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New | $800

Danean , Couple, 28-29yrs

Looking in: Katy

We are both very clean and respectful people. We can either keep to ouraelves or be personable. He enjoys cooking and video games and I enjoy reading and also video games. We think we are pretty funny people, and we hope you'll think so too.

Updated | $1,100

Monica, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Ravenswood, Lincoln Square

Professional female looking for a roommate in Lincoln Square or Ravenswood in Chicago. I have not pets and can furnish the apartment if needed. Hoping to find a 20 something year-old female to share a place.

New | $600 inc

Annandale, VA

Furnished room with own bathroom

600 $, room for rent in Annandale near Columbia Pike. I have one room available at home in Annandale 20 min from DC and very close to route 50 at Annandale Columbia Pike, near the bus stop, everything is very close, grocery store, gas station, laundromat, library, shopping center.Available on a month to month basis. The room is big fits a single bedroom set and some furniture comfortably and has a closet as well. I am 50's Korean women. (no cildren) * We will be sharing:*kitchen * The room is freshly *No independent entrance, entrance through the main door of the house *No Pets allowed * smoking outside (But no 420) *Parking available Rent includes * all utilities and laundry, wireless internet.available immediately.

New | $900 inc

Greentree, New Jersey

Room in a share house

**Utilities Included** Ideal location near transport, shopping, gyms. Well maintained and recently updated home In the heart of Cherry Hill East. Location is ideal for working professional within Center City; Short 10 Minute Drive to Woodcrest Station. 38 Minute Drive to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Both home and room are furnished. Professional 32/M, working for the federal government in Philadelphia. Home includes the best Golden Retriever ever; Gnarley.

Rented | $700 inc

Windsor Hills, CA

Furnished room with own bathroom

I am Tracy 33 years old and originally from Los Angeles very outgoing, clean,friendly and honest person.I have no kids or pets. I enjoy meeting people from different cultures.I do not smoke.I respect my flatmate beliefs and opinion. 

Found | $600

Kildee, Male, 18yrs

Looking in: Uniondale, Hempstead

I am quiet and reliable, i will have rent money every month. I’m looking for roommates around my age. I’m very easy going and like to have fun.

Rented | $800

Northeast Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Furnished room with own bathroom

Nice quiet neighborhood, cozy house with fireplace. Not a party house. Very private. Good company. Only one rule.

Found | $500

Jolye, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I’m a carefree loving person.

Found | $600

DeVon, Couple, 18-24yrs

Looking in: Walden on Lake Houston, Kingwood, Atascocita Timber, Atascocita, Humble, Eagle Springs

Hi! We are looking for a room in the Atascocita area. I (DeVon) work full time at a local bar and my Girlfriend is a student who is currently looking for a part time job but is willing to do household chores in the meantime. Both of us are smoke free, criminal free and drama-free. Very laid back responsible clean people.

New | $500

Terrah, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Pinellas Park, Tampa, Gulfport, St. Petersburg

Full time Cosmetology student and part time salon intern. Quiet mostly(I don't mind noise),Tidy, 420 friendly, pet friendly, and friendly overall. I live in St. Petersburg, FL.

New | $600

Carlos Murillo, Male, 35yrs

Looking in: Trinity/ Houston Gardens

Hi. I am an easygoing person and i am a musician as well who performed at sxsw 2019 in AUSTIN TX.

