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San Pablo Richmond CA Roommates


Joshua , Male, 20yrs

Looking in: San Pablo, San Francisco, Daly City, San Bruno

Fun outgoing person love to meet new people . Very quiet and respectful of others

Found | $500

Gianni, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Southwest Berkeley, San Pablo, Alameda, San Francisco

I am quiet , clean and respectful. I don’t need to have visitors over. I work full time and can pay on time.


Christina, Female, 40yrs

Looking in: Bay Point, Rodeo, San Pablo, Pacheco, Martinez

I stay to my self and I clean up after my self and I do my own thang


Kkay, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: San Leandro, Emeryville, Northwest Berkeley, Pleasant Hill, San Pablo, Pinole, Hercules

I’m an easy going person really friendly I work and go to college to study physical therapy


Gregory, Male, 55yrs

Looking in: Northgate - Waverly, Northwest Berkeley, San Pablo, El Cerrito

I am dependable, clean and quiet, seeking a similar place close to my job in the City.

Found | $1,300

Patricia , Female, 42yrs

Looking in: San Pablo, El Cerrito

I am a single mom looking for a place where my 11-year-old daughter and I can live. I am a full-time caregiver. I am on the search for a studio or an apartment. I am willing to start a new lease in an apartment or house as long as its all females.

Found | $800

Raiin, Couple, 20-21yrs

Looking in: Berkeley, San Pablo, El Cerrito Mobile Home Park, Pinole, Hercules

Me and my husband are very respectful we’re both working student i am 20yrs old and he’s 21 we don’t drink or smoke we don’t have any pets.


Felix, Male, 18yrs

Looking in: San Francisco, Vallejo, Hercules, San Pablo

I would love to live on my own in dyer need of a place to stay anything would be great I am very honest I very quiet and like to keep to myself whatever I hear or see is kept to myself please help !

Found | $750

James, Male, 33yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

I am student who quiet and who better life for myself

Found | $1,100

Domonique, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Pinole, El Sobrante, San Pablo

My presence is scarce ! I really just need a place to sleep, I spend majority of my time with family.

Found | $1,300

Lindsay, Female, 36yrs

Looking in: Crockett, Point Richmond, El Sobrante, Mosswood, San Pablo

I’m tidy, I’m conscious of noise and boundaries, I’m happy. I pay my bills on time. I don’t bring the party home

Found | $650

Christina, Couple, 27-29yrs

Looking in: San Pablo, San Francisco, Mosswood, Sacramento

Very punctual responsibile reliable people ready to rent from good people.

Found | $600

Dan, Male, 38yrs

Looking in: San Pablo, Vallejo, Benicia, Martinez

I'm awesome. I'm very easy going, friendly, considerate, and quiet. I keep to myself mostly. I'm a Union Electrician, and I have two young boys. Jaxx is 8, and Nash is 5.

Found | $500

Byron, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

My name is Byron Page I am a 4-year expert in digital marketing using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). How I got into the marketing business is through my Uncle/Mentor becoming his intern into his company (Korthos Group) and advertising products online through social media, and warm marketing materials. My job experience through the years has always been marketing warm and cold marketing, such as door to door with (Entrust Energy) and (Just Energy) based in Chicago, IL. I’ve begun door to door marketing in the year 2015 providing renewable energy along protecting client’s energy and gas bills from fluxing monthly. I am a high school graduate and proceeding to be a college student this year August 2018 attending Contra Costa College. In the business industry, I am self-employed and study business through my mentors or and Multi-Level Marketing companies learning from their products and marketing.

Found | $700

Naomie, Couple, 22-28yrs

Looking in: San Pablo, West Oakland, Central Berkeley, San Francisco

Tari and I are full time workers, very social and very fun to live with. We often travel because of our jobs. Tari is a graffic designer and I work in the fashion industry. We’re clean and quiet. We don’t party either. We do the back and forth between Canada to California so we’re just looking for a place to stay when we’re in the Bay Area. Thank you! :)

Found | $1

Frank Vierra, Male, 58yrs

Looking in: Vallejo, San Pablo, Pinole, Martinez

Pretty much the perfect roommate... I cook I clean I clean up after myself I don't sweat the small stuff I make very good money I'm generous to a fault I have an open mind I'm very cool headed I'm really conscientious of others I'm a union carpenter I'm very handy I can fix anything or build anything

Found | $1,600

Scott, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: North Richmond, Piedmont, Emeryville, Pinole, El Sobrante, San Pablo, Albany, Marina Bay, El Cerrito, Central Richmond

Hello! My name is Scott Sabol and I am a 24 year old recent college graduate and newly hired civil servant set to be working in the Social Security Administration’s Richmond, California Office. I am moving in from Akron, Ohio and am very excited to be moving to the Bay Area. I am laid back and easy to get along with. I enjoy pulling my weight around the house or apartment when it comes to cleaning and doing chores. I also would consider myself a person who keeps his room/area clean and organized. When I am not working, I enjoy reading, staying active, volunteering at animal shelters and hiking/exploring nature.

