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Pepperell MA Roommates

Found | $500

Kayla, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: West Acton, Northborough, South Acton, Pepperell, Leominster

Hi there! I am 26 year old part time student. I am a quiet person who likes to watch movies, cook, and go hiking. I have a friendly well trained dog who loves to play! I ride horses, and like to go out for food or drinks with friends.

Found | $800

Dustin, Male, 19yrs

Looking in: Townsend, Pepperell, Leominster

I'm honestly just a 19 yr old guy looking for a place to live with some cool people. I like to cook and play videogames.

Found | $850

David, Male, 59yrs

Looking in: Pepperell, Chelmsford, Billerica, Nashua

--- Looking for early January, 2019...3-4 months...longer if we click!!!... --- 59 years old in July, 2018...very young at heart... --- Gay, with a mild bi side...lol --- Love the outdoors, especially fishing and sailing... --- White male... --- Non-smoker... --- Non-drug user...Haven't even gone the 420 route...just haven't... --- Social drinker...barely...rarely drink... --- Excellent cook... --- Avid movie buff...1100+ titles in my movie collection... --- A person of faith, but not a fanatical Bible thumper...even so, admittedly, it could be stronger... --- Could care less about another's: Religion, race, sexual orientation, social status, income, dietary habits, etc. --- Tend to stay in my room...alot...Nothing personal... --- Reasonably neat... --- Had renter/roommates living in my four bedroom/3 bath townhouse in Maryland....Always had at least ONE renter/roommate...Usually TWO....and on occassion THREE; often when knowing a roommate was leaving in 2-4 months, and wanting to keep the cash flow consistent...Over the course of 14 years, I had approximately 18 renters...Most had connections to the U.S. Military, having been stationed nearby. THE AVERAGE STAY WAS SLIGHTLY OVER 3+ YEARS, SO I MUST NOT BE TOO TOO TERRIBLE TO LIVE WITH!!!....One renter, who wanted a room for 3-5 months, stayed for about 16 months...The same renter/roommate called one day and inquired about a room, again, for another 3-5 month stay...Again, he stayed for another 10-13 months before I sold the house. I only had problems with 4 renters...Two that were actually told to leave....1) A student whose parents WERE told that semester breaks were irrelevant in regard to the rent; it ain't a damn dormitory!!! His parents came and picked him up!!!... 2) A young college guy that was at times careless in the kitchen; left a bread bag melt on my range top (careless!!!) It came off, and I didn't force him to leave, but he left of his own accord within a month or two, but would have anyway a month or two after his actual departure...3) A sneaky, unappreciative little gay dude with ambitions of being a doctor (and probably will be), but a TOTAL FRICKIN' PIG....His room was a certifiable pig-sty...He bolted without adequate notice to live with his new found boyfriend...Good Riddance...not because he was gay, but because he was a user, unappreciative of people's kindness, and a slob!!!...4) The last guy I genuinely liked and tried to help...giving him a second chance, which he blew...Sadly, he died at his parent's home of a heroine overdose...I only learned of his many demons and struggles after the fact...they were worse than they appeared to be on the surface....To this day, I genuinely feel sad about it all. --- Ideally, I'd like to be friends on some level with whoever I live with....No, it doesn't mean being joined at the hip, but an occasional pizza or movie would be nice...Don't you think?

Found | $500

Patti, Female, 52yrs

Looking in: Ayer, Pepperell, Groton

I am very neat and very easy to get along with. I work as a paraprofessional in a school, I nanny and I do some remote admin work.

Found | $400

Seth, Male, 38yrs

Looking in: South Acton, Chelmsford, Pepperell

Clean, hard working,


Mary, Female, 41yrs

Looking in: Pepperell

I'm looking for a place for me and my son. I'm starting a new chapter in my life

Found | $700

John Fontes, Male, 45yrs

Looking in: Pepperell

I am working full time. I have to be at work for 8 and get out at 6. Trying to save money so looking for a room to rent

Found | $750

Stefano , Male, 27yrs

Looking in: Lancaster, South Acton, Pepperell, Ayer, West Boylston, Shirley, Lunenburg

Nightly construction worker, gamer, and a night owl due to my schedule for work. Quiet and rarely home during the summer.

Found | $700

Kevin, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Vose, Pepperell, Groton

Responsible and very cleanly person looking to move closer to potential work.

Found | $1,000

Rachael, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Nashua, Chelmsford, Ayer, Pepperell

I work as an EMT, so I can be helpful to have around. I'm also pretty easy going and love meeting new people.

