like to think of myself as a happy medium in many regards: not messy but not a clean freak, not a homebody but not always out, down to get to know you but will respect your space. I'm a French teacher, and I also speak Spa...

Roommate looking in: Edison, Middlesex County, NJ & Somerville, Somerset County, NJ.

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20 years · Male · Cardinal Health


Hello I am a young male looking for a place to stay, I am a god fearing born-again christian living with my mom working full time. I would like to get away from home and be in my own space because i am not in a Jesus/God oriented household. I am extremely clean, responsible, and respectful. I am not...

Roommate looking in: Fords, Middlesex County, NJ & Edison, Middlesex County, NJ.

Photo of Caleb Gelin

Caleb Gelin

27 years · Male · Maintenance mechanic


I’m a neat freak, I like to keep things in order (call me crazy) haha. I’m an amateur bodybuilder looking to go pro soon. I go to the gym often right anfter work or before work or both. I eat very healthy but I love to indulge in good food even if it’s not on my meal plan. I can cook and I clean up...

Roommate looking in: Woodbridge, Middlesex County, NJ, Edison, Middlesex County, NJ, Sayreville, Middlesex County, NJ, Piscataway, Middlesex County, NJ & North Brunswick, Middlesex County, NJ.

Photo of chris


22 years · Female · Technical Designer


I’m pretty quiet, I wanna move with my sewing machine (its not loud dont worry) and i probably won’t interact much since i’m pretty private and busy. I’m clean and polite and i don’t really come home much other than to sleep. I work full time in person and I’m finishing up a few remote classes at FI...

Roommate looking in: Carteret, Middlesex County, NJ, Iselin, Middlesex County, NJ, Avenel, Middlesex County, NJ, Linden, Union County, NJ & Edison, Middlesex County, NJ.

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