Rented | $830

Fairfax, VA

Unfurnished room with Ensuite in a share house

About the room: We have an UNFURNISHED master bedroom available to rent here in Fairfax, Va for $830 a month, plus utilities (another $150 or so). You can move in around March/April (it depends on when my gf's appt sale closes). It is 13x14ft, two good size closets, and has a 4x7ft private bathroom. There are 3 wide windows in this room, 1 faces the side (east), 2 face the backyard (north). Even though you are right up on I66, you tend not to hear traffic if the windows are closed. There are several features that set this room apart: *I installed a lighted ceiling fan that has a wireless control of dimmer/light/fan speed. Fan switch allows for normal direction (summer) and reverse (winter). *The bedroom door has about 20lbs or so of sound proof insulation (thin heavy mass, thick light foam, and a door sweep). It won't block someone rocking out (which doesn't happen anyway), but it is excellent at keeping out the light/medium noises especially at night. *Being a music lover, I installed surround sound wiring complete with wire anchors into the baseboards. The wires and walls are white, so they blend in easily. I am leaving the wiring and the speaker mounts in place, I am taking only my actual speakers. Assuming you have 2 rear speakers, you should be able to mount yours too. The other 2 speakers I keep on my desk. For this to work, you have to mirror my bed/desk setup. *The room gets warm af in the winter due to the dedicated HVAC vent. The 3 other rooms in the house have to share one vent. This, combined with heat naturally rising and the reverse direction ceiling fan, makes for a very toasty room. Even back in Dec/Jan when it was single digits for weeks, the heat vent was only halfway open. The room isn't hot in the summer though. A security deposit of 1 month ($830) is required. Since none of us know each other, we can do this in front of a notary and even include the real estate agency if this makes you more comfortable. Non-cash Paypal trace and all that. Also, leasing rules say you will have to join the lease. About the house: It is a three story 2000 sqft house, with a small front yard and huge back yard, a two car carport, a small storage only shed, a back deck with a grill, and a very nice gym in the basement. We have ample fridge space, with three full fridges, a beer fridge, and a meat freezer. The main room has a 10ft HD projector screen for sporting events and will presumably be getting a 4K TV when I move out (current TV is mine). Unpictured, there's a futon guest room/storage room. The basement gym has been a labor of love putting together over the last few years. It has a bench that changes angles to be decline/flat/incline. It has a leg piece for quad/hamstring work. It has an arm piece for bicep/tricep work. The squat rack is for squats as well as bench press. We have dumbbell pairs ranging from 15lbs all the way up to 100lbs, and multiple 25/45lb bumper plates. There are thick mats for deadlifts that won't harm the tile. There are lots of elastic bands for the 2 support poles for stretching if needed. The other half of the basement has cushion puzzles for stretching/PT/sit ups. The washer/dryer/boiler room is down here too. Parking is free and ample, as we live in a neighborhood. Even better is that the house immediate across from us is vacant (owned by the county or something), so we can park on their side of the street too. We live in a great spot as leaving our neighborhood you have a Hooters, an ABC liquor store, a smalls strip mall of restaurants, and a CVS Pharmacy/ Patients First general care. A few blocks away is PJ Skidoos and Fast Eddys. About the roommates: Three other guys live here, and we are all 20-30s working professionals. One is an airline pilot, another is IT with a security clearance, and the third is an event coordinator w/government. All jobs that require a law abiding household. We hang out, go to the gym, have fun on weekends, and sometimes even throw keggers, but are otherwise quiet during the work week. One of the guys is gay, but not thuper gay, so he's straight. We aren't your parents, we don't care how messy your room is (mine can get bad), but we do like to keep a clean house in the public rooms. Our one sticking point is that we are kinda anal about people who leaving a mess around, due to previously sloppy roommates who we had to clean up after. We are looking for an outgoing, sociable, clean person who is in their 20s-30s and would be a good fit. We are looking for a LONG TERM roommate, one here for at least a year. We don't like having to do a new search every few months. Rent and Utilities are directly paid to Dave, which then we write out the full amount to the real estate agency. Disqualifiers: *Not submitting a picture. This is to keep out the druggies and other obvious craigslist weirdos. *Live in bf/gf, as a couple *Have a pet. Sorry we had some bad experiences. *No stable job *Drugs. While I'm cool with recreational pot, our clearances are not. This includes being an alcoholic *Being a non-us citizen from certain countries (sorry, again clearances). *Smoking, even if outside. Because then you smell like smoke when you come in and make the house smell too.

New | $750

Tanner , Male, 22yrs

Looking in: Matthews, Monroe

My name is Tanner Short I’m 22 to years old about to be 23 next month. I enjoy dogs and cats, playing video games, and binging on Netflix. I do like to keep to myself most of the time, but I do also enjoy sharing a beer and some great home cooked food. If you like to party that’s fantastic because I do too, in moderation at least. if you get in a position where you are thinking of driving home drunk, don’t just call me. During the week I’ll be gone pretty much all day from 7-5 so you will really only see me at night unless you are up in the morning when I get up. So if you’re game I’m game.

New | $1,100

Renee, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Downtown Boston, Cambridgeport, South Boston

I am a laid-back and respectful 23-year old Teaching Assistant in Needham, MA. I work 35 hours a week in that job and also babysit 3 days a week after school for two different family. I like to stay busy and am always traveling on my school vacation weeks! I love finding creative ways to spend my time and am pretty much always up for anything! I try to be a very positive person and am looking for someone who gives off the same vibes. I am very clean and organized. I am looking for a roommate who I can become good friends with while also giving each other space and free time! I found my roommates this year on Craigslist and we have all become very good friends. I'm looking for a new experience a little closer to the city than my current apartment in Brighton!