Found | $600

Tera, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Westford, Pepperell, North Acton, South Acton, Leominster, Fitchburg

Hello!! I am new to the area, moved out here from Minnesota! Was recently engaged, and sadly, we've have split. Looking to find a new home/room! I love to cook, and make the house smell delicious. I keep to myself, am very organized and clean. If time allows I will go out to movies with friends. Not into the bar scene, but will enjoy a casual glass of wine on a Friday night! I work from 8a-5p from Monday-Friday. Looking to get out of an uncomfortable situation in the current house I am living in. Thanks for looking!

Found | $500

Cheryl, Female, 65yrs

Looking in: Tyngsboro, Pepperell, North Chelmsford, Dracut

Quiet, clean, non-smoker, no drugs or alcohol problems. Need a safe room for rent, would prefer a private bath, but..... I am in need of a place for possibly 6 months to a year or so. Have a small business for 20 years, and have had my current apt. for 14 years, i am completely reliable, I may be a little quiet, but enjoy a good laugh and am a animal lover, enjoy the country and wildlife.

Found | $600

Christopher, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Pepperell, Townsend, Nashua

I'm quiet, resourceful, and smart.

Found | $700

Alicia, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Pepperell

I am a nice person and keep to myself. I enjoy my peace and quiet. I also love to be out side when I'm not relaxing or painting. I kayak, and bike.

Found | $400

Michael, Male, 43yrs

Looking in: Robin Hill, Pepperell, Lunenburg, Ayer

Steady job, clean, quiet, owns my car

Roommates looking near Pepperell

Found | $895

Kenny, Male, 66yrs

Looking in: Dedham, Natick, Needham, Framingham, Sudbury, Shirley, Bedford, Groton, Marlborough, South Acton

I have lots of experience in group houses. I am a performing musician(guitarist, singer), and I book musical acts into an arts center in Framingham, and occasionally do bookkeeping. I am considerate, independent, clean, aware of my surroundings. I practice quietly. I don't smoke do drugs or drink. I have resources, great credit, am responsible and I've been told I am a nice guy. I am looking for a place that is comfortable and friendly. I am available Sept. 1st or even Oct. 1st. I live in Weston, MA right now. Thanks for your time and consideration. Kenny PS. I am looking for a place in more places that are listed. Within 495, and in some towns beyond 495.

Found | $1,000

Loren, Male, 19yrs

Looking in: Groton, Carlisle, West Concord, South Acton

I am a great team worker. I will have no problem doing chores around the house. I work long hours and know how how to do a lot or around the house “handyman” kinds of things. I’m very open minded and accepting of all. I keep my things tidy and clean always.

Found | $800

Angie, Female, 48yrs

Looking in: Worcester, Leominster, Groton, Ayer

I am a 4 year old CNA who recently moved to MA from Puerto Rico. What makes me great to live with is that I a tranquil person who spends most of her time working, so I won't be spending much time at home. I just need a place to call home when I am not at work.

Found | $600

Julie, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Groton, Westford, Framingham, Leominster, Fitchburg, Chelmsford, Natick

Single female looking for other female roommate/s. I am in grad school and work part time as a nanny. I am clean, organized and I prefer to keep things low key and quiet. I have an 11 year old female indoor cat who is sweet and loving.

Found | $950

Christian , Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Groton, Meriams Corner, Northborough, Needham, South Acton

I am a fun, up beat and interesting individual with a great passion for music. I have a keyboard that I play on the street and in my band, but I also can be quite and respect other space. I collect ssi and I occasionally will pick up landscaping jobs. Im looking for a new place to call home and a change of scene. New place new people. I am very clean and I pride myself in keeping my living space clean as well as picking up after others when necessary. I have no gender preference and I have no pets. Most days I will be out and about so as not to bother people. If you have any questions feel free to contact me

Found | $800

Mark McDonough, Male, 64yrs

Looking in: Nashua, Chelmsford, Groton, Westford, Acton

I'm a retired professional (Architecture / Engineering / CAD), very neat and quiet, non-smoker, dedicated to health and fitness, running and working out 5-6 days a week, preparing my own simple healthy meals. Interests include horticulture and gardening, plant breeding, writing, photography, music (emphasis on classical), fine wine. Originally from Lexington, MA, currently looking for temporary room situation northwest of Boston (such as Littleton, Westford, Acton, Harvard, Groton).

