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Los Angeles California Roommates

New | $800

John, Male, 28yrs

Looking in: La Habra, Los Angeles, Pomona

I'm clean, take care of myself, and pretty much keep to myself. Outgoing and personable. Focused on my studies.

Found | $1,300

Tracy, Male, 51yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I'm considerate of other's safety, health and privacy. I am Friendly, I clean up after myself and have many skills that I will use to help out if needed. I can live with professionals or creatives I am both

Updated | $550

Diana, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Lynwood, South Gate, Los Angeles

I am a clean and friendly person. I cook and bake. I have a busy work schedule, I normally work six days a week. I am rarely home. When I am not at work I spend time with friends or I am on a trip out of town/country. Fun, spontaneous, courteous, foodie, and traveler.

New | $700

Sydney, Female, 18yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, Beverly Hill, Santa Monica

My name is Sydney and I am a full time student enrolled at Santa Monica College. I am currently working part time in Santa Monica, so I will be very busy most of the time. I am not much of a partier, I mostly keep to myself, but I am very social and kind. I am also very clean and organized, so seeing my stuff sprawled everywhere wouldn't be a thing. please contact me  thank you, have a nice day.

Found | $500

Bridget, Couple, 19-21yrs

Looking in: Carson, Bellflower, Wilmington, Los Angeles

hello my name is bridget im looking for a home for me and my little family a place we can call home. I have two kids one girl age 3 and a boy age 3 months my kids are very calm and fun to play with.. Im from new orleans im salvadorean by half of my both parents my partner is also salvadorean..He works for us at the moment till i find a job we both are very out going and social we also have that salvarodean spice! we would help maintain our living space clean organized anything we can help in whatever is needed...we are calm dramma free people.

Found | $2,000

Lauren, Couple, 20-22yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

My boyfriend and I are looking for somewhere to stay. We will both be working and attending school and will not be spending too much time in the place.

New | $1,300

Fabian, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I am 26 from Germany. I am doing a trainee program here. I live a healthy lifestyle and work out very often. Don't smoke or drink.

New | $1,200

Anne Marie, Female, 37yrs

Looking in: Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles Downtown, Los Angeles

I am a nice, friendly & respectful roommate who works full-time in Los Angeles. I could get along with mostly anyone and am very chill. I am mostly easy going, clean up after myself and would appreciates if the roommates do the same.

New | $650

Carolyn, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I am a dancer that is focused on making her career amazing. Nice,caring,loving, I love to help others.


Jahmir , Male, 19yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, Santa Monica

Looking in to move in with someone asap. Im a quiet guy but very sociable when provoked. Idc about loud noises or anything you do you. I wanna start a youtube channel witha group but lack the motivatio. Im a gamer i usually play games when im off work. Im also down if you wanna hang out or just talk.


Tori, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Echo Park

I'm moving to Los Angeles for a new job and I'm so excited to move to California! I love doing yoga, anything outdoors, trying new restaurants, and reading a good book. I'm a quiet roommate and I value a clean apartment. I'm looking for a short-term lease before I can officially move all of my stuff from my current apartment.

Found | $600

Brandon, Male, 32yrs

Looking in: Long Beach, Los Angeles

Am looking for my first place wow am a stylist in Los Angeles I love what I do

Found | $850

Rodney minor, Male, 53yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Yes, Hello name is Floyd I'm a 53 yr old male looking for a room to rent or a 1 or 2 bedroom as well to rent ..... I get guarantee pay , source of income is SSI every 1st and 3rd of each month .... I'm an very clean and humble happy guy ... if I am renting a room this will be only temporary till I find me and my Fiance find our place, also if I rent a room I'm coming alone.... and I'm still in the process of finding a 1/2 bedroom. My move out date is 1st between the 3rd ..... Thank you for your time and patience ....


Sean, Male, 30yrs

Looking in: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego

30 year old English man from London, with US permanent residence, looking to relocate to San Diego in May/June. Love craft beer, nature and getting outside as much as possible.


