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New Britain CT Roommates

Updated | $600

Sara, Female, 34yrs

Looking in: Plainville, West Hartford, New Britain

I have been often told that i am a very kind,caring humble women,I love to cook an bake,I love the outdoors (hunting,fishing hiking)I love animals! I am very open minded an easy going,I also am a clean person an always offer a helping hand in any situation,Im a great listener an try my best to give good advice pertaining to whatever the problem maybe,in stressful situations i have always been the one who stays calm an makes sure its is under control,I love astrology!Being respectful of oneself is important to me along with respect of others!All in all to sum myself up I'm grateful for waking up every morning an having the opportunity to learn something each day!Life is to short to be taken for granted!!!


Luis, Male, 28yrs

Looking in: New Britain

Hey i get ssi every month of 750.00 and i looking to find a place in new britian i like to fun things i just want to change my life around and go back to school and work on to be a barber so if you are intrested in calling me be free thanks


Orlando Gonzalez, Male, 35yrs

Looking in: New Britain, Newington

Quite and clean

Found | $600

Jonathan, Male, 29yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I like to clean.


Abigail, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I am an easy going person, very independent but also looking for a roommate to be friends with. I am a student at CCSU and looking to move out of my parents home and start my own life. I have a cat and she is very skiddish but she can warm up to new people quickly with treats. I work at Max a Mia in Avon and would be looking to move in during the summer after this spring semester


JUSTIN, Male, 41yrs

Looking in: Cromwell, New Britain

Full-time job that dedicated to, I'm a clean person And responsible, I keep to myself unless I know you.

Found | $300

Teddy , Male, 36yrs

Looking in: New Britain

Im a down to earth person..really relaxed and layed back..

Found | $600

Marcy, Female, 51yrs

Looking in: Litchfield, Simsbury, Terryville, Plainville, New Britain, Windsorville, Winsted, Torrington

I am a clean and tidy person who picks up after them self . I love pets I am a great listener. I don’t mind cleaning if roommate is busy😁


Brooke, Female, 33yrs

Looking in: East Hartford, Bloomfield, Plainville, Newington, Manchester, New Britain, West Hartford, Hartford

Quiet, drama free and easy to get along with. Looking for room to rent.

Found | $800

Matthew, Male, 19yrs

Looking in: Rocky Hill, New Britain, Newington, Wethersfield

I do some Construction work and look to join the military

Found | $1

Sabrina, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: New Britain

Hi, my name is Bri. I don't really take things too seriously. Obviously some things do need to be treated gravely, but for the most part I try to make things funny. I am respectful of space and property. I'm from Waterford, CT but I go to school at CCSU, so I'd like to move to the city to be closer to campus. I like to write and draw, and hit the punching bag. I have a cat named Mo who is very well behaved. I don't really party, so that isn't an issue, but I also don't mind if a party is being thrown by someone else. I'm also pretty good about sharing my stuff, so if you want to borrow something that is fine. I'm very agreeable as well. I hope that I seem like a good choice for a roommate, and good luck to you in finding one.

Found | $750

Cass, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I am a responsible, clean and easy going person. I will be working most of the time and possibly enrolling in online school while residing with a roommate.

Found | $400

Kyle, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: New Britain, Southington, Plainville

I work 2 jobs so i'm only home between jobs and to sleep. I have a cat & a guinea pig that I can maintain on my own but the cat is preferred to be free roam as she can get panicky alone locked in a room for a long time. i do not smoke cigarettes but i have a medical marijuana card as part of my cancer treatment. i go to school online so i don't have many friends who'll be coming in and out constantly. in a stressful family situation and just looking to get out asap


Heather, Female, 45yrs

Looking in: Manchester, New Britain, West Hartford

About eight years ago, I moved to CT from Portland Oregon for work. I'm a professional research scientist, working in Hartford. I'm currently living in a studio apartment in Hartford, but would like to move to West Hartford. Also, I might be working part-time in Oregon and so wouldn't be around all of the time but would keep renting in CT. I am easy-going, social, respectful, and kind. I'm clean and organized, but not much of a cook.