Found | $600

Emily, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Brookline, Derry, Nashua, Londonderry, Hollis, Merrimack

I love to cook and bake for others! I am a very clean person and take pride in a clean living space. I tend to be a bit cluttered in my room but otherwise am organized. I am respectful of privacy and personal space. For fun I like being active- running, yoga, anything outdoors! I also like binge watching netflix on occasion. I don't drink alcohol anymore so you will always have a DD ;). Currently I have no pets, but I love animals and hope to have a cat soon. I have grown up in Southern New Hampshire my whole life and enjoy the typical NH lifestyle.

Found | $1,000

Austin, Male, 22yrs

Looking in: Carlisle, Billerica, Chelmsford, Westford, North Chelmsford, Dunstable, Nashua

On Saturday May 16th I am graduating college and receiving my B.S. in Computer Science. My credit is over 700. I can be a bit of a clean freak and enjoy cooking. In the summer I love going to the beach and always welcome others to tag along. While I do like going on adventures, I always put my career first. Oh! If you are into waterskiing or wakeboarding, we will be best friends!

Found | $600

Paul, Male, 53yrs

Looking in: Tyngsboro, Dunstable

I’m educated, professional, and reasonably. I’m also rarely home. I grew up in concord ma and was educated in Vermont. I like to ski, boat, and travel.

Found | $600

Sarah, Female, 34yrs

Looking in: Ayer, Townsend, Lunenburg, Leominster, Fitchburg

I work hard and play hard

Found | $900

Lilah, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Brookline, Nashua

I'm really easy to get along with and probably too nice. I don't smoke or party ever, I absolutely love cats and would like to share a place with someone as it is much cheaper than renting a one bedroom. I've found a few places in Milford that I am looking at renting and would prefer only a female roommate. I would like to live no more than 15 minutes from Milford as I'm in a relationship. I recently moved from WA to NH after 2 years. I work as a manager at a restaurant so rent would never be an issue. I would prefer to live with someone who is clean and doesn't bring people over a lot. My move date is flexible as I'm currently renting a room right now and can stay until I find a new place or roommate.

Found | $900

Anton, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Brookline

IT worker. :)

Found | $600

Shea , Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Brookline

Humble and clean person.

Found | $400

Robert, Male, 28yrs

Looking in: Ayer, Leominster, North Shirley

I’m quiet, always go outside to smoke, and rarely ever have visitors

Found | $320

Keith, Male, 52yrs

Looking in: North Shirley, Ayer

Recently separated, looking to get an apartment. need time to save . I’m a nice guy ,quiet ,family man I have 6 grandchildren


Liz, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: East Gardner, Ayer, North Shirley, Fitchburg, Lunenburg, Leominster

I’m quiet, clean, help out and my friends are very quiet when they come over. I have a service dog who is well trained. I don’t smoke, I work full time and go to school part time. I love anime, video games and studying. Please contact me!

Found | $1,000

Angela, Friends, 18-35yrs

Looking in: Fitchburg, Leominster, North Shirley

We like to keep to ourselves. Easy going.

Found | $600

Robert , Male, 28yrs

Looking in: West Fitchburg, Lunenburg, Leominster, North Shirley

Mature. Quiet. Clean.


Jolmarie , Couple, 20yrs

Looking in: North Shirley

I'm good to live with .You wouldn't even notice I'm there . I have a 6 month old and I'm trying to get us out of my parents home and trying to start somewhere just me and her dad

Found | $600

Duane, Male, 39yrs

Looking in: Ayer, Littleton

Recently retired, and now working full time job.

Found | $1,500

Ryan, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Nashua, Ayer, Leominster

I am clean and quiet, I keep to myself but I am very nice and friendly

Found | $900

Sue, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Maynard, Ayer, Carlisle, Boxborough, Westford, Concord

Full time working professional, clean and quite


Edward , Couple, 47-52yrs

Looking in: Chelmsford, Ayer, Westford

People person...you'll love me!


Thomas, Male, 50yrs

Looking in: Ayer

Hard worker keep to myself.need a new place to stay separating from wife.have worked at Pepsi for the last 7yrs


Steve, Male, 60yrs

Looking in: Ayer

Quiet, older gentleman who loves to cook and keeps the house clean.

Found | $1,000

Naveen, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Littleton Common, Ayer, Devens, Chelmsford, Carlisle, Boxboro, Billerica, South Acton

A recent graduate moving for an internship at Acton. Simple, clean and quiet.

