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Sherman Oaks Los Angeles California Rooms & Roomies

Found | $700

Haley, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, West Hills, Woodland Hills

Looking for a place in the valley to call home. I’m clean and fun and down to chill. I like being outside and I like drinking coffee.

Found | $500

Aubrey, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, West Hollywood, NoHo, Burbank, Sherman Oaks

Found | $600

Brianna, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Culver City, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica

Hello there!! My name is Brianna! And this is why I think I would be great to live with, is because I'm very respectful, mindful and passionate about others feelings and dreams. I am very caring and fun to be around. . I am 22 years old and I am, looking for a new start because Tragically my Father passed away in an awful car accident on July 2ed. 2018 And 9 days later my Grandmother passed away within a month in her battle with breast-cancer. 💔 . I am still horribly broken inside. But I want to do my absolute best to honor them and live my best version of life for them and God! I'm going to be enrolling in the February trimester at Santa Monica College Or Ventura college. And the only thing I need is a nice respectable roommate to share the cost of living because I can't do it alone due to rent being sooo high! Thank You Very Much For Your Time! And I Look Forward To Hearing From You. . Sincerely, Brianna Lynn 💕

Found | $1,000

Charmel, Female, 48yrs

Looking in: North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Valley Village

I am a great roommate and friend...I just came out of a relationship and am looking to have a basic and simple no nonsense kind of place to live. I am a positive and spiritual person. Right now I am staying with a friend until the end of the month. All my good friends helped me get out of the situation I was in and they would tell you that I am truly a great friend! I work part time as a hairstylist and part time as a beauty adviser and also have a side business selling high end women's clothing on eBay...making my 'jobs' full time. I also do home organization which makes me an excellent roommate as I'm always neat and clean. I am also a great cook and love to share dinners with others....I love animals and also work with the Eastwood Ranch Foundation as a rescue adoption coordinator. I am good with living with animals and would love to have one again soon. There is much more I could say...but, for now I will just say that I'm a great roommate and have many references to prove so. In the right situation I would like to stay but I would at least want a 3-4 month stay period. Thank you!!!!

New | $950

Cole, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Burbank, Studio City, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks

I'm a fifth generation cowboy from the Colorado Rockies, educated at NYU in NYC, and entering my second year in LA. I have to very polite parakeets. And am a musician recording my first album myself (The only live sound is mellow vocals, so I'm very quiet). I'm looking for a living situation in which I can feel some sense of family and mutual support. I've kept my life simple in LA, working at a cafe that I love for a year and continuing to work on my music.

Found | $950

Victoria, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, West Hollywood, Studio City

Hi! My name is Victoria, and I am looking for a bedroom with a private bath. I am a mature 19 year old female, and I promise I will be reliable and drama free always! I’m very easy to talk to and get along with as well. I will be respectful, and also a lot of fun! Also, smoking is totally fine.

Found | $750

Nicole, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Los Feliz, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Studio City

I'm full of personality easy going and like to be positive

Found | $1,000

Lily, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Echo Park

Hello! I’m Lily. I’m an introvert and spend a lot of my time reading or working! I travel a lot for acting. Love animals and being out in nature. I’m clean, but not OCD. I’m friendly, a good listener, and am looking for a nice stable living situation!


Dre, Male, 32yrs

Looking in: Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, North Hollywood

Hey! My friends call me Brick! You can too! I am a married freelance video editor/actor/comedian transitioning to LA that needs a place to stay. I’m clean, quiet, don’t drink, don’t smoke, but I love to hang and laugh. I’m a pretty great roommate. You can ask my wife! Looking forward to connecting with you!

