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New Tampa Tampa FL Roommates

Found | $600

Baylee, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: New Tampa, Carrollwood, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes

I’m a 21 year old student seeking for a room or roommate to sign a lease with in May. Im clean and like to keep to myself & I have a puppy


Iman, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: North Tampa Heights, South Tampa, Tampa, Lutz, New Tampa

Hello, This is Iman. I am 25 . I am teacher assistant at USF and also PhD student. I do not smoke. I have midsize dog. She is friendly and well trained. I prefer a private room in a house.

New | $500

Keandra, Couple, 33-36yrs

Looking in: Town 'n' Country, New Tampa, Carrollwood, Brandon Forest, Tampania

I'm very respectable and a hard worker. I'm currently work for David Island pharmacy.. And i work for another pharmacy in town n Country as a mixer. I'm currently working to get certification as a register nurse. I have no kids .. And my boyfriend does landscape . we need to move in asap we So any blessings will help

Found | $500

RLO, Female, 46yrs

Looking in: South Tampa, New Tampa, Tampa

Relocating to Tampa,FL for job - need temporary housing until family joins in June. Quiet, will work a lot. No pets, non smoking.

Found | $650

Michelle, Couple, 30-38yrs

Looking in: Land O' Lakes, Thonotosassa, New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Tampa

Very easy going. Two Dogs are super well behaved. I love to cook. Not into partying. Focused on working and saving money.


Malathi , Female, 37yrs

Looking in: Temple Terrace Heights, New Tampa

I work full-time at Moffitt Cancer Center. Quiet and clean. I am going to school part-time. I enjoy playing tennis when I have the chance.


Jaineisha, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel, Carrollwood, Seffner, New Tampa, Tampa

I am 100% responsible tenant. I work full time during the week and my son is in daycare. Mainly need a place to sleep during nights and weekends. Will keep home clean and quiet. I am looking to get my own house in the summertime.

Found | $1

Stephanie, Female, 36yrs

Looking in: New Tampa, North Wesley Chapel

36 female awesome person inside and out loyal trusted and hard worker

Roommates looking near New Tampa

Found | $600

Jose, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Pebble Creek, Tampa Palms, Temple Terrace, Wesley Chapel

I am a responsible worker. Latin speak Spanish/Portuguese and learning English. Looking for a room.. I would be out most of the day due to work or with family. Looking for a clean environment for a reasonable price. This would be my first time on my own, so looking for a starting point to my journey.

Found | $700

Janilsa , Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Tampa, Tampa Palms, Tampa, Clearwater

i work full time always have something to do. am just looking for a place to sleep on my time off love to go to the gym r just stay home smoking a lil hookah.

Found | $550

Joe, Couple, 21yrs

Looking in: Tampa Overlook, Tampa Palms, Tampa, Tampa

We are a happy fun couple who loves to have fun like videos games, cooking, working out, school. Both have cars and are jus loving people to be around

Found | $1,000

Charlie, Female, 45yrs

Looking in: St. Petersburg, Tampa Palms, Tampa, Harbourside at Harbour Island, Tampa

I am unsure yet what to say here.

Found | $700

Janine, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Tampa Palms

Very clean, neat person . i'm rarely home due to work and school . pay rent and bills on time . and mind my business :)

Found | $400

Mark, Couple, 25-26yrs

Looking in: Carrollwood, Seminole Heights East, Tampa Palms, Temple Terrace

All around good guy hard worker,Barely at home.

Found | $550

Theresa, Female, 32yrs

Looking in: Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Land O' Lakes, Tampa Palms

I'm super easy to get along with! I'm very outgoing and I have a small toy poodle who's so well behaved!

Found | $600

Senthil, Male, 32yrs

Looking in: Preserve at Fletcher Avenue, Temple Terrace

My self Senthil from India .. looking out for an shared accomdation near Verizon office , Temple terrace

Found | $400

Kaitlyn , Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Lutz, Land O Lakes, Preserve at Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, North Wesley Chapel

Hey there! I'm Kaitlyn. I am going into my last semester at college and am looking for a place to finish that semester at. Laughing is one of my favorite hobbies but I also like to read, grab dinner or coffee, and a have a little beach time!