Found | $600

Shine on daly, Female, 32yrs

Looking in: Atlanta

Am very easy going person loving and fun to be with . I get dwn to business whn it comes to that.I love and respect everybody am frm Africa Nigeria lived in Houston TX .haven't had roommate before . just moved to ATL for my career am an independent music artist been spending so much in hotel room just need a place I can call home for a while thx

Found | $700

Sasha, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Brookhaven

I’m friendly, kind and respectful. I enjoy people and like to make friends. I’m a workaholic and very goal driven. I’m a half marathon runner, so I go to bed early and wake up early. I’m looking for a nice place to live.

Found | $1,000

Marina, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Manhattanville

so easy to get along with me

Found | $700

Jasmine, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Chicago

Currently working in retail, moved t Chicago to pursue writing at the second city. Outgoing/friendly but I take time to myself often. I don’t bring the party home. I am respectful of common areas & shared space.

Updated | $800 inc

Golden, CO

Furnished room in an Apartment

One room available in the quiet Summit View apartment with a lowkey working professional in the energy field. Great location where Denver is a 20 minute drive, Boulder is a 20 minute drive and it is a 20 minute drive to get into the mountains. Also close to the Colorado Mills mall and Colorado School of Mines. Mines students are welcome. Current tenant doesn't smoke or drink but doesn't mind either in moderation. Enjoys hiking, biking and general outdoor activities.

New | $900

Silvestre , Male, 51yrs

Looking in: Natick, Framingham

Am quite and working a lot

New | $600

Juan , Male, 21yrs

Looking in: West Palm Beach

Hi! My name is Juan Santiago but I go mostly by Santiago or Santi. I left the US when I was 5 and have been living in Chile ever since. I was studying Veterinary Medicine but decided to change careers to Dietetics. Instead of staying , I've decided to move back to the US. What makes me great to live with? Well, although I just turned 21, I grew up most of my life in south america so that whole thing people go through in the US of finally being "able to drink legally" and "going to clubs for the first time" I already went through when I turned 18. It doesn't mean I don't like having fun but I do feel I have my priorities straightened out. I work out 6 days a week so I try to organize my schedule so I can still go to the gym and get other things done. The nights I will stay up late will probably be because i'm studying. I am pet friendly but prefer not to move into a place with cats, I love them but I'm allergic to them. Paying rent is not a problem, I am planning to get a part time job as soon as I get there, and my parents will be the ones paying most of the rent, if not all of it. I am clean but I also believe that in order to function with a roommate and have a healthy environment, everyone has to put the work in, whether its taking out the trash or doing the dishes.

New | $1,300

Eileen, Female, 42yrs

Looking in: Lower East Side, New York, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Astoria

I'm a respecftul, fun and well traveled person. I'm an EFL / ESL teacher - my career has taken me all over the world and now to NY. I work three part time jobs (so I could call it full time really!) I'm clean and tidy. Thanks to my lifestyle and career I'm very used to living with different people and I think I strike the right balance of being sociable with roommates and respecting each other's space at home. I love the city and everything it has to offer and spend my free time dancing, skating, exploring NY and socializing. Looking forward to hearing from you!

New | $650

Tristen, Male, 22yrs

Looking in: Montbello, Lone Tree, Cherry Creek, Foxfield, Centennial

I'm really just a simple dude. I'm very private, and if I'm not at work or out with family, I'm just kinda sitting quietly in my room. I also work nights (typically 9pm-5:30am) so I'm not the kinda person you're gonna have to worry about throwing parties keeping you up. I moved to Denver from Indiana just a bit over a year ago, so I'm somewhat familiar with the area. I do like to travel back home every so often. At the moment, I work in the accessioning department for a medical lab, and I kinda really love it! It's a bit of a career change for me, as up until now I've been working in hospitality, but it's been good so far. For fun, my go-to is video games. Usually simple stuff that'll run on my laptop, but I've got a PS4 that I'll use too. Occasionally, I do like to do some sewing. In the past I've worked on embroidery, and I recently started making stuffed animals for my niece. Besides that, I try to hang out with my mom and sister pretty frequently.

