Housemates & flatmates in Caledonia, WA


Luis Munoz · 23 years

Looking in: Tacoma WA.

Recently got a promotion and need a place to stay nearby the job. I’m very clean and organized, I’m kind, understanding, and respectful.


Linda · 57 years

Looking in: Fife WA & Tacoma WA.

I work in the medical field and need a place for a 13 week assign. I do not smoke. I will be working nights and sleeping days 4 days a week.

Photo of Tasia

Tasia · 19 years

Looking in: Tacoma WA.

I'm 19 and I am currently a waitress and nanny so I have a steady income. I'm hardworking, dependable, punctual with bills, fun, lively, and always cl...


James · 39 years

Looking in: Tacoma WA.

I am a IT Professional that is currently working and living in Tacoma WA. I am friendly, quiet and respectful of other people and property. I do enj...

Photo of Lashae Lynn Nazarian-Asby

Lashae Lynn Nazarian-Asby, Lashae & Logan · 21 - 22 years

Looking in: Tacoma WA.

Me and my fiancé are quiet, respectful and clean. We keep mostly to ourselves but are very nice/friendly when we are around other people. My fiancé wo...

Photo of Nicole

Nicole & Nicols · 27 years

Looking in: Tacoma WA.

Quiet, stick to myself, work a lot, I have one cat who is very resilient and friendly

Photo of Konstance

Konstance · 50 years

Looking in: Tacoma WA.

Looking for a place for me and, maybe my cat. I am a respectful and respectable female. My son is grown now and moved out of our 2 bedroom apartment...

Photo of Rocky
$1,000 — New

Rocky · 26 years

Looking in: Tacoma WA.

I'm a planner. I'm always looking for a good time and I'm a reliable person to talk to. I'd make the effort to get to know you and want to build a fri...


Joe · 35 years

Looking in: Tacoma WA.

easy going, steady income, always pays on time or earlier, no drama, don't smoke, don't do drugs, outdoors and plays sports, likes to cook on weekends...


John · 55 years

Looking in: Tacoma WA.

Very clean, organized, well mannered, and healthy. I am a responsible person just looking for a place to call home. Separating/divorcing from wife....

Photo of Morgan

Morgan & Gunner · 23 - 24 years

Looking in: Tacoma WA.

Hello! My partner and I are looking for a room or roommates. We are both in the veterinary industry. We are quiet and clean people who respect peopl...

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