Found | $500

Isaiaz, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Ayer, Fitchburg

I'm clean humbel respectful quiet and trustworthy

Found | $460

Jose, Male, 42yrs

Looking in: Ayer, Fort Devens, Leominster, Fitchburg

I am laid back and clean. I like to joke around anf laugh. I redpect peoples privacy

Found | $1,000

Darryl, Male, 48yrs

Looking in: Ayer

I am honest I am able to do many things in the home as I am in the construction business I'm fun to be around

Found | $500

Cody, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Ayer, Leominster, Fitchburg

I am great to get along with. I love to clean. I work for Home Depot in the paint department. I'm from Georgia and moved up here for school. I have lived in Mass for almost three years now. I love to hangout, read, watch movies, etc.


Nicolas, Male, 35yrs

Looking in: Westford, Ayer, Keene, Rindge, Winchendon

Work part time but sometimes full time. Summer hours are more frequent. Keep to myself but can be sociable. Easygoing.

Found | $800

Vaibhav, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Devens, Ayer, Harvard, Littleton Common, Boxborough, South Acton

Northeastern University grad. Moving to the Acton area for a full-time job. Fun to live with, keeps the house clean and pays the rent on time. Looking for young professionals to share an apartment with.

Found | $400

Anthony , Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Gardner, Devens, Ayer, Rolling Stone, Fitchburg, Leominster

Am good person neat likes to work and I need a place to sleep.

Found | $400

Emily, Couple, 28-41yrs

Looking in: Ayer

We are friendly, hardworking, quiet, helpful, and good people.

Found | $1,000

Sarah, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Nashua, Billerica, Ayer, Chelmsford, Leominster, Fitchburg

Hi, I'm Sarah and I am new to the area from Michigan and am looking for a place to get my footing. I am clean, well mannered, and usually keep to myself. I am not apposed to planning and doing things together, but usually am pretty busy. I enjoy cooking and baking and it definitely would be helpful to have another person around so I don't eat all of my creations haha. Some of my interests include gaming, watching movies, occasionally cosplaying, hiking, and singing. I also have been trying to get into a fitness routine, so if you would like someone to help motivate you I am all for it. No worries if any of this isn't your thing, as I said before, I am happy to keep to myself. If you're interested in having a quiet roommate who will help clean and make goodies from time to time feel free to contact me.

Found | $625

David, Male, 32yrs

Looking in: Fitchburg, Shirley, Ayer

Work construction so I’m barely home and I have two little kiddos that would visit and stay every other weekend

Found | $400

Amber, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Ayer

I am just starting out and want to save money. I have a medium sized dog named Vanilla Bean "Nilla" who loves people and I hope to live with others who will do more than tolerate the dog. I am easy going, neat and open minded with a wide variety of interests and likes.

Found | $800

Michael, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Devens, Ayer

Im quiet, dont mind any noise, i keep to myself and do my own thing, i game and am outgoing and working as a deli clerk and dont mind smokers or 420


Katherine, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Ayer, Westborough, Worcester, Marlborough

I'm quiet and keep to myself. I work in the afternoon and evening. I like to read and watch TV. I knit and crochet.

Found | $1,000

Chelsea , Female, 30yrs

Looking in: Westford, Chelmsford, Ayer

Easy going. Social. Clean. Set Schedule. Enjoys Fitness.

Found | $400

Kathy, Female, 41yrs

Looking in: Ayer

Easy to get along with. Outgoing caring individual

Found | $500

Laurie, Female, 52yrs

Looking in: Ayer, Leominster

Trustworty honest and have steady incone and always paid my rent and bills.nice and easy goig dont mind if u have kids very clean.dont drink or drugs ver responsible person.

Found | $800

Michelle, Female, 49yrs

Looking in: Ayer

Clean, fun, friendly, private, quiet and a great cook.

Found | $1,000

Carolyn, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Wamesit, Westlands, Dracut, Portsmouth, Woodland Park, Haverhill, South Merrimack, Windham, Nashua, Merrimack, West Chelmsford, Westford, Methuen, Haverhill, Pelham, Canobie Lake, Boxboro, Devenscrest, Ayer, Pelham

I have so many connections I already know so many of my friends looking for an apartment with me, so once I get a room, if another room ever frees up I always will have someone to fill that room, the world is all about connections and money! But I'm not. I am a genuine human being, I was a transfer agent for the stock market so I have a clean record. I'm a real person trying to find a real room. I will not pay money upfront without the keys and document stating I am the tenant, I will pay in person first then receive the keys & documents. But sry I am not sry scammers not happening. so don't bother with this one! I split everything equally EVERYTHING should be fair and equal for everyone. Don't touch my belongings and I won't touch yours, same with groceries, or if your more of a not care person like me when it comes to groceries go ahead eat my stuff I don't care! But I will always respect the rules of the house/apartment, I already am looking for a two bedroom with my best friend, but would love to be closer to MY work in Salem NH. And be closer to MY college in Lowell Ma/Haverhill. I don't smoke, I'm a book nerd, I love movies and girl nights, meeting new people, I'm quiet, I will be whatever kind of roommate you need me, as long as I get a key and document! I am also very reliable, when it comes to paying rent.

