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Spencer's room

Fort Worth, TX 76180

Private room with shared bathroom
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
3 roomies
$450 per month
Not included
Security deposit
Property type
Room furnishing
Preferred gender
Available on
September 28
Stay length
12 months
๐Ÿš™ Parking available
Background checks will be required for this room
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About the room

My 3 current roommates will be moving out when our current lease expires on October 4th. Although I am looking for new housing for myself, Iโ€™m also looking at possibly bringing in new roommates to renew the lease for another 12 months. I currently live in a 4 bedroom apt in NRH, and would like to find 3 new roommates to sign a new lease. The total rent for the 4 bedroom apt will be $1794 per month, which factors out to $448.50, per person, if split evenly. Utilities are not included, but when split 4 ways are very affordable. I currently have the master bedroom, as the closet space houses my home studio setup. The area is good, with lots of places to eat, and shop, close by, and access to the freeway is just a quick drive away. Also the security deposit is just to fill in the spot on the listing. That would have to be discussed with the leasing office. I will be providing pictures of the apartment later, but for an idea of what the the apartment looks like you can look up The Meadows at North Richland Hills Apartments online. Please reach out to me via this listing, and not the leasing office if you are interested in taking over one of the 3 rooms. Thanks.

About the roomies

Iโ€™m a 30 year old single Christian guy, looking for new roommates, and ultimately new friends to share a space and experience life together. Iโ€™m pretty laid back, and easy going, but ask that we all try to be respectful of each otherโ€™s space, and try to deal with any potential personality clashes, calmly and respectfully. I was diagnosed with ADHD, earlier this summer, so I can be scatterbrained, and a little untidy, but I am on meds now, which help me a lot, and now that I know about my condition, Iโ€™m taking steps to adjust my behavior, and lifestyle to better myself, and be more considerate of those around me. Other than that Iโ€™m working on starting a voice acting career, whilst working in the live Audio Video production industry. I like video games, anime, Lego, Marvel, Classic British Comedy, hanging out with friends, and listing 3 rooms in an apartment that will soon be empty so that I can stay here, and not become homeless and resort to living in a van down by the river. :) Hit me up if you are interested. Thanks.

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