Juan ignacio , Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

music, food, nice kitchens,

Found | $660

Yasmine, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Culver City

I am looking for a private room. I am from Germany and will start my studies in LA at the end of May/ beginning of June. I‘m very outgoing and positive person. Besides I do speak 5 languages. Yas 😊


Chealsea, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

Clean, positive, and nice :)


Gregory, Male, 29yrs

Looking in: Angelino Heights, East Hollywood, Glassell Park, Echo Park, Los Angeles

I love everything about Los Angeles! Inside the apt I love to relax, cook, listen and play music.

Found | $500

Kathleen A, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, Miami Beach, Santa Barbara, Washington Depot, Seattle, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Nashville, Chicago, San Francisco, Florida, Orlando, Miami

I am a professional, responsible, orderly and of good values, I'm looking for a roommate with whom I can share expenses. I would like my roommate to be responsible, neat, clean, friendly.

Found | $1,100

David, Male, 52yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

Full time occupational health and safety professional and am attending grad school. I tend to keep to myself and I clean as I go... no messes. Respectful busy person with no hang-ups. Judgement free.


Samantha , Female, 19yrs

Looking in: San Diego, Central Sacramento, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

If you don’t smoke I totally respect that and will go outside and will not smell up the house. I am really good about helping out around the house and am a good communicator. Looking for not only a roomate but a friend! This will be my first big move to Cali and I don’t plan on returning home. I will work as much as I physically can to make sure bills are paid on time each month. I also love to make music and sing, hike, and try new things!


Janaya, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Tarzana, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Playa Vista, Playa del Rey, Playa Del Rey

I am an aspiring actor from Brooklyn, NY. I love spending time with friends, having spontaneous dance parties, and discovering new music to jam to. I am full of positive energy and love being around people who have good vibes. I am an empath, which makes me the ideal person to live with because I am very aware of others and considerate of feelings and space. I am also very clean and organized and like things to look aesthetically pleasing. I have a sweet dog named Cookie. He is a 9yr old cockapoo. Cookie is very quiet and doesn't do much except for sleep. He is chill and likes pretty much everyone.


Deven, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: San Clemente, Los Angeles, Irvine, Costa Mesa

Very Chill, friendly and don't cause problems. From North Carolina, studied art and design there and moved out to California. Got a job in Costa Mesa as a Graphic Designer and now need a place to live there. I keep my stuff pretty clean and don't leave messes around. 420 Friendly

Found | $700

Katy, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I'm super clean and really easy to get along with!


Luciano , Male, 22yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Central LA

I’m a very clean person, I’m always studying or working. Looking for a place to sleep basically. I’m from Italy 🇮🇹 , love movies and read books.


Taylor, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: West Hollywood, Mid City, Los Angeles Downtown, Los Angeles

Hi, my name is Taylor Dall. I'm looking to move to Los Angeles on May30th/June 1st. Ideally looking for something central between Santa Monica, Mid City, West Hollywood and Downtown. A little about me.. I own a music licensing company, we work with large brands such as Ford, Chevrolet and Shinola. I also work for an entertainment firm where my main long-term client is Malik Yusef. Although, I am not a musician! Me at home... I enjoy natural sunlight, a clean and well organized space and quiet. I own a small 10lb maltipoo boy. He is the sweetest 17 month old puppy with the best personality and he's potty trained! Me as for hobbies.. I've been studying acting for some time, hoping to actually become a working actor in LA, I love the beach, horseback riding, reading and currently writing a book. I also enjoy classical, old school rock and roll, indie rock, hip hop and music from foreign lands.


Brianna, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Santa Monica

Hey guys! My name is Bri, I'm from Atlanta and looking to move to LA to pursue modeling and acting. I'm laidback, drama-free, tidy (clean up after myself), 420 friendly, can be both extroverted and introverted when I want to be. I have a guilty pleasure for reality tv shows/scary movies and would love to have Bachelor wine nights with my roomie!