Found | $700

Jihan, Friends, 23-25yrs

Looking in: San Francisco, San Pablo, San Leandro, Mount Eden, Mosswood

Very clean very quite my sister and I both work and are very anti social but at the same time we are both very social, I’m laid back just trying to work and move forward with my life

Found | $650

Maryam, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: San Leandro, Rockridge, Pleasant Hill, El Cerrito, Concord, Contra Costa Centre, San Pablo

Female in her mid 20s currently working in the health care field and pursuing professional school. Non smoker, clean, no drama

Found | $1,300

Lin, Female, 36yrs

Looking in: El Sobrante, San Pablo, Mosswood

I’m tidy and handy. I’m respectful of boundaries. I’m conscious of noise and try to always be aware of other people’s need for space. Im happy. I’m not a party person but love having fun occasionally when I have time and or am not exhausted. I don’t discriminate.

Found | $700

Belzibeth, Couple, 19-22yrs

Looking in: Emeryville, Berkeley Hills, Elmwood, Northwest Berkeley, Pinole, San Pablo

We are clean and organized, aside from the fact that we are almost never home.

Found | $700

Zeshawn, Male, 22yrs

Looking in: El Sobrante, San Pablo, Pinole, Central Berkeley, Hercules

Willing to get along with other. Keep place clean and tidy. Do not smoke, drink, and do not have pet. Student, need a place to stay .

Found | $1,000

Victor , Couple, 25yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

Hi everyone my name is Victor and gf is Yvette we are to hard working adults I work in health care I hire Nurses and dictors for all hospital in the bay including Sutter. Me and my gf are the most down to earth couple. We are outgoing, Loving kind and respectful people u will ever meet we love animals,nature and to deffenetly meet new people super friendly. We love old school movies love them parks and attractions. We are both super clean and organize.If there is anything else you will like to ask please feel free. Thank you have a wonderful day.

Found | $650

Cinthya, Couple, 21-22yrs

Looking in: San Jose, Pinole, Upper B Street, Central Berkeley, San Francisco, Mosswood, North Richmond, San Pablo

I am very friendly also a neat freak I try to cook every once in a while 420 friendly ! Have a little white dog everybody loves just takes time to get warmed up to her . Live with my boyfriend unique outgoing fun couple don't mind doing double dating . Love to try fun new things . We both work a lot so u would hardly see us until the after after 2 usually my schedule varies every week it changes . Can contribute with groceries in exchange for negotiable rent !

Found | $850

Fiona, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Albany, San Pablo, El Cerrito, Pinole

Hi! I'm originally from the Philippines and I just moved to the Bay Area for work. I'm a Special Education teacher at an Elementary School. I love experimenting on different dishes. I love listening to good music and i'm easy to get along with. I love going to different breweries and try different locally brewed beers. I love good coffee too! I am completely fine with pets. I don't have one but I love taking care and playing with them. I'm fun to hang out with and usually chill with everything!


Nhi, Male, 19yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

A quiet person


Rochelle, Friends, 17-46yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

I work a lot, not home much, out of town most weekends, clean and quiet.

Found | $580

Qwoy, Couple, 20-22yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

Very responsible, respectful, very mature, very funny, and a chill relax fun person.


Fred Butler, Male, 41yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

Very professional and quite. I’m in the military so I’m clean

Found | $800

Georgianne, Female, 61yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

I always pay rent on time. Very clean. Very communicative. Quiet. I'm a math tutor at Mathnasium in Albany. Watch a lot of foreign movies. Study French. Love France. Have sweet 13 year old female Pit mix. She loves people.

Found | $500

Rachel, Couple, 33-34yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

I'm very quite kinda a loner, very organized & clean (seriously it's like an OCD almost) I pay on time with out issues or question plus i defenitlycontribute to the household.


Ivy, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

I pay my rent on time, just need a place for a better life

Found | $500

Anabel , Female, 23yrs

Looking in: El Sobrante, El Cerrito, Pinole, San Pablo

Clean Responsible Quiet

Found | $800

Ahtziri, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: San Pablo, Hercules, Pinole, Central Richmond

I’m a fun person and friendly


Laynee, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

I am very neat and organized. Filled with positive attitudes yet also very quiet. I am currently a full time student at Contra Costa College and I am starting to look for jobs to keep busy during the times I’m not at school or studying.

Found | $600

Sheldon, Male, 32yrs

Looking in: El Cerrito, San Pablo, Rodeo

I'm quiet, neat, stay to myself and yet pleasant to be around. I mostly just work.

