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Looking in: Woodlands, Canyon Lake, Comal County, TX.

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Hi πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Some things about me, my name is Kristin and I am a 39 year old female- I’m single and have no kids or pets. I roll solo 🀭 I am a very good roommate and have several recommendations upon request. Always on time with rent in full every month. I am very clean and organized, also I love connecting with people (It’s one of my greatest joys) but most of my time at home is spent alone and reading or binge watching movies or series. I’m kind of a homebody and mostly work from home - lots of time at home. I am a kind, loving, understanding and forgiving person who is always working on become a better version of myself. I require a home that is not too hot πŸ₯΅ I have a hormone imbalance which makes me super hot ALL OF THE TIME! I can’t live somewhere with a cold-natured person (unless they are willing to keep the A/C at *70 or below and bundle up and get under a blanket). Safety is my top priority. I do not want to live somewhere there are different people coming over. I am private and quiet and I want to know my belongings are safe and that I am safe. I am a fanatic about making sure all windows are down and locked as well as all the doors. I’m not easily offended but had a roommate who loved to tell me very graphic and perverse jokes and stories and it was awful. Please no crude people even bother to reach out to me. I am a democrat! Lol! I am very passionate about learning on an array of topics some of which are; social sciences, many different philosophies, astrology and astronomy, humanitarian efforts, psychology and self-help/healing/growing. I ALWAYS root for the underdog and can get pretty loud about it, too. It pains me to see any injustice and turns on a raging fire inside of me. I guess that’s about it.
I need a private room to rent near The Woodlands as soon as possible. Please reach out to me if you are a good match! Thank you and may our God bless you and yours. ✌🏽

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