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Near West Side Chicago IL Roommates


Jasmine, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, Chicago

I like going out and trying new things. Love going downtown. I'm really into fashion. I am clean and fun to be around. Huge cubs fan :)


Vincent, Male, 19yrs

Looking in: New East Side, Near North Side, West Loop, Near West Side, Streeterville, River North

I'm a 19 year old high school graduate from Germany moving to Chicago for an internship from March through June. I'm looking for a room to rent. I'm an easygoing and fun person and look for the same in my room mates :)

Found | $1,000

Kiana, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: New East Side, Streeterville, River West, Near West Side, River North, West Loop

Just recently moved to Chicago from Ohio. Currently working full time. I'm organized and clean, super friendly, outdoorsy, athletic, love animals and always open to having conversation.

Found | $500

Toofi, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: Near South Side, Near West Side, Ukrainian Village, Chicago Loop

I am an Egyptian/British engineering student coming to Chicago next year to continue my Bachelors in mechanical engineering, I will be working part-time but my primary source of income is my familys' business back home so I have no problem paying several months' rent up front in order to relief the home owner/roomie my lifestyle is pretty smooth nothing dramatic Im usually studying for my engineering courses or at the gym (gym freak) ill usually be gone most of the day and my lifestyle is healthy so I don't eat junk food and I usually cook good food I can cook for my roomie too :))). im funny and don't like drama and I'm really friendly and have no problem with gender/race/nationality


Eiman, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Wicker Park, Uptown, West Loop, Lake View East, Near West Side, Logan Square, Lake View, Lincoln Park

I'm a 24 years old female, working full time, I'm a very organized & neat person. Respect others privacy. I'm easy to get along with. I like to do different activities for fun.

Found | $600

Elena, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Garfield Park, Lower West Side, Austin, Near West Side, North Lawndale, Chicago Loop

Clean. Friendly. Respectful. Responsible. and FUN.

Found | $300

Peyton, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Near North, Rogers Park, Logan Square, Pilsen, Near West Side, Near South Side, Bronzeville, Bridgeport

Hi, I am very easy to get along with. I keep to myself mostly but will socialize. I am in school for screenwriting and will go back for OTA.

Found | $650

Lorriza , Female, 23yrs

Looking in: River West, West Loop, South Loop, Near West Side

I currently live in Near West side. I work full time in the West Loop. I’m very clean.

Found | $700

Gyasi, Male, 38yrs

Looking in: Bridgeport, Near West Side, River North, Near South Side, Logan Square, Little Village, South Loop, West Loop, Chicago, Pilsen

I am clean, organized and very considerate. Love to cook. I work at a Waldorf education school and currently attend class for clinical massage therapy (free messages for you!) I am a musician with an acoustic guitar (so nothing loud). Single with no pets or kids.

Found | $900

Bradley, Male, 34yrs

Looking in: West Loop, Chicago, Logan Square, River North, Near West Side

I’m an outgoing Professional, an electrical engineer during the week, I like to go out on the weekends, and occasionally have people over. I bring almost all necessary furnishings. I do have 2 small cats and they are very nice. I wouldn’t mind being friends w roommate, but I’m generally very independent.

Found | $900

Diana, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Wicker Park, Gold Coast, Near West Side, Near North Side, River North

Moving from Ann Arbor, MI to Chicago for a clinical research job starting in September. I enjoy exploring new places, good restaurants, and meeting people. I like spending time with roommates but also appreciate privacy and time alone. Enjoy cleaning and cooking. Flexible and easy going.

Found | $1,200

Camille, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Chicago, River West, West Loop, Near North Side, Near West Side, Wicker Park, South Loop, West Town

I just started a job in the loop while also finishing up my bachelors program online. I love any outdoor activities, working out, cooking, having fun an socializing, and reading. I am very clean and respectful of others and would love to find someone who is the same :)

Found | $850

Lauren, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, Pilsen, Wicker Park, West Town

Speech Language Pathologist working in Little Village looking to move to the west side to commute to work. I have one quiet, mostly well behaved cat that I brought to America from Lesotho, Africa (I’ll tell you that story later). I am a conscientious, friendly, and clean roommate!