Found | $800

Sahib, Male, 22yrs

Looking in: New Britain, Newington, West Hartford

Hey everyone! Just obtained a position at UConn Health and I'm looking for a place to live for the next 6 months. Would prefer a furnished room close to UCHC in Farmington or West Hartford, but I'm open to anything. I've been in living situations where I'm extremely close to my roommates and situations where I only see my roommates on occasion. I'm fine with either, I'll mostly be working or studying regardless. I'd like to think of myself as pretty clean and organized, my favorite pastimes include reading and doing my dishes after cooking.


Francisco, Couple, 32-34yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I collect ssi and i like to stay alone alot of time i dont like to bother

Found | $400

Bridget, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Plainville, New Britain, Waterbury

I get along well. Me and my son are very quiet people. I'm from Bristol CT. I am currently pregnant. So i do not work. I will get a job as soon as i give birth. I love to hang out and watch movies. I dont ask for much.

Found | $700

Tim, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: New Britain, West Hartford, Newington

Hello I'm Tim, I am from Massachusetts and recently acquired a job at Connecticut DOT and am looking for a roommate and place to live. Would like to live someplace in Newington if I could but am flexible. I am a pretty clean and quiet guy when at home usually like to just watch TV and sports or play video games. Would obviously be working as well at times.

Found | $600

Lisa, Couple, 43-51yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I'm a out going and loving person and want a change of scenery.

Found | $550

Margarita, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I am a clean person . I clean after myself and get along with others . I keep to myself and is quiet. I have SSI to pay for rent and currently looking for a job. I have no allergies to pets.

Found | $1,200

Eirianna , Female, 19yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I love to cook

Found | $700

Mike , Male, 22yrs

Looking in: Southington, Plainville, New Britain

Hi there my name is Mike. I’m 22 years old looking for a new place to live. I am looking to move at the end of January. I am a respectful and clean roommate who typically keeps to himself. I have a girl friend who comes over frequently as well.

Found | $700

Kishore, Male, 35yrs

Looking in: New Britain

Hi, I'm Indian male, work in Travelers Hartford downtown, looking for accommodation. Please give a call or let me know your number to call if you are okay. Thanks Kishore

Found | $600

Ajani, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: New Britain

Well my name is Ajani, I'm 23 & I was born and raised out here in New Britain. I'm a musician, graphic designer, website, clothing line, and record label owner. I maintenance worker for JRW Cleaning in Bristol. I am an honest, clean & respectful down to earth person. Not like most kids my age, 40 in the mind, 23 physically. I was going to most likely stay for 2 to 3 months so I can get my car, and save to get a 1 bedroom place.

Found | $650

Julian , Male, 21yrs

Looking in: New Britain

Quite, clean, An very personable

Found | $450

Rachael , Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Rocky Hill, Newington, Plainville, New Britain, West Hartford

Hi, my name is Rachael I'm 25 years old and I'm currently looking for a place/room to rent. I am a quiet independent person. My current job is a paraprofessional at a school and I also nanny for a side job. I am also clean, very respectfully, easy to work with, and reliable. I like to go on adventures, go hiking and have fun, but I also like to just stay home and watch Netflix and have a drink or two!

Found | $200

Janae, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Glastonbury, Hartford, New Britain

I'm quiet. I mind my own business. And im also very friendly and love conversation. Im shy and prefer being in my own space I will pay rent on time, and i ask minimal/no favors from anyone. I have fish but no other animals.


Dawn Tommaselli , Female, 47yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I'm quiet, clean and responsible. I'm also a recovering alcoholic. I have 4 years clean and have been living in a sober house for the past 4 years and feel like I'm ready to move out.

Found | $700

Salma, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: West Hartford, New Britain, Meriden, Glastonbury Center

I am almost never home, and when I am we can either have a blast or do our own thing!

Found | $700

Patrick, Male, 28yrs

Looking in: New Britain, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, Cromwell

I’m a young professional in my late 20s looking for a simple living arrangement. I am clean, quiet and easy to live with.

