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San Bernardino Roommates

New | $600

Julia, Couple, 21-22yrs

Looking in: Rialto, Highland, Loma Linda, San Bernardino

We are very respectful only one of us smokes but it's outside a fare distance. We are quiet and are aware who we are living with make sure we stay quiet when needed. I do come home late some days from work but will make sure if any of use enter late we will be quiet. I have a 2year old he's smart quiet and also a good little boy.

Found | $400

Kiya, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Rialto, Moreno Valley, Loma Linda, Redlands

I'm a 25 year old female, very clean, very quiet.

Found | $750

Alberto, Couple, 42-52yrs

Looking in: Chino, Placentia, Corona, Devore, Pico Rivera, Anaheim, Yorba

We always clean up after ourselves and more. We are rarely ever home. We both work full time. We dont need or ask for much. He is very handy and will not need to call landlord every time something is not working. We both enjoy going away for the weekend, and travel often. Our children do not live with us.

Found | $700

Shaniqua, Friends, 25yrs

Looking in: Rialto, San Bernardino

Hi I'm shaniqua 25 with 2 kids and my fiancee has 25 also we really need to rent a room so we can save up to get our own place we are very clean and respectful and we hardly would be home.

Found | $450

Essmaa, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, West Highlands, East Highlands, Redland

Chill , clean & organized. trying to move to the next chapter of my life.

New | $950

Lorenzo, Male, 20yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Redlands, Yucaipa

I’m a 20 year old man looking for a room in the Inland Empire. I am A full time Crafton Hills College and Assistant Manager at Max Muscle Redlands Nutrition Shop. Father works for the Air Force And is moving closer to bade, so I am just trying to find a place to call my own before the lease is up. I’m easy to live with , neat , and hardly ever home so I won’t be a bother.

Found | $800

Cheril , Female, 31yrs

Looking in: Redlands, San Bernardino, Colton, Highland

-I'm easy to get along with -I prefer a clean roommate/s - very respectful -will be attending school shortly -positive energy always

New | $1,000

Terry, Male, 50yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Riverside, Fontana, Redland

Single quiet professional moving to the area on Feb 23!


Jayana, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

I am very trustworthy, I do not fight or argue with roommates, I am reliable and on time with rent and I take my housing situation very seriously. As of right now I am in Northern California for employment for a year but I am searching now for a roommate for a place to live for when I come back to Southern California. If you are interested for a roommate in a year or so please don't hesitate to message me on here for my contact information. I do check my profile regularly. Thank you!

Found | $450

Steven , Male, 26yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Eastvale, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland

Hi you guys I’m Steve. I’m energetic, loves to stay busy with school and work so I’m hardly ever home. I’m from Queens, New York . I only have a few family members who live here in California such as my mom. I’m colombian I can speak Spanish. I work for the fulfillment center at amazon in eastvale and goes to school at Chaffey college. I’m a great chef if that matters 😎

Found | $400

Arreona, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Redlands

Hey I’m NaNa, from California. I work full time and am planning on going back to school in the spring. I also model so I’m out a lot. I’m looking for a great nice place to room preferably with a bathroom in room. I’m very clean, organized, and keep to myself for the most part.

Found | $400

Brandon, Male, 31yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Fontana, Rialto, Riverside

Just need a room to stay for a while


Daniel, Couple, 26-35yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

I’m well organized and clean up after myself and very quiet person and very responsible person...


Tifini, Female, 31yrs

Looking in: Rialto, San Bernardino

Looking to rent from females only. I'm not too comfy with male roomies I'm a girly girl and feel better with a female roomate. I stay to myself at times but I am social and I work hard I'm a very clean individual love to cook for myself and others I don't own any cute pets and I'm easy to get along with as well. For fun I love theme parks and the movies or staying in. Please read this before contacting me and my budget is what I can afford right now.


Janel, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Rialto, Grand Terrace, San Bernardino, Redlands, Riverside

I grew up in the IE, went away for college, obtained my B.A. in Sociology, and now am back. I mostly keep to myself and am very personable I am told. I have a small loving, lovable pup. I am involved in community and cultural activities. I do not smoke or drink but still enjoy going out and socializing. I also spend a lot of time reading, writing, and exercising. I am committed to living a healthy lifestyle mind, body, and spirit while having fun in between! I have listed 3 months as my length of stay but if I feel the situation is a positive experience I will likely request to stay longer!


Bree, Female, 47yrs

Looking in: Devore, San Bernardino, Lucerne Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley

I am Bree, I will be responsible for my own food and bathroom items, I work Monday -Friday 8am to 5 pm and I stay alot of the time at my boyfriends. I'm looking for a room I do prefer having my own bathroom but that's not a deal breaker,, also in my price I'm willing to pay monthly would includes utilities considering I'm really only home about 3-4 days a week, Thank You for stopping by!!!