Found | $1,300

Barry, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, Near South Side, Chinatown, South Loop, West Loop

Student at Chicago-Kent Law School. I live in Greektown, but I’m looking for a roommate to get somewhere a little bigger without sacrificing convenience. I’m looking into getting a puppy, so dog-friendly is a must. I’m easygoing, a good chef, and will bring plenty of value to any shared accommodation.

Found | $1,200

Jorge, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Chicago, River West, Gold Coast, Near West Side, West Loop, Fulton River District, West Town, River North, Fulton River District, Streeterville, South Loop

I am a 25 year old male and I graduated back in July 2017 from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and I recently got a job with an industrial gas company. I will be working in the East Chicago, IN area so South Loop is great for the commute! I like to play guitar, listen to music, watch movies, Netflix, Youtube videos and play video games. I also like going out for drinks, dancing, going to comedy shows and live music at local bars with friends. I consider myself a clean, responsible professional and I just want to experience everything the city has to offer.

Found | $600

Maria, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, West Town, Wicker Park, Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Pilsen, Chicago

I’m an art teacher in Chicago. I enjoy exploring the city, checking out shows or events, and trying out new restaurants. I also enjoy nights in to catch a movie, have a wine night, or just read a good book. I’m laid back but I like to keep my place clean and communicate with my roommates well.

Found | $650

Stacy, Female, 52yrs

Looking in: River West, Near West Side, Wicker Park, West Loop, West Town

Only using home to crash at during work week. Using to save on commute during the week. I live in Rockford, but need home during the week which is walking distance from any Blue Line station.

Found | $1,200

Rebecca, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, South Loop, Chicago

Hey! Im super relaxed and friendly! I like to keep the main areas clean. I work longish hours and in my free time I enjoy running, baking and catching up on TV.

Found | $800

Jessie, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, Chicago, Near North Side

I’m an easy going person, I like to be nice with people.. dont smoke, dont have pets..

Found | $1,200

Andrew, Male, 28yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, River West, Wicker Park

Hi my name is Andrew. I'm a responsible and tidy person. I've never had any issues living with others and my friends can vouch for me. I like to have a good mix of tame nights in watching TV/Netflix as well as some sociable nights out. I love trying new restaurants and grabbing some drinks. I'd like to live with someone who is fairly clean as well and wouldn't mind hosting a group of friends over at times. I'm currently looking to find a nicer apartment on the West side of Chicago to be closer to my job in Oak Park. Close proximity to the green, blue, and 66/70 buses is a plus!

Found | $500

Sarah, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Bucktown, Wicker Park, Near West Side

I will be working full time in Near West Side and would like to move (with a female roommate) somewhere close to the L and (in a perfect world) a good grocery store. I work within the health and fitness industry, so I do hold value in having a healthy lifestyle (let me sleep pls). That being said, I am very respectful and open minded. Outside of my professional life, I go out a couple nights a month. I hangout with my friends as often as I can. I think exercise is fun and am a certified personal trainer, so I do it every day. I can make healthy foods edible. And I like to make art happen on my face with makeup.

Found | $1,400

Hannah, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: River North, Near West Side, Near North Side, Chicago Loop, West Loop Gate, West Loop

I am 25 and moving to Chicago in January from Ireland. I will be working in the suburbs 9 - 5 during the week, but want to be able to explore the city in the evenings and at weekends. I am laid back, friendly and clean. I can't wait to experience life in Chicago!!

Found | $500

Mariel , Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Near West Side

Clean, organazed and respectfully.

Found | $600

Arnold, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Near West Side

I am very clean and respectful of other people's space and belonging. I like to cook and is always willing to share. I have good taste in music, I do not have the patience for. It makes me tired

Found | $300

Alexus, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: Near West Side

Im 18 years old in trying to move out own my own im very respectful very clean very quiet im to busy studying at school or at work not your averge 18 year old !!!!

Found | $600

Caitlin , Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Old Town, Near North Side, River West, Near West Side, River North, Oak Park, Wicker Park, Logan Square

I'm a 25 year old female originally from the cornfields of Indiana, but studied Fashion Business at Columbia downtown Chicago. I'm moving back to Chicago after 2 years post graduation. I am an entrepreneur and also will be working for a non-profit on Michigan Ave. I love line dancing, eating, fitness, reading and anything that will help me grow and develop personally. I'm seeking a place to live with other like-minded, driven and ambitious females. I'm hardly ever home, but when I am I like things clean with no pets.