Found | $500

Ryan, Male, 42yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I like the outdoors, snowboarding, and having fun. I'm respectful, clean, polite, and all around a good guy. moving from lansing Michigan to California for a fresh start. if u wish to know more just hit me up on my email or phone. thanks and hope to hear from you

Found | $900

Juyeon , Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I am from South Korea. I am looking for a room in LA. preferably downtown, koreatown and USC area where the metro station is nearby.


Eddie, Male, 30yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, Echo Park

Im a 30 year old music artist Latin male. Most of my time will be spent at my rehearsal studio in silver lake so the closer I can get the better. What have people said about living with me. Clean, respectful and hardly home


Hannah, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Hi, I'm Hannah and I am an aspiring actress currently living in the Chicago suburbs. I've dreamed of living in LA and launching my career since I was 6, so I'm super excited about this next step that I'm taking! I'm extremely outgoing and friendly, and I get along with basically everybody. I am currently trying to find a job for when I move out there, so hopefully I will be working and auditioning a lot of the time. I'm super passionate about acting, singing, coffee, DOGS (bonus points if you have one), the ocean, spontaneous adventures, and living life to the fullest. You can always count on my area being exceptionally clean and organized. Also, I'll cook and bake for you, so I mean.. I would love to find a couple of female roommates to sign a new lease with, ideally. Preferably ones that share similar interests or career paths as me, or just people who are down-to-earth, adventurous, and are willing to hold up their end of the rent and other house needs. I am almost always down for a party, but also value my alone time every once in a while. I don't personally do drugs, smoke tobacco products, or drink (too much ;) but would not be against someone who likes to. I am looking to make my move towards the end of summer so that I’m there by the new school year. I'm super excited to hear more about you and the potential of rooming together! :)

Found | $650

Taylor, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, Lennox, Gardena, Inglewood

About me I'm looking for a place that is quiet and I can study on my free time. I am a student so I'm looking for someone who understands the busy schedule of student life. I love to cook so being able to share or collaborate with my roommate would be the best for me. As a student I tend to not want a stressful environment so I am very laid back.


Asaka, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

Hi, I’m looking for a room and roommate(s). Here is my profile. •I’m Asaka, 28 years old female. I graduated from a university in Florida but moved out and have lived in San Mateo, CA since July, 2017. I'm looking for a job in music industry currently. •I have a dog, 2.5 years-old border collie and lab mix, and he is neutralized male. He is very friendly and has lived with cats and dogs before. He is well house-trained, so he won’t mess up your furniture, your phone charger cable or anything! lol He barely bark. He is registered as a service dog although I am not physically challenged. •I have a car, so let me know if I have a parking spot. •Non smoker but I drink alcohol occasionally. •Very outgoing! I love hiking on trails and trying new cafes and restaurant. •Love cooking! (Mostly Japanese and Italian!) I can be reached via text message or email. Thank you for your consideration. Asaka

Found | $750

Karen, Female, 31yrs

Looking in: San Diego, San Diego, Orange County Great Park, Los Angeles, California Valley

I keep to myself most of the time but I am also fun to be with.


Angelica, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

Hi my name is Angelica Macias. I am 20 years old. I am currently working as an office assistant (full time). I am also business partners with my father, we are opening an ice cream parlor soon. I live with my sister and Other 2 roommates, but I have to move out by May. Thank you, Angelica m


Lauren, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: West Los Angeles, Studio Village, Culver City, West Hollywood, Los Angeles

I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and making the move to LA! My goal is to work in the music industry in some way. I love promotions and management! I grew up dancing competitively and am still involved in dance! I currently teach dance and work at a radio station here in Minneapolis. I have 2 sisters, but they will be staying back home in MN for now! I am clean, love to go out on the town, explore, and also totally cool with a night in too! Looking to move sometime in August/September, but my move time can be flexible in West Hollywood, Westwood, Studio City, Culver City, North Hollywood.


