What are teamups?

Roomies on the couch

Sometimes when searching for a room to rent the right combination or roommates and property are not available so the best solution to to go and rent a whole property and rent out the rooms. Teamups help you do this by enabling you to search for people who are looking for a room in your area who are willing to get together and start a new shared home together.

Teaming up to find better roommates

For many roomies the people are more important that the property, Teamups allow you to focus on finding the right people first and then worry about the property later.

Teaming up for a better quality property

Sometimes there are better quality whole properties available to rent than available rooms. By Teaming up you can first find amazing roomies and then afford the rent on that amazing home.

Teamup and save money

By teaming up before you rent the whole property you are able to save money by sharing the agent, moving in costs and splitting the first rent and bonds. This can making starting a share house a lot less riskier than going alone.