Found | $600

Carolyn, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Medford, Maplewood, North Tewksbury, Woburn, Central Square, Woburn, Tewksbury, Kenwood, South Acton, Willows, Devenscrest, Ayer, Westford, Malden Highlands, Dracut

I have been in customer service support for over 7 years now and have a full-time job and I am continuing my education I don't know if that will ever end haha. But I look at the small things in like like.laughter joy I don't try to bring anyone down only up. I am really looking for a responsible roommate like me who takes life seriously like I do. I work hard for my money like most of us all do! So who's with me! Let's find a place! I've found so many along 495 in dracut mass mostly nice $1300 a month beautiful two bedrooms. I am wear my heart on my.sleeve it is who I am. Carly Otis Littleton mass working towards Burlington mass.

Found | $950

Rodrigo, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Ayer, Devens, Leominster, Fitchburg

I respect you so long as you respect me. I understand personal and privacy. I am clean and kind.


Gustavo Henrique, Male, 35yrs

Looking in: Ayer

Hi..looking for a room.

Found | $1,000

Fred, Male, 32yrs

Looking in: North Amherst, North Brookline, Merrimack

I am very dependable and reliable. I am very neat and respect anyone around me.


Eli, Male, 33yrs

Looking in: North Brookline

Liberally educated philosopher, gamer, and traveler. I am a fascinating conversationalist who is understanding and sympathetic towards even those who hold opinions and positions different to my own. As such I'm fairly uncontroversial, pleasant to be around, and am willing to go the extra mile to make sure others are comfortable. As an extra note, I like rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking and scuba diving, although I consider myself more of a contemplative.

Found | $600

Michael, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Tyngsboro, Chelmsford, Dracut

I am a very intelligent, spiritual person. I'm a poet and I am very quiet.

Found | $600

Sarah, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: North Andover, Tyngsboro, Tewksbury, Dracut

I work 60 hours a week, very clean, easy to get along with!

Found | $700

Simone, Couple, 17-21yrs

Looking in: Tyngsboro, Tewksbury, Chelmsford

We both work, Male works for Autofair Nissan and female works for target and and attends greater Lowell locational school as a mechanic. We are both friendly quiet people who work hard and are reliable to pay rent on time

Found | $800

Olivia, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Tyngsboro, Dracut

I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer moving to the area to start graduate school at UML. I am really flexible and respectful.

Found | $800

Kaitlin , Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Tewksbury, Tyngsboro, Nashua, Westford, North Andover, Chelmsford, North Chelmsford

I'm Katie, a 25 year old professional. I work full-time as an LPN in a pedi office in Lowell. Currently trying to take classes to advance into an RN program. I am very respectful, enjoy going to the movies, I'm very low maintenance and appreciate the little things in life. I generally get along with everyone. I am a serious neat freak. I'm very dependable. I've been looking to move out for a while, just trying to find the best fit possible for me.

Found | $1,000

Sylvia, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: North Chelmsford, Chelmsford, Dracut, Tyngsboro

Working at umass Lowell .

Found | $500

Sarina, Female, 36yrs

Looking in: Billerica, Tyngsboro, Merrimack, Nashua, Dracut, Westford, North Chelmsford, Chelmsford

Friendly, respectful, understanding, clean


Donald, Male, 44yrs

Looking in: Tyngsboro, Billerica, Dracut

I am a single man looking for a room to rent

Found | $600

Jeremy, Male, 20yrs

Looking in: Tyngsboro, Tewksbury, Dracut, Pelham, Nashua

Clean, hard worker,


Chris, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Dracut, Tyngsborough, North Chelmsford, Chelmsford

Easy going guy. I work full time. I dont need much.

Found | $500

Christian , Male, 33yrs

Looking in: Tyngsboro, Nashua

My name is Christian, I’m looking for a room for 2 weeks because I’m moving soon with my girlfriend. I’m a kind and nice person. I like to go out with my girlfriend, watch movies, learn new things and help other people when I can.