New | $900

Destinee, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Edison Park, Humboldt Park, Roscoe Village, West Town, Bucktown, Logan Square, Wicker Park, Chicago

Hi! My name is Destinee and I am looking for one or two other roommates to get a place together! I am open to multiple areas of the city, and would love to sign a year lease for a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom or 3 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment! I do not have any pets, but I will consider having one if you have one. I also do not smoke, and would prefer non-smoking roommates. Other than that, I get along with pretty much anyone, as long as you are clean and do not wake me up :) I just turned 26. I work in health care. I am not a night owl or a home body. I like to keep busy and live an active lifestyle. I love going to the gym, riding my bike, and being outdoors. I enjoy a good cup of coffee or a glass of red wine. I enjoy cooking, and surprisingly cleaning. My current apartment is very clean and organized and I would like the new one to be too! I am very considerate of other people. I like to be social, so it would be nice to find someone who would not only be my roommate, but also my friend. Please please please ask me any questions!

Updated | $650 inc

Norchester, Houston

Furnished room in a share house

I'm Patrick. I'm 30. I spend my time between Houston and Austin. There are currently three roommates. I have a private bedroom with a shared bath available. All utilities are included, completely furnished, all kitchen ware included in kitchen. All you need to move in is your personal stuff and buy your own food. There's enough bathrooms that only two people have to share one bath. There's a fenced backyard with a grill and fire pit with seating. Every roommate gets their own cabinet in the kitchen for their food and there are two refrigerators so plenty of room for everyone. There's driveway and street parking in front of the house. It's one person for each room, so no couples, no children and no pets. No smoking and no drugs. My roommates work primarily in Tomball and Cypress. There's a community pool in the summer and tennis courts available all year round. Let me know if you are interested in checking things out and we can set up a time. Thanks for looking!

New | $800

Jules, Couple, 28-30yrs

Looking in: Oregon City, Beaverton, Tigard, Wilsonville, Tualatin

We live a very dramaw2wwwwww2're free life. We recently got engaged. Justin works 6 days a week. Bills will never be an issue . i myself (jules) am not currently working 'll?.n.'llp Nunn kkklk5555

Updated | $1,000

Kelsey, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Point Loma, North Park, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach

I just moved here a few months ago from Texas and I’m absolutely loving it. I love getting outside or going to the beach. I like working out but I’m also down for junk food and movies. I’m very clean and easy to get along with. I like going out on weekends but not in excess.

New | $500

Ky, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Denver City, Thornton, Westminster, Broomfield

I am extremely friendly and easy to get a long with. 420 friendly. I recently got a promotion so I have been spending most of my time at work. I am from Aurora Colorado and I love going to concerts and playing pool. I'm currently looking for an in between place just to save some money before I move out of state in July.

New | $750 inc

Irving Park, Chicago

Unfurnished room in an Apartment

2 Bed / 1 Bath Brand New Rehab Apt in Irving Park! Stainless Steel Appl, Quartz Counter, In-Unit W/D.

New | $1,000

Steven, Male, 51yrs

Looking in: Cerritos, California Heights, Bluff Park, Long Beach, Ramona Park

I’m polite, respectable, honest, and very responsible.

Updated | $400

Avery, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: Fullerton, Anaheim

Respectful, helpful always when I can.

Found | $900

Claudia, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Livermore

I love to cook and don't mind cooking for roommates!

New | $1,000

Camelia, Female, 30yrs

Looking in: Norwalk, Stamford

I’m easygoing neat and organized. I enjoy cooking and wine. I work hard and work out often during the week so I enjoy coming home and relaxing. I have family in the area so I am often spending my weekends with them. Looking for a roommate to save up some money since the area can get pretty pricey on your own.

Rented | $1,400 inc

South Redondo, CA

Furnished room in an Apartment

Hi: I have 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom Apt. One block from the beach. And I'm renting a Room. The room has 2 Single Beds, closet with slide mirrors, hardwood floor and tons of natural light. I'm looking for a clean person (any gender is ok with me Just be Clean and Respectful. The Apt. is clean all the time, so we hope you are clean too. The Apt is one block to the Redondo Beach Pier, and you can walk to the grosery store Bars, Restaurants, Banks, Pharmacy.... The location is GREAT!! Rent is $1400 Deposit $1,000 And you can move as Soon You Want!! NOTE: Not drugs/ Not smokers If you have any question, let me know - Gigi -

New | $700 inc

Center City, Philadelphia

Furnished room in an Apartment

Harrisburg Apartments.Its a one bedroom apartment with beautiful kitchen and furniture.

Found | $800

Jamylah , Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Rogers Park, Wicker Park, Chicago

Very CLEAN, VERY VERY CLEAN, nice and easy going !