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Toluca Lake Los Angeles CA Roommates

Found | $1,150

Jessica, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Valley Village, Toluca Lake, Burbank, Studio City

Clean! Outgoing! Photographer, Actress, Vegetarian, Cute small dog, like to create & normally on the go on set, photoshoots, hustling!

Updated | $1,000

Miriam, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Burbank, Studio City, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Sherman Oaks

Hi there! My name is Miriam and I am from Spain. I am moving from Boston to LA in May to start a new job. I am 26 years old and will be working as a business advisor. I am pretty easy going, very clean and would like to have fun with my roommates (although I also appreciate my alone time). I have a cat, and she will come with me, so I want who find someone who is ok with cats. I like cooking for other people so I would enjoy sharing with you some of my recipes.

Found | $1,100

Pernille, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Valley Village, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood

My name is Pernille Soe and I am a respectful, caring, easy going and clean girl from Denmark. I work professionally as a dancer, model and personal trainer. I am looking to move into a newly renovated apartment with own bedroom and bath :)

Found | $650

Kiana, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Van Nuys, Canoga Park, Valley Village, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake, Burbank, North Hollywood

Hi, I’m easy to get along with, pay bills on time, allow people to have their privacy, and I don’t make a lot of noise. I currently work in retail but it’s not the reason why I moved to the west coast. Like a lot of people I moved out here to follow my dreams. I maybe petite but I love to eat and try restaurants that are new to me. I love going on random adventures that will create lasting memories. At the same time I like to sit at home, chill and have awesome conversations. I like to try new things to get me out my comfort zone. I may come off as quite at first but when I get comfortable my goofy and outgoing side comes out.


Jade, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Burbank, Valley Glen, Downtown, Central LA, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake, Los Feliz, Valley Village, Koreatown, East Hollywood, North Hollywood, Studio City

Originally I am from England, then lived in NY for 7 years and now trying out LA for a few years. Would love to stay somewhere for about 6 months but willing to stay somewhere for a shorter length of time also. I am very reliable, clean, tidy, easy going and always pay rent on time with no excuses. Like to socialize but also know how to keep to myself and I don't throw parties in houses I don't own. Currently working in the film industry and as a nanny.


Daniela, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Studio City, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Burbank

Hi I'm a student, filmmaker, spend most of my time outside shooting, at the gym or with my friends. I'm clean, like to cook and have a private space.

Found | $800

Benjamin, Male, 18yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Burbank

I am a South African student that will be studying at NYFA. I am a dancer and guitarist but don't worry I won't be practicing either in the apartment so noise won't be a problem for you. I'm very independent yet LA will be new for me so I may require tips and assistance from you occasionally. All in all, I'm very low maintenance as I'm tidy and pleasant to be around.

Found | $900

Caroline, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake

Lifelong New Yorker living in LA for the first time. Responsible, creative professional looking for a short-term place to call home!


Don, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Culver City, Studio City, Encino, West Hills, Canoga Park, Reseda, San Fernando, Burbank, North Hollywood

Hi! My name is Don and I'm a 21-year-old professional that works in the entertainment industry. I'm from Texas, went to UT Austin, recently moved out here in Jan 2019, and currently looking for a roommate and place to live. I have money saved up. I currently live in Inglewood with some folks, but I need to leave soon. I love comedy, TV, and films. I love reading and have tons of books. I would love to go camping more often, so if you're into that, awesome! I want to get into playing basketball. My favorite music artists at the moment are Beck, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, King Crimson, Cream, Mark Ronson, Diplo, Zedd. I spend most of my time out with friends, going out meeting people, working, or writing in my room, but I'm always open to chatting and joking around with you. Looking for someone that's either student or professional, male or female, 20 to 40. If you are a couple, no problem at all. If you have kids, again, no problem at all. As long as your friendly, clean, tidy, and not weird, then we're cool. I don't do weed and I prefer non-smokers, but if you do drugs, please do it outside. I'm a social drinker. I will never bring anyone back (ie. hookups, etc). I searched on Craigslist for roommates and... gosh, some people are weird. Not like "Oh, I sometimes ride my bike at night, ha I'm so weird." No. I met/contacted people that are full-time nudists, homeless fetishists, hoarders, crack dealers... there have to be just normal people out there. If you are one of these normal people, please reach out. So let's get coffee if you're a potential roommate team-up. If you're looking to fill a room, I'd love to come by and check out the room/house. I'd prefer to house share, a guest house, townhouse, etc. Apartments are okay, but I'm open to whatever living arrangement honestly. Hope to hear from you! Thanks! Best, Don

Found | $1

Tiffanie, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, Burbank

I recently moved from Riverside to LA with my dad for a job opportunity as a network manager for a medical group. I am looking to move out to become indedpendent. I am a huge foodie and am into fitness. I am organized and responsible.