Found | $700

Alexis, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: New Britain, Bloomfield, Newport Haven, West Hartford, Central Manchester, Hartford

I work evenings so I’m barely around I’m very quiet and respectful I enjoy my privacy and respect the privacy of others I’m very clean and well mannered but I’m also very outgoing given the right circumstances

Found | $750

Jaraia, Friends, 20yrs

Looking in: Windsor Locks, Central Manchester, East Hartford, Hartford, Meriden, Plainville, New Britain

Me and my best friend are two young adults looking to take another step into adulthood, and out of our parents homes in New Britain. We're both super chill and quiet homebodies. Very clean, helpful, trustworthy and respectful. We both are working full time, Kii works for Honda warehouse 4pm-when he gets out. and I am an assistant teacher at a early learning center from 9-5pm, so you won't see us much till we get off of work. We're hoping to find someone who is clean and fun. We're also hoping to find a place spacious and affordable for everyone!

Found | $800

Samantha, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: East Windsor, New Britain, Agawam, Enfield, West Hartford

Calm and focused on my own things. Artistic, movies lover, Sociable, enjoy good conversation , clean, organized and responsible.

Found | $500

Monique, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I can cook i clean i laugh alot and talk more lol i love listening to music i have a 2 year old daughter shes very smart im cfom georgia but i live in ct now.

Found | $600

Craig, Male, 36yrs

Looking in: New Britain, New Hartford Center, West Hartford, East Hartford

I have a baby kitten. I'm very quiet and a very hard worker.

Found | $600

Mariah, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Newington, New Britain, West Hartford

I am looking for a roommate or two who enjoy quiet, introverted time at home. I work full time and in my spare time at home I like to bake and cook, and I occasionally have friends over for low key board games or dinner. I have two cats, not looking to introduce them to other pets. I work in Elmwood, West Hartford and would like to stay in a 20 minute drive.

Found | $350

Essence, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I’m very clean and pretty quiet person

Found | $400

Moise , Male, 28yrs

Looking in: New Britain

I'm quiet and honest person, I'm very clean and hygienic guy. I respect people privacy and I like to mind my own business.

Found | $1

Roxie, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: West Hartland, New Britain, Plainville

Very easy going, clean, not a smoker but don’t mind if others do.

Found | $500

Helen, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Plainville, Central Manchester, New Britain, Glastonbury, New Hartford Center

Hello, My name is Helen and I am a young (22-year old) working professional. I am looking for a roommate that is laid back, clean, and responsible. I am the stereotypical cuban so yes I talk fast, I am very lively (at times), and love music. I want to get a place ASAP. I prefer only females close to my age but I am open to share a space with a female that is further in age from me. Hopefully thats you!

Found | $500

Callie, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Southington, Plainville, New Britain, West Hartford

I’m respectful and humble. I’m pretty quiet but once you get to know me I’m not shy at all. I’m clean and like to help people. I’m from west Hartford, CT. I’m 21 and i work with two year olds at an early learning center. I play volleyball, basketball, and softball. I listen to every type of music. I like staying in more than going out to parties but i do like a good party once in a while!

Found | $800

Evelin, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: Newington, New Britain, West Hartford

Im 18 yrs old and am looking for a place to move in asap. Paying rent on time would be no issue at all for me! Im clean, friendly, laid back, and all my friends say i'm "hilarious" haha. Im currently enrolled at tunxis and my degree is for psychology. If at all interested please message back!

Found | $750

Lilibeth, Female, 38yrs

Looking in: New Britain

Im a clean, friendly and respectful person. I just want to add that im not working because i am disabled (not physically). I do get my check every month and i am very responsible in paying my rent. I am puertorican and i like watching movies and get togethers.Im not an argumentative type of person am very honest because i think that thats how relaiaionships last longer. Thank you for your time and i hope you take me under consideration. Thank you!!!!! Have a nice day.