Found | $600

Samantha, Couple, 24-25yrs

Looking in: Loma Linda, San Bernardino, Mentone, Yucaipa, Redlands

Clean, respectful, quiet, friendly, and reliable. My spouse and I are just trying to build a future.


Kristina, Female, 52yrs

Looking in: Grand Terrace, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, Riverside Junction

I’m clean, private, quiet, reliable, trustworthy, unbias, and I stay to myself 👑


Daija, Friends, 23-24yrs

Looking in: Loma Linda, Rialto, San Bernardino

I'm A Very Clean Person & A Neat Freak Everything MUST Have A Place Me & My Family Are Very Organized. I Work Part Time At McDonalds I Go To Church I Smoke , I Have Two Boys & A Fiance &I'm A Very Understanding & Kind Women As My Fiance Is As Well.

Found | $500

Alexia , Female, 19yrs

Looking in: North Cucamonga, San Bernardino, Fontana, Grand Terrace, Loma Linda, Rialto

I’m really quiet I go unnoticed and I am very courteous


Elajhae, Couple, 19-21yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

We have 2 kids an 1 lil dog we are fun to live with an don't cause drama

Found | $600

Briana, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

I’m a very hardworking person , i keep a good & clean living space , I’m an outgoing person I follow rules without any problems.

Found | $650

Taylor , Female, 22yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Redlands

Very quiet, I keep to myself mostly, I help clean, I know how to cook, can be social if wanted or needed to. I'm an artist and love reading, decorating, very open minded, and I prefer to keep the peace and avoid arguments.

Found | $850

Davia , Female, 23yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Upland, Victoria Garden

I’m clean, I’m never home, and I live a judge free life. ☺️🤷🏻‍♀️

Found | $450

Carl, Male, 22yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

Quiet and to myself


Elizabeth, Couple, 17-18yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Rialto, Rancho Cucamonga, Bloomington, Fontana

Eliza is generally pretty quiet and keeps to herself. She is mostly going to be focused on school and will be attending Cal State San Bernardino in the Fall. She will be majoring in English and following that will work towards a teaching credential. Anthony is outgoing and has a very positive attitude. He will be attending The Fab School and is looking for a career in welding. Both are more than happy to help around the house and keep everything tidy.

Found | $650

Rachel, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Riverside, Highland, Redlands

Hey I'm Rachel! I am an easy going, adventurous, and outgoing 23 year bartender and shift manager at a dine in movie theater! Some of my favorite things include live music, cooking, animals, and hiking. I enjoy spending my free time binging Netflix, baking sweet treats, or exploring new hiking trails. I would prefer to live with ladies. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Marissa, Couple, 26-28yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

We are clean,quiet, friendly, always willing to cook for everyone, we are hard workers and dedicated to making the environment fun.


Dominic , Couple, 25-28yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

Friendly,helpful, loyal, dependable, easygoing, understanding, Me and my female are looking for a room to rent she is prego and basically looking for a place to stay to have the baby an save up some money.


Tania, Female, 40yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Irvine, Olivewood Park, Ladera Ranch

I’m cleaning, honest, easy going person keep to myself.


Myla, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

Hey! Im looking for a place near my job in Colton. I'm quiet, keep to myself, and responsible. My personality is friendly

Found | $800

Carlos, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Pomona, San Bernardino, Fontana, Bloomington, Riverside

Hello I am looking for a room for rent out here in the city of ontario ca or fontana ca I work fulltime m-f lbtq friendly Looking for own private bathroom if you have a room for rent please let me know.


Victoria, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Plymouth Village, Dunlap Acres, Highland, San Bernardino, Yucaipa, Moreno, Loma Linda, Crafton, Mentone, Redland

I am moving to the Redlands area to accommodate for my full-time job. I am a server/bartender. I am a fun-loving human with a good sense of direction and a readiness to fulfill my greatest life desires. Passion breathes passion. I am kind, an introvert, and would most likely be out often. I'd be working toward my goal of living in L.A. and exposing myself to the talent industry in the respects of modeling and acting. I love writing, reading, and hanging out with my two loving fur babies. It's understandable that many people won't want them along so there is a large possibility that I will leave them in the caring hands of my mother when I leave the nest. I am hard-working and a very respectful character. I hope that I can find something suitable for all of us and that it will work out in the end, of course. To a blessed 2019! :)

Found | $600

Onna, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

I am a full time student at Cal State San Bernardino majoring in English. I work part time in a skilled nursing facility as a CNA. I am calm, friendly, and considerate.