Found | $1,300

Kate, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Pasadena, North Hollywood, West Hollywood West, Toluca Lake, Studio City

I am South African and have just graduated from Acting school. I am very friendly and easy going, I don’t have many rules about living with someone as long as it is clean and a nice energy to be in I am happy.

Found | $1,500

Brittany, Female, 30yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Burbank

Very easy going. I respect common living spaces and keep them clean. Flexible to give you a lot of alone time if needed.. as well as if you want to chat/hangout I'm open for that as well! I have a cat so I'm hoping I'll be able to bring them as well :)


Michael , Male, 33yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Burbank, Universal City, Studio City, North Hollywood

I’m a Musician I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs, I’m a avid reader & I’m also a clean individual who cleans up after himself.


Gina, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake

Found | $1,100

Stewart, Male, 38yrs

Looking in: Studio City, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Burbank

I'm moving out here from NYC for work (starting a production company). I'm quiet, I don't drink that much, I don't smoke, I'm always willing to do my share of the chores, I like to cook, I'm up for activities, but I usually keep myself busy. Looking for other artists but open to anyone.

Found | $1,200

John, Male, 39yrs

Looking in: Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Toluca Lake

I work in the Television Industry - mostly for CBS - and maintain a healthy, clean lifestyle. Single guy, looking for a low-key environment in a great neighborhood. For fun, I like to take in movies, head to the gym, write at the coffee shop, chill at the beach, watch sports (I’m from Wisconsin - Go Packers!), and follow politics.


Alex, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Studio City

Clean. Work for Universal Music Group. Love music, sports, and fitness. Always down to check out shows/concerts/festivals. Enjoy going out on the weekends.

Found | $1,400

Emanuel , Male, 21yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica, Toluca Lake, Burbank, Studio City

Hi! So I labor away all day whilst going to school so I will virtually never be there! If I am Ill be reading Harry Potter or making Britney Spears Fan art. I'm Olaf and I like warm Hugs!


Simone, Male, 28yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Burbank

Hello everyone, I'm an Italian student, I'm an actor and I'm studying at NYFA. I am very nice, discreet and I cook very well! I hope to find a house full of nice and polite people! I'm looking for a single room but also a shared one to save money! I wait for you.


Irene, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Universal City, Studio City, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Burbank

Hello, my name is Irene and I come from Rome. I came to Los Angeles to study acting at the New York Film Academy. I'm looking for a single or double room near the academy (Burbank). I am a silent and orderly girl but I also like to socialize sometimes also to learn the language.


Ida, Female, 34yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Universal City, North Hollywood, Burbank

I'm Ida and I'm Italian. In my life I deal with cinema and music. I am a friendly girl, but also respectful of others. I love being in the company and sharing ideas and situations. I will do a filmmaking course at the New York Film Academy for three months. I'm looking for a room in Burbank in nearby the New York Film Academy

Found | $850

Jeanette, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Pasadena, La Crescenta, Toluca Lake, Burbank

I'm all about setting ground rules and about respecting the privacy of others. Always up for bonding time if that's something of interest.

Found | $650

Tabatha, Female, 34yrs

Looking in: Valley Village, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Studio City

HEY! I am an actress but I also believe in making sure I don't become a starving artist; I have 2 jobs. So I am looking for something closer to those jobs potentially Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Burbank, NoHo, Van Nuys. I'm fairly tidy and I enjoy tea time, art and sunshine.


Petr, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Studio City, Burbank, Panorama City, North Hollywood, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake

I love a clean and organized environment. I’m an artist, actor, musician, cook and aspiring bar tender. I love comedy, movies, music and football to name a few interests. I moved to LA a little over a year ago from Boston and am still trying to get grounded somewhere near one of my two jobs. I work in the Noho area and love the location. I look forward to possibly being the tenant or roommate of your dreams.