Found | $600

Melvin , Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Preserve at Fletcher Avenue, Wesley Chapel, Lutz Lake

Looking for room


Eric, Male, 48yrs

Looking in: Tampa Oaks North, Zephyrhills, West North Tampa, Lutz, Wesley Chapel

Very responsible and clean adult. Works FT. No pets, no kids, non-smoker.

Found | $1,000

John , Male, 45yrs

Looking in: South Florida Terraces

Great person and a man that pays his rent on time 😃😃😃😃I am from the USA and spent 10 years in NYC and Europe for 8 years I will give you good reference all so☘️☘️☘️ John Casey

Found | $700

Aswin, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Mendoza, Temple Terrace

Im a pilot and will be travelling most of the time and doesnot bother others unnecessarily

Found | $750

Scott, Male, 56yrs

Looking in: Valrico Vista, McCary, Tampa, Brandon Forest

I'm single, no kids, no pets. Looking to split the rent on a 2 bedroom. Flexible on location.

Found | $600

Curtis, Male, 44yrs

Looking in: Frances Arbor South, Old Seminole Heights, Largo, South Tampa, Tampa

I'm a professional that just accepted a new job in Tampa and start Monday the 8th of October. Currently taking online classes to obtain my bachelor's in marketing. I have the best dog that keeps to himself when I'm gone and I make sure to keep after him to keep everything clean... I like to keep things clean and I am respectful. This is short notice and any assistance is appreciated.

Found | $1,000

Jimmy, Friends, 28-38yrs

Looking in: Temple Terraces, Carrollwood, Tampa

Two colleges looking for a nice place to rent till we buy a house and grow in our career's must be 2 rooms available thank you hope to make friends soon.

Found | $750

Amy, Female, 43yrs

Looking in: Daytona Beach, Temple Terrace Heights, Royal Greens, Miakka, Flagstaff

I am leaving my husband and need to reinvent my life after 22 years .I am quiet, clean, love to cook , and passionate about life.

Found | $1,300

William, Male, 35yrs

Looking in: Texas, Colorado, Calistoga, Wolfson, New Cypress

am easy going someone and i work hard am fun to be with and more.

Found | $900

Darcy , Female, 33yrs

Looking in: Windemere

Busy working most of the time. Adult, full time working

Found | $700

Kristina, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Windemere

I will be starting at both Disney World and universal later this month but i'm moving from new york and i need a place to stay asap


Mauldine, Female, 50yrs

Looking in: Orlando, Windemere, Harlem Heights, Aloma

I love my privacy and I like to see a clean place to match my clean room. I am a single female looking for a roommates between the age of 40 to 70.

Found | $400

Linda, Female, 48yrs

Looking in: Temple Terrace Gardens, Villa Rica

I'm quiet and easy going I don't drink or smoke and I have no pets .and lol I Do Not Bitch or Do any Drama at All. I mine my on Buss. That enough for me. And I don't mind a helping around the house. But not to be too know advance of is a No. And your get paid like Clock work on the 3rd of each Month.

Found | $30

Gom, Female, 70yrs

Looking in: Temple Terrace Gardens

just cool and i wanna stay at home when am tired of everything

Found | $500

Wahida, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Temple Terrace Estates

Hi! I'm looking into moving to the Tampa area. I am a potential nursing student for Rassmusen College. I'm pretty quiet and like to keep to myself, I like music and feeling comfortable.

Found | $500

William, Male, 20yrs

Looking in: Temple Terrace Estates, Tampa

I’m planning to move to the Tampa area just got a new job and needed a place to live

Found | $500

Daniela, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: Temple Terrace Estates, Tampa

I’m organized clean and friendly.