Jazz, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Loma Linda, Highland, Redlands, San Bernardino

Clean and organized, quiet, not a party animal. I do not smoke or drink. Little to no visitors. I'm great to get a long with

Found | $700

Edgar, Male, 29yrs

Looking in: Rialto, San Bernardino, Fontana

Easy going, clean, organized, mostly spend my time working or out with my girlfriend.


Ferminf veloz, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

I clean for a living

Found | $1

Nakiya, Friends, 22-23yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Riverside, Victorville

I'm reliable , always on time and we're just a young couple with 2 kids just trying to get on our feet

Found | $500

Viola, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Loma Linda, San Bernardino, Riverside, Redlands

I’m a clean, quiet, respectful and helpful person with great references from previous landlords and good credit history. Originally from Europe; about to start studying at CSUSB.

Found | $650

Destini, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Bloomington, Fontana, Rialto, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana

I'm a single 25 year old looking for a place to stay ASAP. No kids, no pets. I work 5 days a week.


Elizabeth, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Downtown Redlands, San Bernardino, Grand Terrace, Downtown Riverside, La Sierra Acres, Redlands

Hi I’m Elizabeth! I prefer to go by Elie. I’m 25 years old, work two jobs and I’m a student as well. I have a 3 year old Maltese- mix named Chewbacca (Chewy for short) who I’m hoping to bring along with me. She would only live part-time with me. (Mostly week days) open to living with either male or female roommates. LGBT+ Friendly.

Found | $600

Stevi, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Redlands, Highland, San Bernardino

I'm a 25 yr. old female looking for a room to rent. I have a stable job, and a track record of continuing my education. I like to cook on occasion and I am very clean. In my spare time, I like to read, write, and play video games. I mainly keep to myself, but I am very open minded and outgoing. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thanks!

Found | $315

Karolina Hernandez , Female, 20yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

I mind my own business I’m also very respectful

Found | $600

Jasmine, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

Hello my name is jasmine , I’m very clean and pretty responsible. I’m hardly at home dude to the fact I go to work full time and I go to school as well. So I’ll be home mostly at night because during the day I’m pretty busy. I’m a very good person I don’t do drugs at all!

Found | $400

Peter, Male, 31yrs

Looking in: South Adelanto, San Bernardino, Victorville

Easy goin honest and approachable

Found | $600

Jorge, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Fontana, Victoria Garden, Rialto

I am a big netflix lover, enjoy traveling, exploring new places, love going to Disney

Found | $600

Shannon , Female, 44yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Rialto

I’m a clean person easy to get along with. Just moved back here after being gone for 12 years. Need something ASAP

Found | $400

Luciano, Male, 59yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino

Very clean , good sense of humor and easy to get along with


Lea, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Redlands

I’m looking to rent an room asap I need an place by end of March. I’m an very quiet person keep to myself, clean, friendly, polite, respectful, responsible. I do what I got to do live on this earth.

Found | $1,000

Hannah, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Redlands, Loma Linda

Clean Kind Outgoing Keep busy

Found | $500

Monique, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, San Jacinto, Hemet, Perris, Beaumont, Riverside, Moreno Valley

I'm hardly home during the night because I work nights at Amazon so I have no life or loud friends.

Found | $400

Paula, Couple, 21-25yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Adelanto, Hesperia, Victorville

Me and my husband can clean i can cook we don't come with drama we don't cause chaos we stay to ourselves

Found | $700

Holly, Couple, 36-37yrs

Looking in: Phelan, Fizzben Heights, Hesperia, Devore, Victorville

We are friendly but also keep to ourselves. We work a lot day and night shifts so we are gone a lot. We are clean and pay our bills on time.


Antonio, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Grand Terrace, Redlands, Loma Linda, San Bernardino

Quiet and really keep to myself for the most part. Go to the gym at around 6am and then work from 8-5pm.

Found | $500

Arturo , Male, 28yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Highland, Redlands, Loma Linda


Found | $720

Vianca, Friends, 19-20yrs

Looking in: Apple Valley Highlands, Victorville, Hesperia, San Bernardino

I'm easy to get along, can cook some great food. I'm very respectable and as well very clean.


Bianca, Female, 37yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Fontana, Rialto

I am a single mother of two small children, I work and also go to school. I an very independent and responsible. I am very clean and tidy as well.....

Found | $300

Jana , Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Hesperia, Victorville, San Bernardino, Highland

I am a laid back person who minds her kennel business but enjoys meeting new people. I have one cat and yes she is spayed.

Found | $600

George, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: Highland, Rialto, San Bernardino

Single parent (only have 1child during week days) Always at work Always pay on time


Alexandria, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: San Bernardino, Grand Terrace, Rubidoux, Redlands, Loma Linda

I am a full time employee at the Burlington coat factory warehouse also a part time student at SBVC. I am very responsible, clean and rent will always be paid on time !