Found | $850

Esmeralda , Female, 29yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

I’m easy to get long with people. I’m a cheerful person. I like the outside living bike hiking.

Found | $650

Harpreet, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

I'm always busy in work. I just need a room to complete my 8 hours sleep and some peace in my days off. I mind my own business. I'm a federal employee I'm from India I prefer to move with a girl.

Found | $700

Bianca, Couple, 19-21yrs

Looking in: Antioch, Vallejo, San Pablo, El Sobrante, El Cerrito, Pinole, Vacaville

Easy to talk to, clean, good at problem solving, and overall a great respectful roommate.

Found | $1,200

Felix, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Central Berkeley, El Sobrante, San Pablo, Central Richmond, El Cerrito

I work full time and train mma 6 days a week. I’m easy going, respectful and clean. I love to cook and spend time with my gf. 420 friendly.

Found | $600

Frederick , Male, 53yrs

Looking in: Antioch, San Pablo

Looking for an affordable place to live.

Found | $850

Genesis A. Romero, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

Im very friendly. I work most of the time so wont be home so much. Highly dependent. Im very clean.

Found | $1,000

Sawaira, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: El Cerrito, Mosswood, San Pablo, Central Richmond, Central Berkeley

I’m easy and fun to live with. I don’t judge and keep to my self.

Found | $300

Khailah, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: Point Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo, Pinole

I am planning to transfer to a four year university next year. I go to school full time and I would part time. I have a cat who is 11 years old. He is very friendly and sweet and he has been mine since his birth. I am very easy going and organized. I am looking to move out of my parents home soon because it is not a good environment. And I’m looking for some positive change in my life!

Found | $800

Adrianna, Couple, 20-24yrs

Looking in: Pinole, Hercules, San Pablo, El Sobrante, El Cerrito

We will maintain communal areas tidy We are quiet and respectful For the most part we will keep to ourselves (working and studying), but we are very friendly!

Found | $1,000

Jassa, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

Good housemates

Found | $850

Ellen, Female, 47yrs

Looking in: San Pablo, Hercules, El Cerrito

Looking for a Master with own bath, or a studio, 1bdr room with a separate entry. I have a 5 yr old daughter. Very behaved. Non smoking.

Found | $700

Neil, Male, 27yrs

Looking in: Vacaville, El Sobrante, Pinole, Rodeo, Vallejo, San Pablo

I am a 27 year old male adult with 2 kids looking for a place for me to stay. I work full time so I’m often at work and when I’m not I’m spending most of my time with my kids. I am a very quite and easy person to be around.

Found | $800

Prabhjot, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Moraga, San Pablo, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Pinole

I am clean, organized, and love cooking! My hobbies include reading, writing, painting, and traveling. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to answer!

Found | $550

Samuel garcia, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: San Pablo, Central Richmond, Vallejo

Just a guy who loves video game very clean and just working to make it through very friendly love to have fun and always pick up after himself. Don’t smoke I drink occasionally but only one or two beers here and there mainly always at work


Kevin, Couple, 22-32yrs

Looking in: El Cerrito, Northwest Berkeley, El Sobrante, San Pablo

Im looking for an affordable place for me and my girlfriend

Found | $900

Dayeong, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

I’m looking for a room :)

Found | $1,000

Johnny Phothisane , Male, 34yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

I’m a very thoughtful person and clean. I always clean after myself and just minding my own business.

Found | $650

Mark , Male, 22yrs

Looking in: San Pablo

Im a 22 year old part time barista and a full time student with an 2 year black lab mix emotional support animal looking for an affordable room for rent in the San Pablo area, or looking for a roommate

Found | $750

Xx, Male, 54yrs

Looking in: Hercules, Pinole, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, San Pablo

I need a safe place to live. I am quiet and clean and doing my own things.

Found | $900

Nazrana , Couple, 21yrs

Looking in: Pinole, Berkeley, El Cerrito, San Pablo

We have respect for others. We like to stay clean & organized, we like to cook and we’re funny and optimistic people. We work full-time from the Bay Area born and raised. And for fun we like to chill. (420 friendly.)

Found | $700

Tatiiana, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: San Pablo, Northgate - Waverly, Hoover - Foster, Crocker Highlands, Mosswood, San Francisco

I am a Latin woman, I like to keep order of my space and respect the personal spaces.

Found | $850

Christopher, Male, 44yrs

Looking in: San Pablo, El Cerrito

I am a team player, I am very responsible and respect people things . I love to work and I work a full time job and a part time job on weekends

Found | $500

Sarah, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Northwest Berkeley, Downtown Berkeley, San Pablo, El Cerrito

Hi my names is Sarah and I'm looking for a room just for myself. I'm very clean and quiet and I work at starbuck full time.

Found | $700

Kireya , Female, 37yrs

Looking in: Walnut Creek, Pinole, Hercules, San Pablo

Keep to myself