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Female · 38 years · Cam Model

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Looking in: Des Peres MO, Saint Charles MO & Saint Louis MO.

$450 per month
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Just me
Ready to move
🏳️‍🌈 LGBT+ friendly
🌲 Cannabis friendly
🚭 Non-smoker
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38 yr old, with a 6yr old Chug (Pug+Chihuahua) who loves to cuddle everyone, looking for a quiet out-of-the way place to settle. ASAP (preferably July 1st). I work as an "independent contractor" (so I work for myself) and make my own hours; I'm often up late at night but Do Not party & rarely have people over. I'm not a loud person; I do love music so generally have something on to dance around to. I've got a green thumb and love gardening during my "off hours"; I'm also a foodie and love cooking for people, sharing delightful tastes & sights. Non-judgmental; self-made; open-minded (but have been screwed over enough to be cautious). I'd love to find a place to settle in, continue growing my business, maybe get my fingers in the dirt now and then. Somewhere accepting of my too-loving puppy because she's the absolute Love of My Life. I do my own mechanic work on my Jeep so a space with a garage or ample parking would be divine (but not nearly a deal breaker in any way). I'm open to discussing further and answering questions. I'm pretty open; yet I generally keep to myself unless asked to engage. Grew up in California, lived mostly in San Diego & San Francisco; moved to Cape Girardeau, MO in January 2010 & up to the St Louis area September 2018. Still learning the landscape so if you're giving directions, no, I don't know where that landmark is. ;-) Hopefully this paints a picture that leads to a lovely place to live. Soon.

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