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North Nevada Street

Oceanside, CA 92054

Private room with shared bathroom
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
2 roomies
$1,000 per month
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Room furnishing
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This apartment is 7 blocks from the beach!! And even less from coffee shops, Farmerโ€™s Market, and all that downtown Oceanside has to offer. It is truly a walking/biking neighborhood in a quiet, smaller complex on a beautifully tree-lined street. Brand new laminate flooring, appliances only 1 year old, pleasant shared outdoor patio barbecue etc. and clean on-site laundry facilities. Apartment has 1.5 bathrooms, so although we will share the shower /bath (and I wonโ€™t use it everyday), the main bathroom will be essentially yours as I have the half bath.

About the roomies

My name is Sarah and I am just over 60, but I would say a young 60 :). My work has been in education and the healing /complementary arts and I plan to start seeing a few clients again once I get settled and also find part time work in Oceanside too. I have a small/medium (25 lbs?) dog named Osito-or Little Bear who is VERY sweet, loving and cute (people often want to take him off my hands !) and of course non-shedding, house broken and quiet. (He truly is an asset :) I just returned from a summer in Tahoe where we were selling our home and now plan to be here full-time. I am looking for a mature and responsible (no drama or live-in boyfriend โ€œguestsโ€) female roommate who enjoys occasional conversation and interaction (I prefer not to live as complete strangers), but of course we respect each others privacy. I am easy going and not loud-perhaps you are too. I like to have clear understanding/agreement about how we will keep common areas in good shape. I like to cook, play guitar, walk with my friends on the beach, ride my bike a bit etc. My wonderful grown sons live very far away in grad school so wonโ€™t be visiting, alas. I WILL BE ADDING PHOTOS TODAY OR TOMORROW>

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