Found | $700

Cherry, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Studio City, North Hollywood, Burbank

Friendly,neat, and like to mind my business..

Found | $1,000

Jackson, Male, 19yrs

Looking in: Studio City, Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Burbank, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks

Hello! My name is Jackson. I'm originally from San Diego, CA and recently got a job in Burbank and am looking for a private room. I'm very clean, quiet, and respectful. I also don't party and I only drink socially. Ideally, you are the same. I'm very passionate about music and I also do freelance web development on the side.


Matt, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank

I have been living in the San Fernando valley for the last 18 mos and am work in Burbank in accounting/finance at one of the studios. Interested in meeting new people! I'm quiet and am pretty flexible in terms of living arrangements

Found | $950

Cole, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Burbank, Studio City, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks

I'm a fifth generation cowboy from the Colorado Rockies, educated at NYU in NYC, and entering my second year in LA. I have to very polite parakeets. And am a musician recording my first album myself (The only live sound is mellow vocals, so I'm very quiet). I'm looking for a living situation in which I can feel some sense of family and mutual support. I've kept my life simple in LA, working at a cafe that I love for a year and continuing to work on my music.

Found | $1,400

Kanea, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Studio City, Toluca Lake, Hollywood, Burbank, North Hollywood

Hello, my name is Kanea Blokland I am an actress from the Netherlands who studies in Burbank, graduating in May.


Dina , Female, 52yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Toluca Lake, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills

52 free spirit, easy going ,honest straight to the bone,love my work,good food,o sushi..love to cook ,VERY CLEAN love to read to right to draw to swim to dance my quilty time with me What I say ? I love life And most...I love my bb Little Chihuahua SERVICE DOG Very well trained And I need to move asap

Found | $800

Seth , Male, 39yrs

Looking in: Granada Hills, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Mission Hills, Studio City, Panorama City, Toluca Lake, Van Nuys, Burbank, North Hollywood

I feel there are many things that make me great to live with! The obvious: I work full time and am not a person who is home constantly! I know how to respect people. From their privacy to their belongings, I feel respect and communication are vital aspects of a successful living situation. Paying rent and bills on time are not an issue for me. Presently, I am focused on my career and I'm not in a relationship. This being said, I tend to have very few house guests. I am accepting of all types of people and go out of my way to make all people feel welcome and appreciated.

Found | $575

Emanuel, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Studio City, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Burbank

Originally from Panama. I'll be attending to music school for at least 1 year. I'm very organized, quiet yet friendly, easygoing and resourceful. I'm into pop culture, edm and visual arts (photography, movies, etc).

Found | $500

Chief Joseph, Male, 40yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks, Studio City

I am peaceful and highly spiritual :)

Found | $1,250

Shelby, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Burbank, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood

I'm a 22 year old full time musician/songwriter, and I pick up part time jobs here and there! I am incredibly respectful of space and privacy, but also love to hang out and have fun! I am very clean, very laid back, I'm vegetarian and can make a mean smoothie. I'll have a dog so hopefully I can find people who are willing to welcome a lil companion. Would love to live with other artists who are understanding of the lifestyle, but I'm open to anything! 420 and LGBT+ friendly :)

Found | $950

Elizabeth, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: North Hollywood, Valley Village, Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks, Studio City

Hi there! Looking to move closer to work (which is in Burbank) and to meet new people within the area. Grew up in Orange County area but have lived in multiple states and just moved back in July. I’m currently working two jobs and about to start school. I’m going to school for television writing and will binge watch just about any show with you. I like to keep my space clean, I am pretty easy going, I like to hang out and relax when I can but also like a good time. Looking into moving beginning of November but could work around the date if something great popped up. If you’d like to know more about me or feel like we’d get along well, I’d love to hear from ya!

Found | $1,000

Mike, Male, 32yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Studio City

I’m easy to get along with and I always pay my rent

Found | $500

Fatima , Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Beverly Hills, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake

Hi my name is fatima and I am a very friendly person. I love acting and modeling. I work full time and I am college student

Found | $1,100

Brittany, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Burbank, North Hollywood

I'm a heavily tattooed female who generally keeps to herself. I enjoy the art of drinking but never get rambunctious. I travel quite a bit and I'm usually out of the house. I'll be spending a lot of time in South Korea next year and plan to move to Los Angeles in October of 2019. I would move sooner, but my month long trip to Korea is in April. I always pay on time and I have no pets! I've always become really close with my roommates, so hoping to find someone who can be a friend and roommate all in one!

