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ID check

  • Verify driver's license, passport or ID card
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Credit check

  • Equifax bureau credit report. Credit scores based on the VantageScore® 3.0 model
  • Compiled credit history using applicant's SSN
  • Notifications of bankruptcies, debts reported to collection agency, and public record inquiries
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This check is a "soft" check which does not impact a person's credit score.
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Basic criminal check

  • SSN trace
  • National criminal database records search*
  • Sex offender registry searches
  • Global sanctions
  • Terrorist watchlist search
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US documentation required:
ID or Passport
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Premium criminal check

  • Everything in the basic criminal check
  • Federal & statewide criminal court records search (past 7 years)
  • County court searches of criminal records (past 7 years)
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US documentation required:
ID or Passport
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Expired driver's licence, ID cards, and passports cannot be verified. Ensure that your documents are not expired for both the ID and criminal checks.
* The national criminal database may not disclose records that can be found on a county level. For a more comprehensive check, a county-level records search is recommended.