Identification & background checks

Make your listing more desirable

Build trust and attract better quality roommates by displaying an ID & background check badge on your listing.

Know your future roommates

Ask potential roommates to complete and share their checks so you know their history before they move in.

ID check

  • Verify driver's license, passport or ID card
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Basic criminal check

  • Search sex offender registries
  • Search terrorist watchlists
  • Search criminal records reported in national database
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Premium criminal check

  • Everything in the basic criminal check
  • SSN trace to identify old addresses and aliases
  • Country court level search of criminal records for addresses in the past 7 years
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Choose the type of check and make payment
Provide your identification to proceed with the check
Receive email update when check is complete
Choose who you share your results with
Background checks are provided by Evident, a global leader in identity verification. Roomies will not share the results of your checks with other users, companies or organizations. Your results are not displayed publicly, and you will have a choice over who you share them with.