Found | $1,000

Pauline, Female, 38yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Inglewood, Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice Beach

Aussie girl in LA for a few months for work and vacation. Professional, down to earth, no dramas. Easy going and respectful , whilst very social, do not want to live to in party house. Super clean and healthy lifestyle. Non smoker. Social and congenial but also loves my own space . Great cook too, if we are home at the same times. I’m going to be in LA for a couple of months for work and enjoy the summer while I’m there. Hoping to find lovely accommodation with someone professional and like minded.

Found | $800

James, Male, 30yrs

Looking in: Burbank, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake

Hi, I'm a full-time design professional, outdoors most of time, nerd at heart. Don't smoke, don't do drugs, no pets, not a partier. Looking for a place since my roommates of 4 years are moving out.

Found | $870

Hailey, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake

I have a decent sense of humor, I don't get offended easily. I'm just laid back until there's a time I need to be serious

Found | $1,200

James, Couple, 19-21yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Burbank

We are super polite and accommodating. We will respect any laid out house rules and will always try and help keep the house supplied with food, toilet paper, etc. We love music and movies and respecting boundaries.

Found | $950

Justin, Male, 28yrs

Looking in: Burbank, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Studio City

I’m Justin, 28 and I’ve just accepted a job offer to work with some colleges with leading audio plugin developer as a Technical Support Specialist. I’m an avid musician of 15 years, I play multiple instruments (bass guitar, guitar, drums) as well as an audio engineer of 10 years. I graduated from Chico State where I got my BA in Recording Arts. I’ve been working full time in my hometown since then and am excited for a change and to grow in my proffessional career. I’m generally a clean person, I don’t smoke, I do vape, have no pets or kids, and always clean up after myself. My ideal roomate a clean is male or female who is employed full time, responsible, likes to have fun, but doesn’t party all the time or do drugs. My job starts on August 6th so I’d be looking to move the beginning of August! Please let me know if we can explore some living oportunities!

Found | $900

Becca, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: West Hollywood, Mar Vista, Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks

I have no shortage of magic or hugs, I'm easy going and looking to have a peaceful and fun environment to nest and get out of Santa Clarita. I enjoy having time to myself but also like hanging out with my housemates, I am pretty good with communicating and don't feed into the passive aggressive BS. I turn the lights off when I leave the room and the air conditioner to a reasonable temp when I leave the house. I own a business doing hair removal and spray tanning and also travel to LA for my clients. I am pretty busy but still like to go out occasionally or have guests over for Game of Thrones or whatever. I am pretty laid back and professional, I enjoy doing dishes or cleaning the kitchen but hate mopping the floors, so let's chat. find me on IG velveteenbecca

Found | $900

Tim, Male, 34yrs

Looking in: West Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Central LA, Studio City

Very easy going, respectful, positive...I’ve had very good relationship with roommates in the past. Very Clean.

Found | $900

Katharine, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Valley Village, Toluca Lake, Studio City

I am a quiet, considerate and respectful person.

Found | $700

Fernanda, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Studio City, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, Burbank

I just got into the NYFA to do a MFA in Filmmaking. I'm a 24-year-old Chilean girl, super respectful, specially with personal space. I'm responsible, I like to study, read, talk, watch movies and listen to music. I don't smoke, I'm not very tidy with my things, but I'm not a messy person either. I'm used to go for a run 3-4 times a week, I like to walk around the city, and I would love a roomate who can help me to improve with my english.

Found | $900

Michael, Male, 30yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Studio City, Burbank, North Hollywood

Respectful, responsible, clean!

Found | $1,000

Alyse, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: West Hollywood, Studio City, Universal City, Los Feliz, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood

Hi! I currently work full-time in the TV industry. Currently, my favorite TV shows are Handmaid's Tale, Game of Thrones and Barry. I like to go out and have fun, but obviously need to save money so not often. I like working out and going hiking, so we could totally go together if that's what you're interested in! I'm a pretty chill person, but still like to have rules when it comes to cleaning and so on. Let me know if you're interested in being roommates!