Found | $900

Scott, Male, 43yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel, Tampa, Land O' Lakes

I'm easy, neat, not loud, travel a lot for work. I do have a 13 yr old son that I'd like to see / have over sometimes. I have a pug (Sookie) but she will probably only be over for visits every now and again I put my budget as $600 as I'm flexible

Found | $400

Shantesha, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Tampa, Clearwater Beach, North Wesley Chapel

I am clean and very tidy, you wouldn’t know I have children ☺️ . My son is 8 and my daughter is 8mibths. I’m an up beat person and I’m always on the go. My time spent at the house, I’ll be cooking for my children and in full Mommy mode. I’m big on birthdays and other holidays and enjoy company of others 😃

Found | $500

Chris, Male, 20yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel

Not a bother some


Orfa, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: Old Seminole Heights, Lutz, Tampa, North Wesley Chapel

I usually keep to myself and my living area. I will do my part in cleaning and maintaining my area. I do not like to have a lot of noise in the area so I won’t bring noise to the living environment.


Leydi, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Meadow Pointe

I’m respectful, patient, clean and friendly

Found | $600

Gypsy Freeman, Female, 35yrs

Looking in: Trinity, Wesley Chapel, Tampa, Lutz

Meyers Briggs type indicator: INFJ Zodiac: Aries sun / Aquarius moon Looking to room with a female - no offense, men. I am extremely clean and respectful. I am a highly functioning introvert. I can enjoy social interaction, but I do prefer to be left alone as a general rule, mostly because I am ADD and need to get things done with little distraction. This is a business transaction: you will receive payment on time, every time, no bull. I am a great communicator - not passive aggressive. This makes for an honest living situation for a room mate (asking you to turn your music down in the evening, and vice versa without getting angry first before expressing, or not saying anything when issues arise. You will never have to guess what I am thinking, and I expect the same from you) I love certain animals, but I do not have pets, and I have to live in a pet free house due to hair, feathers, noises, and smells. If they are reptiles or non-hair and non-noisy animals that you keep the tanks pristine and devoid of odor, I am ok with that. I actually love reptiles, fish, and spiders, etc. I rarely have time to cook, so you would have your kitchen to yourself most of the time. I do like to use my blender to make smoothies, because who has time to cook lol. I am considerate of people's sleep patterns(and expect the same in return), so I will do my absolute best to stay quiet until you wake up if I am up before you. I typically wake up at 7:30 or so. I love coffee, but if that smell bothers you, I would be more than happy to keep my Keurig in the room I am renting. I have noticed some people detest coffee and the smell of it. I will only live in a house devoid of children due to distraction and noise levels they provide. I am 420 friendly just so long I don't have to smell it. I never drink alone at home...only rarely socially while out on the town, and I am not the type who gets trashed or sloppy. No one has the patience or time for that behavior. I am trying to get back into the social scene when I have time. I do love to explore new restaurants and night life when I have time. I love to dance and karaoke. I love the outdoors. I love to travel. Occasionally I will indulge in a movie. Other info: - I get severe migraines that, if meds are not working, I have to go to the ER for. These are triggered by synthetic scents such as scented candles burning, Febreeze, bleach or cleaner in large amounts, smelling smoke from hookah or cigs, perfumey smells or those unnecessarily obnoxious people who drench themselves in perfume, incense, wall paint without adequate ventilation, spray paint, etc. Basically, I have the nose of a bloodhound. I hate it. These migraines are also triggered by burnt cooking oil/food. If you are into those things, or burn food frequently and it permeates the house, we are not a good match. (100% essential oils in a diffuser are not a migraine trigger. "Fragrance" oils and "essential" oils are two completely different things. Fragrance oils are chemicals. Essential oils are real and extracted from plants) No, I am not a hippy, it is just a major migraine trigger. - I have issues sleeping, and have bat sonar for ears at night, so noisy room mates who stay up all hours of the night are not a good match. I hate that I am like this, but I have tried meds and sound machines on full blast and can still hear a mouse fart in the other end of the house, regardless. I can't do anything about it. - I do not have a set schedule or routine, so I will need to be able to come and go as I need to without having to have the room mate move their car every time, or me waking them up or disturbing them by coming and going at any hour due to their room being by the front door or a creaking door, etc. - I do not appreciate when room mates use my laundry detergent, or eat my food, or use my bathroom, etc. I need separation of all of our things and bathrooms. It's just mutual respect. - I am a germaphobe, so it is a must that I have a separate bathroom - If you like to keep your house cold during the day, we are not a good match. At night is great, but not during the day. My hands and feet get numb when its cold. I moved to Florida to be warm! LOL - I can't deal with someone living on the floor above me due to noise at night. -I sleep with a gun. If this bothers you, or if you are anti- gun, we are not a good match. The second I wake up, the gun is unloaded and put away in a safe place. My brother, who was my best friend in the entire world, was bound and later brutally executed in a home invasion in Florida because he had no way to protect himself and could not call the police(not enough time), and I have slept with one ever since. I will not go down like that if I can help it. This is non negotiable. -I will want to lock the door of the room I am renting when I leave due to the gun. (I wont have the option of bolting a safe to your floor) Just an additional safety precaution. If there is no lock on that door, I will purchase one. If you have a problem with that, we are not a good match. If you want to come in the room at any point to do an inspection, all you have to do is ask and I will gladly allow it. If you got through this ridiculously lengthy description (what can I say...I believe in laying it all out on the table instead of having a nasty surprise later on) and are similar in your lifestyle and think hey, I might actually get along with this crazy bitch, hit me up and let's feel it out.


