Photo of Tya


33 years · Female · Receptionist


33 year old professional. I work 5 days a week as a veterinarian technician. I spend a considerable amount of time away from home due to travel, after school activities and work events. When I am home I tend to catch up on chores, tend to my plants and do some reading or watch some documentaries....

Roommate looking in: Silver Spring, Montgomery County, MD, Congress Heights, Washington, DC, Capitol Heights, Prince George's County, MD, Anacostia Park, Washington, DC & District Heights, Prince George's County, MD.

Photo of Julie


30 years · Female · Policy


Hi! My name is Julie, and I’m moving to DC to work in energy policy. I’m quiet and very clean. I’m happy to hang with roommates or stay more separate. I have a tiny non-shedding dog.

Roommate looking in: Washington, DC.

Photo of Alyssa


22 years · Female · Self employed


Introvert, I’ll probably be in my room the whole time lol. Really busy person.

Roommate looking in: Washington, DC.

Photo of Anjelika


31 years · Female · Gov worker


I’m new to the area and work hybrid as a government worker. I’m also a USAF vet and have two ESA certified cats. They are well trained, sweet, and don’t destroy anything. I’m a lowkey and quiet person!

Roommate looking in: Washington, DC & Arlington, Arlington County, VA.

Photo of Lou


24 years · Female · Space Officer at the French Embassy


Hi, I'm Lou, I'm French, I'm 24 and I'll be working at the French Embassy in the United States, with the Ambassador's Space Counsellor. I cook a lot, I'm clean and organised. I don't drink or smoke, but I don't mind other people doing it and I still like to party. I'm open-minded, I like watching fi...

Roommate looking in: West End, Washington, DC, Logan Circle, Washington, DC, Dupont Circle, Washington, DC, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC & Downtown, Washington, DC.

Photo of Nicole


40 years · Female · Nicole


Hello, I’m Nicole im 40 years old, hard working, clean and respectful. I’m easy going and quiet. I’m not munch into the party scene. Work then home to watch a move for a nice night in. I don’t smoke, I may have a glass of wine every blue moon. I’m a fun person to be around. I love animals so if you...

Roommate looking in: Durham, Durham County, NC, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC, Dallas, Dallas County, TX & Washington, DC.

Photo of Michelle


20 years · Female · Collections Agent


I’m very sweet and easy to get along with . I’m single no kids I don’t have any pets only looking to live with very very clean people who are responsible and take care of bills early or on time . I have outstanding credit and a squeaky clean background I don’t do drugs I don’t drink nor do I smoke ....

Roommate looking in: Washington, DC & Silver Spring, Montgomery County, MD.

Photo of Andi


32 years · Female · Government/Law Enforcement


I'm a 32 year old female government professional with a dapper tuxedo cat named Gatsby (who is perfectly fine with being confined to my room). My life is fairly simple as I spend most of my time at work, at the gym, and at church. I'm clean and I make every effort to be considerate of others around...

Roommate looking in: Alexandria, Alexandria city, VA, Washington, DC & Arlington, Arlington County, VA.

Photo of Rodjane Luter

Rodjane Luter

22 years · Female · RBT


Hey! I’m Rodjane. I’m usually pretty independent but recently my roommate moved out on me and now I’m looking for another roommate. I’m a neat young lady, working 3 jobs usually starting around 7:30am ending by 6pm. I’m looking for a girly who’s nice and easy going. I’m usually up until about 10pm e...

Roommate looking in: Bowie, Prince George's County, MD, Washington, DC & Greenbelt, Prince George's County, MD.

Photo of lorelei


22 years · Female · shift manager at starbucks


i’m looking for a room. i just moved to virginia and im trying to make a life for myself. im super chill and keep to myself but also open to new friendships. i have a cat and she’s the sweetest. she’s also dog friendly as she does live with two medium sized dogs. im clean and respectful.

Roommate looking in: Washington, DC & Alexandria, Alexandria city, VA.

Photo of Anansa


44 years · Female · Case manager


I am 44 yo college educated person. and looking to get some things in order with my life. I have a cat and a dog both are ESAs. I am employed by DC Gov but I do a lot out side of this which deal with community service.

Roommate looking in: Washington, DC.

Photo of Whitney


32 years · Female · Non-Profit


I'm Whitney. I'm a 32 year old professional taking a promotion in non-profit that will allow me to move to the city in the fall. I have a medium sized, well-trained, easy going dog named Trevor. He is happy to nap in his crate or snuggle you if you're feeling blue. He is perfectly house trained and...

Roommate looking in: Arlington, Arlington County, VA & Washington, DC.

Photo of Shruthi


23 years · Female · Student


I'm a current Dallas/ Austin girl moving to DC to do my masters at georgetown in the fall. I'm very clean, pretty quiet (but down to socialize), and love to cook for others :) My hobbies include thrifting, cooking, painting, concerts, and dive bars. I would ideally like to be friends as roommates...

Roommate looking in: Arlington, Arlington County, VA & Washington, DC.

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