Found | $750

Emilie, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: River West, Near West Side, Near North Side, West Loop, Logan Square, Wicker Park

Hi there! I'm a 21 years old girl from Denmark, I just moved here from Australia this Sunday to start my internship downtown. I study sport science and health on my last year and I will be very busy with my internship the next 3 months I'm here, but that doesn't mean that I won't have time to chat and hangout! I'm a very outgoing girl who loves to talk and have a good time going out etc. but I'm also very clean and considerate as a person who understands a closed door. So if you want a fun but chilled roomie for 3 months, I'm your girl!

Found | $1,000

Jo, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Wicker Park, Near West Side, Near North Side, River West, River North

Looking to stay 1 year. I'm from Australia and I'm a harpist!

Found | $1,000

Mike, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Little Village, Wicker Park, Chicago, Pilsen, Near West Side


Found | $600

Nick, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, South Loop, West Town, Wicker Park, Little Village

Nursing student at UIC

Found | $800

Dipesh , Male, 28yrs

Looking in: River North, West Loop, South Loop, Near West Side, Chicago Loop

I am a clean and quite roommate like to hang out with friends. I love to cook and don’t mind make food for a roommate. Looking for short term at the moment maybe longer if job continues.

Found | $1,000

Marrium, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Near West Side

Im very easygoing. I am mostly a homebody.

Found | $1,400

Maria, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: East Garfield Park, Pilsen, Near West Side, West Town

I’m a pretty flexible person to live with, I live an active lifestyle and enjoy doing things outside (running, yoga, biking, hiking, climbing, etc.), and I’m also a practicing Catholic so I enjoy going to mass and prayer. On the weekends I like having a casual beer and conversations with friends.

Found | $500

Amari, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Near West Side

I am a college student and is very adaptable to different environments but would prefer someone who is extroverted.

Found | $1,300

James, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, West Loop

I'm a Bay Area native and UC Berkeley grad, moving to Chicago around the end of August after 1.5 years abroad in Italy. I will be commuting to West Chicago for work as an engineering project manager. I'm used to living in large cities and lively college towns so I'd like to find a similar vibe if possible. I consider myself pretty easy-going, and my ideal living situation would be with a group of relatively active people (ages 20-30) who I can go out and do stuff with both after work and on the weekends

Found | $300

Jade, Friends, 19yrs

Looking in: Near South Side, Logan Square, Near West Side

I am clean, sweet and trustworthy. Right now I live in Indianapolis IN. I’m from Chicago. I work part-time at petco. I’m really not a party person I’m more of a homebody but I will say I’m fun to be around.

Found | $800

Jazmin , Female, 24yrs

Looking in: West Town, Near West Side

Recent college graduate, that just got hired by this company near West Town. I am a full time marketer and looking for a place to move ASAP. I am organized and clean with a huge sense of respect.

Found | $500

Mahogan, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Near West Side

Work full time and have 7yr old daughter

Found | $500

Priyank, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: Bronzeville, Lower West Side, Humboldt, Logan Square, Near West Side, Near South Side, Near North Side, River North, East Garfield Park, University Village, West Town, Lincoln, Wicker Park

Hello, I am Priyank Joshi from India. I am moving to Chicago from 27th Aug 2017 and looking for accomodation near Depaul University with affordable rates. 

Found | $800

Rachel, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Near West Side

Clean, easy going professional. I enjoy leisure during the week and partying on the weekend.

Found | $450

Amanda, Female, 51yrs

Looking in: Bronzeville, Wicker Park, South Loop, Bridgeport, Logan Square, Bucktown, Near West Side, Near North Side, Hyde Park

I am a friendly, easy going professional with a busy life. I need a safe, clean, comfortable place to call home. When I'm home I'm fairly quiet doing my own thing but am open to bonding with roomies if the feeling is mutual. Not a big cook so the kitchen would not be used much by me. Have a busy social life so am away from home several nights a week.

Found | $300

Shawntrell , Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, Maywood, Chicago

I'm friendly funnie clean and respectful

Found | $700

Aldo, Male, 28yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, New East Side, University Village / Little Italy

I am a friendly, easy to get along with person. I am looking for a roommate who is also easy to get along with!

Found | $600

Emily, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Near South Side, Edison Park, Near West Side

Young and outgoing, respectful of others space, and responsible.