Amy, Couple, 21-23yrs

Looking in: Orlando, Wesley Chapel, Land O' Lakes, Tampa, Zephyrhills

Andy and I have been together for 5 years; we got engaged in 2017. We own a Yorker puppy named Chewy. We are both Puerto Rican and are bilingual. I am a behavior therapist for Polk county schools. Andy is an automotive tire technician. We both are responsible, respectful, and cleanly. Non-smokers!

Found | $800

Cass, Couple, 20-31yrs

Looking in: Dade City, Zephyrhills, North Wesley Chapel

Looking for a place to stay for just a few months . In desperate need anything works.

Found | $800

Joseph, Male, 49yrs

Looking in: Spring Hill, Trinity, Land O' Lakes, Wesley Chapel

I’m a professional looking for a room to live in (due to divorce) until I can get back on my feet. I work long hours. I’m also a student.


James, Couple, 20-28yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel, Shady Hills, South Masaryktown, Dade City, Zephyrhills

We are honest, respectful, and clean. Both mature young adults

Found | $900

Kim Hillary, Female, 51yrs

Looking in: North Wesley Chapel

Looking for a nice roomie.

Found | $500

Lisa-Anne, Female, 51yrs

Looking in: North Wesley Chapel

I have a cat. I'm a serious -minded but light -hearted, Christian (Baptist). I work part-time at Wesley Chapel Walmart.

Found | $600

Desiree, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Ybor City, Wesley Chapel, Tampa, Temple Terrace

Overall neat and tidy, easy to get along with.

Found | $400

Adriana , Couple, 36-37yrs

Looking in: North Wesley Chapel, Lutz, South Tampa, Tampa

We are a happily married couple who just moved back from Panama. We both have jobs and are really easy to deal with. We are mostly out working, and respect anyone who we would be living with.


Franklin, Male, 36yrs

Looking in: Weeki Wachee, Masaryktown, Wesley Chapel, Brooksville, Spring Hill

I travel up to 80% of the time for work and I'm looking for a roommate to offset the costs of living for the times when I'm back in town.

New | $550

Naje, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel

im chill, I like to workout, watch movies and just relax

Found | $600

It , Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Tampa, Lutz, North Wesley Chapel, Seven Oaks, Lexington Oaks

I'm neat, usually working, stay to myself with occasional conversation.