Caitlyn, Friends, 19-22yrs

Looking in: Venice Beach, West Hollywood, Canoga Park, Los Angeles

Hi! Just 2 YouTubers with the same name currently living in Hawaii who are originally from Boston, trying to move to Los Angeles after Coachella for a bit. We're a great time and already have lots of friends in the area so I'm sure we could all have a great time together, and the two of us would love to live in a single room together somewhere!


Mike C, Male, 27yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I am very respectful and to myself. I am animal friendly and I am more than able to make rent on time.


Axel, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Simi Valley, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, San Fernando

I am clean, healthy and organized. I am bilingual (English & Spanish) and I love to meet new people. I have had a lot of roommates in the past, both boys and girls, and never had problems with them. I prefer to stay with girls, they are generally much better housemates than boys. I am from Puerto Rico, I am a model, an actor and somewhat of a music artist and I am moving to LA to pursue my dreams and be around like minded people who have an insatiable hunger for dreaming.

Found | $650

Andre, Male, 26yrs

Looking in: Los Feliz, Echo Park, Koreatown, North Hollywood, Los Angeles

I'm easy going, responsible, accommodating, and clean. I'll be working most of the time but would love to chill when at home. I also DJ and produce. Love cooking, meditation, a good laugh, pets and nature! I'm respectful of roomies personal time and will make sure we are sharing a harmonious and peaceful space together.

Found | $900

Mette, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I am very easy going and fun to live with. I respect a closed door, but also enjoys having a beer, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Found | $450

Janell, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Pasadena, Santa Monica, Burbank, Los Angeles

Hello! I'm Janell from the Fresno area and I'm looking to move as soon as I can. My Dad recently passed away from pancreatic cancer and I'm looking everywhere I can possibly think of to find housing. I'm currently a student at Fresno City College but my semester ends December 15th and I'm majoring in Illustration/Animation! I have plenty of cash to pay rent for at least 4 months while I'm job hunting. I usually just like to chill and keep to myself, I like to play video games and chat with friends online if I'm not drawing or anything.


Atticus, Male, 18yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Universal City, North Hollywood, Studio City, Los Angeles

Currently I’m living in Albany NY with a goal to move to LA by the end of July, but if I manage to find serious living, I would be more than happy to up and move today. I’ve managed to be hired as a musician (specially a drummer/ percussionist) through the upstate New York area but I’d like to move to L.A. for a good start to a more legitimate career. For the past year, I’ve been saving up for my move so I do have some money put to the side for the first few months of rent in the event that I struggle looking for a job. during late February I spent a week in L.A. looking and applying for jobs so I can promise you that I’m serious about working and paying for my share of the rent and miscellaneous costs. I’m not going to school so I’m more than willing to work all my days in order to make a living. As I mentioned before, I’m a musician so I will take up some room with equipment and instruments and things like that. Since I would be living with others, I’m more than happy keeping my rehearsals and recording times to a reasonable hour and to a volume that I can control to the best of my ability. I’m not really one for partying but at the same I don’t plan on being anti-social around people that I’d be possibly living with. I’m extremely serious about moving out to L.A. so if you have any questions at all or would just like to get to know me, follow and msg me on here  Thanks and I hope to be in touch soon!


Charlotte, Female, 35yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

Hi! I am from France, currently living in San Francisco, and will be studying for 6 weeks in LA. I need a place to stay. I am well travelled, speak 4 languages and like to meet new people.


Yolanda, Female, 35yrs

Looking in: Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

Clean, neat, organized, friendly


Conor, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Santa Monica, Koreatown, Los Feliz, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Downtown, West Hollywood, Studio City, Los Angeles

Hey, what's up? My name is Conor and I'm moving to LA from Ireland for a year on a work exchange programme. I've just finished my degree in Film and TV where I majored in Screenwriting and Production. I am a very creative person who is always up for trying new things and new experiences, hence why I'm moving to LA. Seems like it will be my biggest adventure yet. I'm hoping to meet and live with new people who can make my experience awesome! Since I come from Ireland, some of my roommate responsibilities would include: - Having a cup of tea ready at all times. - Providing general facts about Leprechauns. - And providing Irish "banter" whenever necessary. All in all, I'm pretty chill and adaptable so looking forward to seeing what type of people LA has to offer. Sláinte