Found | $350

Joseph , Couple, 20-22yrs

Looking in: West Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, Near West Side, Lower West Side

I'm very clean I'm a very funny person and very entertaining love sports video games great with kids love to talk politics I rap and I am very outspoken I give great advice and very respectful

Found | $1,000

Jacob, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Old Town, West Town, Near North Side, Near West Side, West Loop, South Loop, Wicker Park, Chicago

I like to keep my home clean, not obsessively, but dishes done and everything else at least tidy. I'm really easy-going. I love animals, I don't currently have pets but would love to get a cat/dog if the situation permits. I'm usually pretty quiet, but don't mind entertaining. I'm about to enter my senior year at Columbia, studying photography. I'm currently living in the Logan Square area but trying to find a place closer to downtown.

Found | $485

Latisha Land , Female, 35yrs

Looking in: West Garfield Park, Lower West Side, South Side, Near West Side

Get alone with others

Found | $400

Mayte, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Near South Side, Near West Side


Found | $800

Samantha , Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Lincoln Park, Lower West Side, Near West Side, Uptown, Lake View, Rogers Park, Old Town

Im from South Elgin Illinois and will be graduating from Loyola University in May! Im looking for a full time job and some fun people to live with. I have two cats that I adopted from a shelter, they are so so so sweet and not destructive in the least; I promise you'll love them even if you're not a cat person (they converted me.) I'm very laid back as well as clean! Please let me know if you're interested in living with me!

Found | $50

Andres, Male, 34yrs

Looking in: Near West Side

Just need somewhere to stay a few months im very clean person

Found | $600

Meiqi, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Near South Side, Near North Side, Near West Side, South Loop

I'm open to make friends.

Found | $194

Lizzie , Couple, 24-25yrs

Looking in: Broadview, Near West Side

We are clean quiet and respectful... We are currently looking for employment..We can put food in the home and willing help as much has possible...

Found | $600

Savanna, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: McKinley Park, Brighton Park, North Lawndale, Near West Side, Logan Square

I'm a very nice and clean young lady. I am an actress but I work consistently and have a great work ethic. I'm sociable but never too loud. Welcoming of all differemt types of people. Also looking to live anywhere outside of what I already suggested.

Roommates looking near Near West Side

Found | $1,300

Shantel , Couple, 19-25yrs

Looking in: Robert Brooks Homes, Ravenswood Gardens, Kelvyn Grove, Nearwest Side

We are super laid back and we are very clean. I have 3 jobs and Kevin works every day as well so don't worry about us throwing parties or being loud. We will mainly be there to sleep and eat.

Found | $750

Sami, Male, 33yrs

Looking in: Near North Side, Nearwest Side

I am very respectful i like to find a room

Found | $500

Jennifer, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, Chicago

I always try to reach a compromise, respect the other person, their time and work, most of the time I will be away from home, I love animals if you have some.

Found | $700

Paola, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, West Loop

Im very clean and organized

Found | $550

Sabrina, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Near South Side, McKinley Park, Bridgeport, Bucktown, Belmont Cragin, Hermosa, Lower West Side, Near West Side, Little Village, Cicero, Berwyn, Oak Park, Pilsen, Humboldt Park, Logan Square

Full time working and part time student. I am busy most of the time but I do enjoy letting loose every now and then, however on weekdays or days that I'm working and in school i prefer to be alone and relax. My hobbies include reading, concert going, live music, dancing, comedy shows, yoga, weight-lifting, sipping brews, youtube, photography, and suntanning. Balance is key. I live an active lifestyle and am always looking to self-improve. Most importantly, I just would like to live with someone who is clean, can compromise, and lives a similar lifestyle to mine: as in you are a professional or student, are well grounded, does not smoke or do any types of drugs, and compromise on household rules or any issues than come up and handle it as an adult. These things are important to me, I am in no rush because I wont settle for anything less than an ideal living situation.