Found | $500

Anthony, Male, 35yrs

Looking in: North Wesley Chapel

I am a car sales associate starting new at audi wesley florida looking for a room until my family is moving down from Huntsville al

Found | $700

Darren, Male, 53yrs

Looking in: Zephyrhills, Dade City, Wesley Chapel, Wesley Chapel

I have a 14yo child that sometimes will want to stay the night I am a masculine gwm looking forward to finding a new place . Ask anything I don't really know what else to say. Out in my family. Straight at work. I work in the va

Found | $550

Sean, Male, 46yrs

Looking in: Land O Lakes, Zephyrhills, Dade City, Tampa, Wesley Chapel

Love the game of golf! I have worked in the Golf Course Management industry for over 20 years. Have a 16 year old wonderful son who lives in Charlotte, NC where I relocated from a few years ago for a work position.

Found | $850

Chris, Male, 55yrs

Looking in: Temple Terrace, Tampa, Lutz, Wesley Chapel

Professional state employed relocating to Tampa. Quiet clean non-smoker. From Daytona will be gone most weekends.

Found | $500

Laith, Male, 19yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel

I’m a clean roommate, fairly quiet, and respectful. I don’t have any pets and I rarely have people over. I’m a student at PHSC and I work full time so most of my time wouldn’t be spent at home.


Rachel, Female, 31yrs

Looking in: Riverview, South Tampa, Valrico, Wesley Chapel, Tampa

I’m single, no kids, no pets. Served 10 years in the Air Force and currently working as a paralegal for USAA. I work full time and usually would be gone on the weekends.

Found | $600

Reyna, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel, Port Richey, Zephyrhills, Thonotosassa, New Port Richey, Dade City

I'm easy to get along with, very laid back, clean, and respectful. I work at the hilton garden inn in Wesley chapel, I work in house keeping and also front desk. I'm from illinois but have lived in hudson for quite some time. I have a daughter she's 4, very polite and well behaved. She goes to school and is taken care of while I work. For fun I like to take her out to explore and do things, I also love to travel and vacation when I can.

Found | $800

Taylor, Male, 29yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel, Temple Terrace, Tampa

I am a respectful college graduate, age 29, recently moved to Tampa from NYC

Found | $450

Karen, Female, 39yrs

Looking in: Pinellas Park, Meadow Pointe, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Largo

I am quite. I always working. I don't smoke, drink, drug or party. Every week I take off for a few days to visit family. I am also very clean.

Found | $650

Nardine, Couple, 22-29yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel, Tampa

My husband and I recently moved here from New Jersey and are looking for a place to stay. I am a full time student at Cooley Law School and my husband has a full time job. We can’t wait to meet you!


Mariah, Male, 41yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel, Brooksville, Zephyrhills, Dade City

I keep to myself, I dont bring drama into the house, I dont mind cleaning and doing chores around the house.

Found | $600

Jason register, Male, 41yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel

im very organized


Carlos Hernandez , Male, 54yrs

Looking in: Meadow Pointe, Seven Oaks

My Name is Carlos Hernandez. I just went thru a Divorce and I am looking to get a room for a couple of months while I get my finances organized, I have been working for Citigroup since 1993 and have been in Tampa since 1996

Found | $600

Andres, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Tampa, Westshore, Wesley Chapel, Carrollwood, Lutz

I'm a chill person. I don't really don't go out much cause i'm too busy with school and work. If i'm not working i'm playing FORTNITE lol. I don't smoke.


Trevor, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel

I'm a US Marine, I've Been out of the military for about a year and a half. I currently live in winter haven with roommates and I have a German Shepherd as well who's attached to me at the hip. I'm a 23 year old with a vision, several goals, and tons of objectives to complete in order to achieve those goals, so my passion and drive for success is pretty high. I like to keep things clean, organized, and respectful. The marine corps teaches you to leave things BETTER than the way you found them, and I live by that whole heartedly with no questions!

Found | $895

Christian, Couple, 19-21yrs

Looking in: Wesley Chapel

I'm clean, respectful and kind hearted

Found | $600

Christian, Couple, 19-21yrs

Looking in: Zephyrhills, Wesley Chapel, Dade City