Found | $950

Katherine, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, Mid City, Westwood, East Hollywood, North Hollywood, West Hollywood, Los Feliz, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills

26 year old working professional. Drug, smoke, and pet free! Clean, respectful, friendly, and quiet. Working in Beverly Hills so looking to live in surrounding area! Thanks! :)

Found | $1,000

Emily, Couple, 31-34yrs

Looking in: Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, Reseda

Jay and I are very clean. Like overly clean. We have two wonderful pleasant and personable cats. We keep to ourselves mostly, playing video games and watching Netflix. Here's our current situation: I'm currently interviewing for a really well paying job, but my lease is up on the 1st of November and my roommates don't want to renew (They are looking for a place closer to where they work, but its out of our budget). I'm looking for a place for my boyfriend and our two cats. We'll only need it for a month or two while I start my new job and look for a place, however, we're not opposed to staying somewhere if there is a good fit. We're both really clean. We cook a lot and keep to ourselves playing video games and watching Netflix in our room mostly. Our cats could stay just in the room with us. If you don't have a cat deposit, we're willing to pay that. Both cats are really friendly, the kind to go to the door to say hi when we have guests and get along really well with other cats. Please let me know if any of that sounds okay or not okay. I'm well aware Couples/Pets is a hard sell in LA, so its not worries if that's an issue.


Sarah, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Calabasas, North Hollywood, Studio City, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks

Moving back to California from Atlanta. Working full time in Warner Center. Looking for a chill, clean roommate who likes to have fun.


Barbara, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Reseda, North Hollywood, Panorama City, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys

The names Barbara Bonaparte but I prefer Barbs. I'm looking to move out of my mothers home in search of my independence and new beginnings. I love to cook, hang out with with family and friends and write music. Unless I'm with my family and friends, I'm pretty introverted but open to meeting new people!

Found | $600

Emmanuel , Male, 31yrs

Looking in: Woodland Hills, Encino, Tarzana, North Hill, Sherman Oaks

I mind my business therefore more respectful. I drive for Uber but currently studying health information technology.


Holly, Couple, 32-41yrs

Looking in: Marina del Rey, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita

I work long and hard days Monday-Friday leaving at 6am and returning around 9pm or 10pm. I will basically shower and sleep. My daughter 12 years of age willStay with me after school on Fridays till Sunday afternoon when I then returned her to Los Angeles and start working early evening to begin my week each Sunday . So my daughter goes to school in Culver City school district and her father and I have decided that she would stay with him at this time because she loves her school.. I also have a 9 pounds terrier mix to-year-old dog that is probably the most perfect dog you’ll ever meet. She gets along with Baby’s children cats dogs she was very submissive would never harm a fly completely housebroken and almost never barks she’s grateful for her life today because I rescued her off the streets of Watts near the imperial products so I like to just think she’s pretty streetsmart LOL. Most the day she sleeps and when I Take her for a run. She usually comes with me and I either rover her at daycare or she can remain with me for most of my clients that there will be times I leave her at home.

Rented | $1,800 inc

Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles

Furnished room in a Condo/Co-op

The unit is available and fully furnished with WiFi, cable TV, w/d in UNIT and other utilities is included. There is a one assigned parking and the apartment is a private unit and not shared. It also a pet friendly but they must be well behaved


Daniel , Male, 32yrs

Looking in: Encino, Sherman Oaks, Reseda, Woodland Hills, Lake Balboa

Less is more. I like to clean. I work in general contracting. I am easy to get along with maintaining a good energy and avoiding any that’s negative. I do not smoke or drink, really dislike cigarettes. Staying in shape and healthy is what I do for fun. I don’t mind getting dirty and breaking a sweat. I’ve never had any social media not my cup of tea if that's a minus I apologize in advance.


Travon, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, West Hollywood, North Hollywood

I am a very down to earth guy who is respectful and organized.

Found | $850

AManda, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Encino, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, North Hollywood, Van Nuys

I'm laidback, and am open to hanging out or keeping our lives more separate. Just looking for somewhere I can hang, live, smoke, play with my cat, and cook!

Found | $600

George, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, Burbank

I can fix your car/give advice. Can fix most electronics as well. Quiet and soletary most of the time but if you want fun I can be that too. Can cook up some mean french toast and stirfys. I don't have pets but cats and dogs are okay.