Found | $400

Deanna, Couple, 31-34yrs

Looking in: Nearwest Side

I'm clean,cook and really never home

Found | $900

Kate, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, West Loop Gate, University Village / Little Italy, Wicker Park, River North, Near North Side, West Loop

I’m a 24 yo professional born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I’m going to be relocating to Chicago in June 2018 and am aiming to live in a safe area close to public transit (I don’t plan on bringing my car and am not accustomed to Midwest winters, so proximity to train lines is vital). I’m clean, laid back and responsible. I do like to go out but equally enjoy staying in. I don’t have any family/friends in or around Chicago so I’d love to live with someone who knows the area and would be willing to help me get to know my new home. Additionally, something month to month starting out is ideal as I’ve never lived outside of LA and want to make sure that I like the nighboorhood before committing to a lease. -Kate

Found | $850

Chloé, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: River North, Near West Side, West Town, Wicker Park, Logan Square, Chicago

Hi ! I'm a 21 year old french student coming to Chicago for a 6month internship ! I'm a sociable, dynamic person. I am clean however am not a neat freak. My ideal place would have roomates I can hang out with and get along with. Not a crazy partier but I love going out and will be discovering the city (I will be working all week and exploring during the week ends) ! Always down to have a chat, watch a movie/netflix or share a dinner.


Maddie , Female, 18yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, West Loop, South Loop, Bronzeville, Douglas, North Kenwood

Hi! I need a place to live while I’m working on getting my bfa. Looking for a fun clean environment with other creative people in thier 20’s. Pretty chill about everything but I’m not too keen on drama & cigarettes. Im bilingual, I love to cook, and I’m trying to obtain the college expirence under the budget of dormlife.

Found | $500

MacKenzie, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Near West Side

Hi, my name is Kenzie and I'm looking to move to Chicago this summer from Colorado. I do school online and plan to work a part time job. I also have a Husky named Leia!

Found | $900

Jada, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: Near West Side

Looking to move soon in the Little Italy or Near West Side areas.

Found | $400

Latia, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Nearwest Side

I'm work finto go Back to school I'm a very clean person

Found | $1,000

Patrick, Male, 28yrs

Looking in: Roscoe Village, Lake View, River West, Near North, Near West Side, Gold Coast, Logan Square, River North, West Loop, Wicker Park

I'm neat, friendly with my roommates, can relate to anybody's favorite music genre (former radio dj), and a recently graduated masters student, who does economic research. I also have an incredibly friendly cat named Appa, who my former roommates offered to serve as references for unprompted.

Found | $600

Tori, Female, 49yrs

Looking in: Near West Side, Near North, Logan Square, Ukrainian Village, Austin, Irving Park, East Garfield Park, West Town, Pilsen

I'm quiet, tidy, spend little time at home, and easy to get along with. I'm a teacher who subs for Chicago Public Schools, and I also work for the Chicago Public Library Foundation. Non- smoker, no pets but like them! Have a good sense of humor too!

Found | $450

Rayven, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Lake View, Uptown, West Town, University Village / Little Italy, Wicker Park, Logan Square, Humboldt Park

I keep common space clean. I am respectful of the boundaries and space of others. I am reliable, honest, compassionate, and a good listener. I like to have fun and be quirky, but can be serious and contemplative when necessary. I work as a barista. I love coffee and come with an espresso machine. I have one cat (who doesn't like other cats, unfortunately). I like Zelda, Studio Ghibli, select amine, binge-watching Criminal Minds, and occasionally going out. I am also a musician, and love writing music, singing, and playing guitar. I've lived in Iowa and Arizona, but have called Chicago home for 6 years now. I love places with charm but modern amenities, and having a dishwasher and laundry on site would be ideal.

Found | $400

Nichale, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

I am a second year pre-law major who attends UIC. I am looking to move into an apartment or house near campus that is under 400 a month. I like to listen to music and stay up late. My sleep schedule is erratic however I usually stick to myself. I have my own mini fridge and microwave and will require no furniture. I am EXTREMELY 4/20 friendly and plan on indulging indoors (will be able to keep in my room and minimize the smell). I am very friendly, outgoing, and would love to be contacted ASAP.

Found | $470

Debdeep, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

I am an international graduate student studying Business at UIC. Am from India but have travelled across the world. I respect boundaries, am responsible and clean. I like socializing and always enjoy good company. I am a good cook and I play the guitar as well!

Found | $275

Moriah, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Bridgeview, University Village / Little Italy, Pilsen

I'm a very considerate, responsible and clean person! I think communication is key to solving any issues. I don't think I have any bad habits that would make someone not want to live with me. For the most part I keep to myself, but would also like to live in a "homey" environment.