Found | $1,200

Ellie, Female, 63yrs

Looking in: Universal City, Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Sun Valley, Studio City, Burbank, North Hollywood

I always have a smile and am very conscientious and neat. My sons run a very successful company in Burbank. I'm moving from Orlando to live near my children. I've worked for Disney World for the past 15 years at a restaurant and before that as a computer graphic artist. I practice yoga and pilates and enjoy getting around on my kick scooter.

Found | $850

Tatiana , Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Studio City, Los Feliz, Burbank, North Hollywood

I’m 26. Mellow and clean. I have two Esa Animals that I love dearly- Luna & Spencer. One is a terrier and he is 5. The other is a sweet and loving pitbull mix who is 3. Both are my entire world and my main focus is finding a place for myself and my animals to live where they are safe and loved. Which means I’m looking for a roommate who loves animals as much as I do. I’m from Northern California. I like to hike, rock climb, do yoga, read and nap. I teach yoga and work full time at a dispensary as a budtender. I’m vegetarian but not preach about it. I’m also completely cruelty free in everything I use but again not preachy about it.

Found | $900

Serge, Male, 35yrs

Looking in: Studio City, Valley Village, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood

Clean, quiet and responsible person

Found | $1,000

Anthony, Male, 99yrs

Looking in: Valley Village, Toluca Lake, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City

Neat and clean professional, responsible, accountable, non-smoking, healthy athlete.

Found | $1,300

Erik, Male, 29yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, Central LA, Mount Washington, Eagle Rock

Healthy, Active, Clean, Just moved back from Europe.

Found | $760

Cole, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Burbank, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks

Super clean, kind, down to earth, friendly, spiritual, fun, and it's important to me to have a home base that peaceful and feels good to step into so that's what it's like living with me

Found | $850

Alex, Couple, 20-26yrs

Looking in: North Hollywood, Valley Village, Toluca Lake, Burbank

My girlfriend and I are very ambitious people. We love to travel and explore locally and nationwide. I am a musician, full time, she is in customer service at a few jobs. We are looking for a nice room to share, we keep to ourselves and keep clean. We both love to cook and eat good food. And we have a beautiful 6 year old cat named Tomasa. She is very quiet and loves people!

Found | $800

Laina, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Echo Park, Toluca Lake, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Studio City

Hey there, My name is Laina, I am a 26 youthful professional, looking for a place to call home. I'm looking to move by June 1st. A little bit about myself, I am a full time patient consultant/chef and student. I am looking for 420 friendly housemates. I work in the cannabis industry and I'm not always smoking but, I will always smell like bud. Its never strong because I am an outdoor smoker,its just the industry has me around plants. So if that is bothersome please do not hesitate. I need to feel comfortable as well. Other than that. I am a huge music lover and will most likely be tuned out in my room. if not keeping to myself, I love to explore LA. I moved down here from San Francisco and only been in LA for a year now. I am a lesbian so a lgbt+ friendly house is important. I am very clean and have much experience with housemates. I ideally am looking for chill kick back home and real honest people. I would love to meet you all to get a better vibe. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask what so ever. I hope to hear from you soon.

Found | $600

Ruby, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks, Culver City, Mid-Wilshire, Santa Monica, Central LA, Miracle Mile, Koreatown

I don’t complain. I don’t whine. I don’t take things personally. I like to party every so often. I do dishes. I have an amazing little poodle named Toby who’s chill and doesn’t shed. I’m a singer/actress/martial artist and I’m from the Bay Area. Trust me, I’m cool as hell.

Found | $1,200

Jessica, Female, 31yrs

Looking in: North Hollywood, Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Studio City

Clean, young professional looking for a roomie =)

Found | $1,000

Nick, Male, 35yrs

Looking in: Toluca Lake, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Los Feliz

Hi there! I'm a working actor recently moved to LA from Liverpool. I'm Scottish and after getting my green card am setting up life over here. I'm (naturally) passionate about film and television, sports and pets. I'm here to work so not really much of a party person, although enjoy a beer on the weekend. For fun, I enjoy playing football, going to the cinema, seeing live music, and also staying in bingeing box sets.Non smoker. Let me know if you think I might be suitable for you!