Found | $860

Victoria, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: West Hollywood, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, Studio City, Los Angeles

Hi there! I’m super easy going and laid back. Definitely a free spirit. I’m working and enrolled in school to get my esthetician license so always busy. I love to do anything outdoors and i also enjoy cooking so I’d definitely be making fam meals! :)

Found | $1,200

Lauren , Couple, 20-21yrs

Looking in: Studio City, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Burbank

Hi there! My name is Lauren and my friend Chris and I are looking for a place to call home. We are both passionate actors with day jobs. We both like to have our space clean, and keep the shared space clean as well We have tried to find a place on our own for a very long time but have had no luck. Hopefully we can connect soon!


Lauren, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Studio City, Reseda, Burbank

I'm kind, quiet, clean, respectful. I'm a full-time student studying Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute in North Hollywood. I love movies, music, drawing, reading, going for walks.


Eric, Male, 33yrs

Looking in: Van Nuys, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Encino

I'm fun, well mannered, respectful and aware of others' space and things, happy oh and I'm suuper clean; I like to clean and mop and clean and sweep lol


JC, Couple, 26-31yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles Downtown, Central LA, Sherman Oaks, Culver City, Santa Monica, Hollywood

We're a couple who have been together for 22 months. We're laid back, respectful, social, non judgmental, and easy to get along with. Maria does some freelance work and I work retail. But our main goal is getting a production studio company launched and we are on our way to doing that with a couple of associates of mine. For now though, my day job is in west hollywood, so I want to be as close as possible to that location. My preferred areas are Hollywood, a little north of hollywood, west hollywood, santa monica/venice, culver city, mid city, east hollywood, or very close to those areas. We hope to move in in the next month or two ideally.


Victoria & Teresa, Friends, 29-60yrs

Looking in: West Hills, Valley Glen, Panorama City, Lake Balboa, Canoga Park, Reseda, Tarzana, Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Burbank, Woodland Hills, Encino, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Studio City, Sherman Oaks

Hi! We're a mother and daughter who get along Gilmore Girls-style! We'll probably make you coffee every morning. We're friendly and entirely non-judgemental. We're very responsible, quiet, and clean! Victoria is a working actress who always picks up odd jobs and is also in classes and Teresa is a currently-displaced property manager seeking a different position (who can provide proof of income (full time!) We have a cat, very quiet and shy. Just looking for a nice, safe room to rent!


Carlos, Male, 20yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, Culver City, North Hollywood, Encino, West LA, San Fernando, Koreatown, Panorama City, Riverside, Burbank, Los Angeles Downtown

Currently a security guard at Phalanx private Protective Services. Im Well organized, i stay to myself but can engage in social activities. I dislike any sort of drama or hypocrisy. No human is better than the other, only more responsible lol.

Found | $1,250

Catherine, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Van Nuys, Valley Village, Sherman Oaks

So here's a little bit about me. I am 28 and female (in case my name didn't give that away), a nonsmoker, and a native New Orleanian. I moved to L.A. from New York, working in film/music, first in the accounting department of various pictures and then as a music supervision intern. I’ve since been in L.A. for a few years working in music publishing. A few months ago I started a new job, and I'm looking for a place closer to my office. When it comes to personal habits, I'm responsible. I'm neat and pick up after myself. I am the type of person who cleans the dishes as soon as she's finished using them. I'm also fairly low-key. I enjoy small hang-outs rather than partying, so there won't be tons of people moving through the apartment. Hobbies include writing, baking, and looking for new music. I am a general purveyor of nerdy/awesome things. I will definitely be dropping some 'Monty Python' references from time to time. Or frequently. I'm easy going and I have a good sense of humor, prone to good-natured sarcasm. As I said, I’m currently working at a music publishing company, and I am committed to the position for a few years, so I should be here a while!