Found | $700

Young Sun, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Pilsen, West Loop, South Loop, University Village / Little Italy

I am a college student who is easy-going. I will respect your private space and I am well-organized.

Found | $1,300

Tyler, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy, Logan Square

I'm looking for a fully furnished room.

Found | $900

MAJEED, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy, River North, Chicago Loop, West Loop


Found | $800

Krutika, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

Not Applicable

Found | $600

Esther, Female, 30yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy, Bucktown, West Town, Belmont Cragin, Wicker Park, Avondale, Humboldt Park, Logan Square

I have a full time and part time job, all bills are on time which is super important to me. I am chill, no drama type. Occasionally I will cook, but mostly am out working coming home in the evening. Sometimes I am home on the weekends depending if I pick up at my part time. I do have a dog, 3 yr old Wheaten/ACD mix girl who depending on the apartment she will come with, if not it's ok I have a place for her to stay. I do have a 12 yr old, but she lives out of state with grandparents, so I tend to go visit over holidays. My boyfriend spends some nights since we have opposite schedules it is just the time we get to see each other. I am outgoing, funny, clean, respectful, and love to enjoy the occasional drink to wind down. Prefer to live in Logan Square, Hermosa, Avondale, Pilsen, or near the blue line/90/94 expressway.

Found | $600

Peter, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

I love sports, baseball, basketball and football are all favorites of mine. I'm super easy-going and I am a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I just moved down here from the northern suburbs and am looking to meet new people down here. I am an art/design major and I love making designs and sketching. I love playing sports and playing xbox (especially nba 2k, madden, and fifa).

Found | $500

Miya, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: South Loop, West Loop, Bronzeville, Little Village, University Village / Little Italy

Clean, easy-going and friendly pre-nursing student. I love trying new things and traveling. Food is the love of my life. :)

Found | $600

Anthony, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Bucktown, Little Village, Bronzeville, River West, West Town, University Village / Little Italy, South Loop, West Loop, Cicero, Berwyn, Oak Park, Wicker Park

Somewhat quiet person, clean, down to earth and enjoy meeting new people and making friends. I'm into video games and movies and playing music (Piano). Kind of a homebody but going out more. Looking to live anywhere near a CTA train.

Found | $1,000

Ashiq, Male, 38yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

Non smoking No pets Indian


Shawn, Male, 18yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

I am a neat and organized person with a focus on school and obtaining my degree.

Found | $550

Daniil, Male, 22yrs

Looking in: Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Old Town, Lincoln Park, West Town, University Village / Little Italy

Hey there. My name is Daniel, in my early 20th, from Ukraine, speak three languages. Few words about me: I'm a writer, spend all free time in coffee shops or parks reading and writing. I meditate, do some sport, and have a full-time job at the Chinese restaurant Duck Duck Goat. Pay bills on time and keep the area around me clean. I usually don't cook at home and eat out. I don't have much furniture, just basic stuff like a bed, desk, and some items for storage. I'm organized and keep things very simple. In general, everything I need is a place for bed and shower. I leave the house no later than 7.30 and come back late at night 7 days a week so that you won't see me too often. I'm looking to rent a room around 1st of April or earlier if possible. Would love to have a coffee with you and check the place in person. Let me know what time will fit best for you!

Found | $700

Andrea, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: West Loop, South Loop, University Village / Little Italy

I'm from Ecuador, I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. I like music, movies. I study at University of Illinois at Chicago an MPH in the School of Public Health in the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences program

Found | $800

Jeffery, Male, 33yrs

Looking in: West Town, Lower West Side, Humboldt Park, Logan Square, University Village / Little Italy, West Loop

I’m quiet, clean, love Chicago sports, have great taste in music, love playing sports, and I’m courteous and respectful of all lifestyles and cultures.

Found | $800

Vedang Gupta, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

I will be coming to Chicago for my Masters in UIC this fall. I am from Dubai but born in India. I am really flexible, honest, a good cook (Might be able to introduce you to different cuisines like Lebanese, Indian), keep my room and surroundings clean, considerate of my fellow roommates, love pets and really like to know different people. I occasionally drink alcohol. I don't smoke, but don't mind roommates smoking preferred if they do outside.

Found | $500

Maitree , Female, 18yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

I’m from India and will be preferring Indian female roommates. I’m soon going to be a student at UIC.