Found | $500

Keturah , Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Windsor Locks, West Hartford, New Britain, Bloomfield

I’m friendly respectful and neat. I have a well behaved two yr old

Found | $600

Brittany, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: New Britain, Plainville, West Hartland

I am 22. Work two jobs. All day. Clean. Quiet. Keep to myself.

Found | $650

Katie, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Durham Center, Southington, West Hartford, New Britain, Plainville

I am very clean, quiet and I love to do laundry. I dont have any pets currently. I’m up to have a room mate although I prefer a girl room mate close to my own age, as long as youre friendly it doesn’t matter to me.

Found | $900

Hanh, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: West Hartford, New Britain

I’m night shift travel nurse that’s looking for a place to stay with my little dog near the Hospital of Central Connecticut. I’m very quiet and clean. I work full time so I’m reliable for rent and since I’m on nights I just sleep all day. My dog Simba is house trained and doesn’t bark. He’s pretty old so he just naps all day too.

Found | $500

Steven, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Hockanum, New Britain

Never home and I'm a clean person

Found | $450

EmelykkkI, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: New Britain

Good person to live with nice easy going work hard and just wanna get on my feel.

Found | $400

Raymond, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Newington, New Britain

I’m clean and don’t make noise , I also keep to my self . I’m really friendly , outgoing and responsible. I also DJ a lot so I’m going to be out a lot on the weekends

Found | $500

Abigail, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: West Hartford, New Britain

I’m a relatively quiet person, no friends would be over, I have one small female cat. She is shy but very kind! I work full time and I enjoy astrology, tarot, and all things magickal in my spare time.

Found | $500

Harold, Male, 32yrs

Looking in: Hartford, Cromwell, New Britain

Hi my name is Harold Jackson I currently work at paraco gas and contemporary Services Corporation we specialize in crowd management I pretty much just need a spot to rest in between jobs I work all the time so I would hardly be there.

Found | $600

Marcio, Male, 40yrs

Looking in: Bloomfield, Windsorville, New Britain, Hartford

Well!!my friends say I’m nice person easygoing,fun.i am respectful,and clean up after myself.i don’t smoke 🚭

Found | $700

Stephanie, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: New Britain, Plainville

I am very outgoing and do a lot of outdoor activities. When I am not home my dog is normally with me.


Nicole, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Waterbury, New Britain, New Hartford Center

My vibe is amazing , I get along with any and everybody! I’m neat , I can cook & I love a good conversation. I’m not a big partier but I Do Enjoy Having Some Drinks Every now and then. I’m also 420 friendly though I respect everyone’s household rules so that will never be a problem. It would be nice if I’m allowed company once in a while , though I’d never have more then one person over and that Person will stay in my room. Hmu Lets Talk Lets Get to know each other and let’s make this happen.

Found | $600

Stephanie, Couple, 19-20yrs

Looking in: Plainville, Newington, West Hartford, New Britain

Both my boyfriend and I are private, yet friendly people. The both of us are very respectful to others and their personal space. Not only are we respectful, but we are also very trustworthy people as well. Cooperation and communication are also very important aspects to me and my boyfriend. My boyfriend, Chris, will be a full time student at CCSU, and also a part time worker. I will be working full time until August 2019 when I will be re-attending school.

Found | $850

Julie Raulukaitis , Female, 55yrs

Looking in: West Hartford, Wethersfield, New Britain

I’m clean, kind and easy going. Because I have some time during the day, I can dog watch, clean , garden and maybe cook a little—I’m not great, but I can give it a shot. My small, well behaved dog, Gracie is a sweetie.

Found | $550

Antwana, Couple, 22-23yrs

Looking in: East Hartford, New Britain

We are quiet and clean people. We don’t smoke or drink

Found | $350

Louissantos, Male, 29yrs

Looking in: Plantsville, Terryville, Plainville, New Britain

I'm always working never home.. I work 7 days a week.. on time with payments.. always to myself not a big crawd fan ...very respectful and quit

Found | $450

Alexandra, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: New Britain

Full time employe at taco bell , very clean and respectful and quiet. Need a place asap if anyone needs a peaceful roomie message me:)