Found | $700

Claudia, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Canoga Park, Woodland Hills

20 year old female student at Pierce college. Business and Marketing major. Working a solid 4 days at work doing my full 8hrs or overtime if needed but will also be looking for another one closer to school since I work in Malibu. I don't like associate myself with people with bad energy or don't have the best intentions for me so there's miniscule amounts of drama in my life. I'm an ambivert (both introverted and an extrovert). I like to keep to myself but I don't mind making conversation. Willing to work out some agreement on how chores will be distributed (I don't shy away from cleaning). Im 420 friendly and smoke myself but if that's not what you're into I won't be smoking in front of you or in the house/apartment if you ask. If you ever need to borrow anything or need something (don't get too crazy though) I'm you gal but don't eventually feel entitled that i HAVE to.

Found | $1,000

Meghan, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Glendale, Culver City, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank

Hey what's up! This feels very informal but I will say all you need to know is that I am CLEAN, love making my space feel like home, I am from Alaska which basically means I'm super easy going, would love to make new friends unless you want your space then that is O.K. too :) My priority is finding a safe, comfy place to lay my head at night while I pursue my dreams of voice over acting in LA. Becoming awesome friends with my roommate would be a huge plus! If you have any other questions please contact me! Thank you!


Hannah, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Hi, I'm Hannah and I am an aspiring actress currently living in the Chicago suburbs. I've dreamed of living in LA and launching my career since I was 6, so I'm super excited about this next step that I'm taking! I'm extremely outgoing and friendly, and I get along with basically everybody. I am currently trying to find a job for when I move out there, so hopefully I will be working and auditioning a lot of the time. I'm super passionate about acting, singing, coffee, DOGS (bonus points if you have one), the ocean, spontaneous adventures, and living life to the fullest. You can always count on my area being exceptionally clean and organized. Also, I'll cook and bake for you, so I mean.. I would love to find a couple of female roommates to sign a new lease with, ideally. Preferably ones that share similar interests or career paths as me, or just people who are down-to-earth, adventurous, and are willing to hold up their end of the rent and other house needs. I am almost always down for a party, but also value my alone time every once in a while. I don't personally do drugs, smoke tobacco products, or drink (too much ;) but would not be against someone who likes to. I am looking to make my move around the new year (January 2019). I'm super excited to hear more about you and the potential of rooming together! :)


Brittany , Female, 26yrs

Looking in: West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Studio City

I’m rarely home between work and school, very clean and quiet. When I am home I’m social and love hanging out with my roomies, very friendly and easygoing.


Madina, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, North Hollywood

Hello! I’m a social work professional and mental health advocate from Van Nuys, CA. I’m funny, friendly, respectful, and clean. I’m still best buddies with my girls from high school so for fun we like to eat yummy vegetarian food and go out locally. I have an adorable chihuahua/cocker spaniel mix named Juju & she’s quiet & clean too :)


Nina, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks

Very clean, organized, helpful around house, get along well with others, stay out of the way. NOTE: dinners kitchen access :)


Blaze, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: Van Nuys, Larchmont Northridge, Chatsworth, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles

My name is Blaze and I'm a 21 year old male. I am a very respectful, easy-going, clean and quiet person who has a passion for music. I currently live in North Carolina and work as a lifeguard full-time but looking to relocate to LA to pursue a role in the music industry. I have been saving for the move and would be willing to pay a few months in advance due to not having a job right away, although I will be actively pursuing a job once I arrive. I will be more than willing to send pictures of myself or anything else you request. I do realize that taking a chance on me as a roommate may seem slightly risky due to not having a job already lined up, but I am a extremely hard worker willing to do what it takes. If interested in talking further feel free to text/call or email me. - Where do I live now? North Carolina currently - When am I thinking of moving? As soon as I find the right place - Do I go to school? I am currently taking the year off, potentially looking to start programs for musicians in LA - Do I work? Yes, I am currently a full-time lifeguard but would have to get a new job once i arrive - Do I have a source of income? Yes, I have also saved up for the move! Thank you. Blaze.

Found | $700

Kyle, Male, 30yrs

Looking in: Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Canoga Park, West Hills, Woodland Hills

I'm 30 years old I work in woodland hills for a travel agency. I'm a very easy going guy, very clean, respectful. I want to find something closer to work.i love the outdoors, golfing and going to the gym. If everything works out I'll be staying longer.