Found | $800

Leander, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Pilsen, University Village / Little Italy

Im fairly neat , a prompt payer and respective of others boundaries....not much else to it really

Found | $1,000

Yasmin, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

I am an international student from Brazil. i will start a PhD program at UIC. i am looking for a night silence place.. I will be out most of the day.

Found | $500

Grace, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: Lincoln Park, River West, University Village / Little Italy, Old Town

I am from Denver and believe it or not I love cleaning! When at home I am a quiet person but I love cooking and sharing meals and am friendly.

Found | $650

Sabrina, Friends, 20yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

2 hardworking ladies searching for roommates. Sabrina works full-time and Alex will be a UIC pharmacy student transferring from U of I. Neither of us are crazy party girls, both very clean and responsible. We're both going to be so busy with work/school but we're very laid back and fun in our downtime. Looking for a couple ladies that we can get along with to share an apartment with this upcoming school year.

Found | $1,000

Parth , Male, 21yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy

Studying Masters at UIC. Am easygoing and friendly. Preferably looking for Indian guys to room with. A place near UIC or which could reach UIC by public transport would be preferable.

Found | $900

Esha, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: West Town, University Village / Little Italy, Logan Square

420 friendly okay with pets Clean

Found | $600

Natalia, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy


Found | $1,500

John Paul, Male, 29yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy, Chicago, West Loop

Working professional who is tidy, respectful, and easy to get along with. I moved to Chicago from Arizona about a year ago, and have been living in the Loop (rookie mistake, but wanting to spend as little time as possible outside in the freezing winters!). Now I am looking for a neighborhood and a great roommate.


Smit, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: University Village / Little Italy, University Village / Little Italy

I am a medical student.

Found | $1,200

Madison, Female, 22yrs

Looking in: River North, West Loop

I am very clean in common spaces, am a hard worker, and love to be social as well.

Found | $600

Rose, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Bronzeville, South Loop, West Loop, Chicago

If you like an open minded, free spirit, quite random, laid back type of girl...I’m the best roomie!! I’m a 25yr old city girl (from Chicago) that’s outgoing but shy at times. I work full time and in school to become a licensed esthetician. I love meeting new people and trying new things. I’m VERY clean and a little particular about where I lay my head. I’m 4/20 friendly and don’t mind social drinking. I’m looking to begin my new year in a new home :)

Found | $600

Jasmine williams , Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Bucktown, West Loop, South Loop

Very sweet. Very neat and clean. Very respectable and compromising

Found | $1,300

Rebecca , Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Streeterville, West Loop, South Loop

I'm a very clean person. I'm big into fitness, so if I'm not a work I'm at the gym! I have 2 kittens. I love trying new places.

Found | $1,500

Laurie, Female, 30yrs

Looking in: West Loop Gate, Chicago Loop, River West, Near North Side, Streeterville, Wicker Park, Old Town, West Loop, Gold Coast, River North

Hi! I am a fun-loving single teacher, born and raised in Chicago. Currently, I am teaching English Language-Arts online to students in China, as well as consulting/training teachers part-time at non-profit. Even though I could work from home most days, I will go to coffee shops or any cool space with wifi outside my apartment to work. I am very easy-going, and enjoy alone time but can get along with just about anyone. I am not messy and enjoy a nice smelling pretty home, but at the same time, I'm not anal at all. (Since Teaching Kindergarteners my tolerance for filth is pretty high :). I like to go out on the weekends, but I am very respectful and have no bad habits nor big party goals. I can move in as early as May 1st, but am hoping to at least be settled by June. I am somewhat flexible because my sister owns my current condo and I don't have an official lease or move out date. Best, Laurie:)

Found | $150

STEVE, Male, 69yrs

Looking in: West Loop, Evanston

MBA professional, friendly, considerate of others, always reading, writing or working on computer

Found | $500

Tamela , Female, 46yrs

Looking in: West Loop

I'm very clean neat. I'm a people person who enjoys dining out, going to movies, plays. Love sports and animals. I'm a 46 year old female.

Found | $750

Emmelin, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: West Loop, Old Town, Sauganash, Edison Park

I am quiet, open-minded and keep to myself. I work as a designer and also in a few other jobs. I like cleanliness, and I know how to cook!