Alba, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach

I am a very clean organized and productive person. I do not party. I keep busy, so I won’t be home much

Found | $750

Paul, Male, 40yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I am fun and enjoy peoples company


Caitlin, Couple, 25-26yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

Me and my Bestfriend are wonderful roomies we have a go getter spirit we’re definitely humble as well we like to make people feel comfortable we’re outgoing social butterflies . We’re both from the east coast so all we do is grind and not get in eachother way !!! Whoever well roomie with is definitely a lucky one lol


Raghav, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I’m an international Student studying in LA , looking for a private room for myself and flatmates to share a house with me.

Found | $1,200

Matthew, Male, 23yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles Downtown, West Hollywood West, Koreatown, Los Feliz, Los Angeles

I am a clean, quiet roommate working as a film composer. I have a 10-6 job and when home, I try to work quietly and respect my roommates’ wants and needs and expect the same in return so we can all feel productive and happy in the living space.


Andrea, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I am fun, hard working, open minded, but sometimes just like to keep to myself

Found | $800

Jennifer, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Santa Monica, Westwood, Los Angeles, Koreatown

Hello there! I currently work at an after school program for kids and design women’s clothing. For a good time with friends I enjoy brunch or going to the movies.


Tariq, Male, 41yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

Male person , 40 yrs old , straight, single, no pets, no drinking, clean and cool guy Like watching moving, gym and different sports games Willing to stay for minimum 2 month

Found | $1,000

Chelsea, Couple, 20-21yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose

We’re a really cool couple just looking to find some place to live in the area because we’re mostly working but we do have a kitten so we want to have a home where we can bring him. We’re also smokers but we DO NOT SMOKE CIGARETTES but we do smoke marijuana a lot so I’m hoping we find something that can cope with us. We’re clean people and are respectful and we’re not loud all we need is a place to live for a few months while we find ourselves a stable home.


Aja, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I am a single female moving from Boston to Los Angeles within the next month. The weather, and people in LA are beautiful so I am hoping for a change of scenery and good vibes.

Found | $1,100

Inessa, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

Hi, I'm looking for a room with private bathroom in Glendale, CA :) I study Business Administration in GCC, work part-time in the real-estate business. Wanted to get a dog soon (Shih Tzu or french bulldog).

Found | $800

Holly, Couple, 32-41yrs

Looking in: Marina del Rey, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita

I work long and hard days Monday-Friday leaving at 6am and returning around 9pm or 10pm. I will basically shower and sleep. My daughter 12 years of age willStay with me after school on Fridays till Sunday afternoon when I then returned her to Los Angeles and start working early evening to begin my week each Sunday . So my daughter goes to school in Culver City school district and her father and I have decided that she would stay with him at this time because she loves her school.. I also have a 9 pounds terrier mix to-year-old dog that is probably the most perfect dog you’ll ever meet. She gets along with Baby’s children cats dogs she was very submissive would never harm a fly completely housebroken and almost never barks she’s grateful for her life today because I rescued her off the streets of Watts near the imperial products so I like to just think she’s pretty streetsmart LOL. Most the day she sleeps and when I Take her for a run. She usually comes with me and I either rover her at daycare or she can remain with me for most of my clients that there will be times I leave her at home.

Found | $600

Dwan, Male, 35yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

Responsible ...respectful ...very private


Alexandra, Female, 49yrs

Looking in: Los Angeles

I'm an English woman and recent arrival to LA (7 months). I have been living in West Hollywood/Hollywood/ The Grove area since arriving and would like to stay nearby as I don't yet drive in LA, and work full time in West Hollywood. I'm reliable, kind, tidy and respectful. I don't drink/drug nor will have any overnight guests. I'd like a private room in a peaceful household. My background is in community development, discrimination law, performing arts and addiction recovery. I'm open to living with any age group, gender, sexual orientation, etc.