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Looking in: Las Vegas NV.

$500 per month
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6 months
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I AM A WRITER. I need whichever is the quietest place available in this city that I can get within my budget. Good luck with that but I'm gonna try anyway. I wake up early in the morning to write before I go to work and write again when I get home before going to sleep. When I'm not writing, I'm thinking about what I'm going to be writing. In between writing and thinking about writing, I read, play music and very occasionally watch TV--in order to add to my writing. I don't have space in my head or my life for anything else right now. I have a day job to keep while finishing the final revisions of my novel to keep me alive. I will need to be left alone for 95% of the time and I will not bother you but if you love books and board games, we can be friends if we're both comfortable. I am also suffering from PTSD so I really can't be in a stressful environment. I like my room and location right now but there is a toddler here who can cry for an hour straight which gives me anxiety and high blood pressure and they occasionally have parties so I need to go. If you want to trade, I'd be glad to do so. I am gay and in my mid 30s. Oh and I have a hamster who is also not going to bother anyone. He will be with me in my room in his cage and you won't hear a sound from him.

Edit. Additional Info: My day job is near Sunset Park down south so it would have to be somewhere near there at least.

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