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Lee George Loomis

Male · 32 years · Landscaper very Hygienic FastFood cook very Quiet astronaut ALLways using BlueTooth Headphones

Free to message

Looking in: Loomis Corners, Redding Shasta County CA, Loomis Hill, Syracuse Onondaga County NY, Loomis Okanogan County WA, Loomis Phelps County NE, Loomis Placer County CA, Porterville Tulare County CA, Visalia Tulare County CA, Tulare County CA & Tulare Tulare County CA.

$400 per month
Accommodation for
For myself
Ready to move
Looking to stay
12 months
🚭 Non-smoker
🙌 Interested in teaming-up


common sense RoomMates elegant respect very Quiet 24/7 Friendly DramaFree Looking For CraigsListEarthLings Doing Their own Thing inn Theirs own BuBBles No speaking about poLitics iF you Like Too Go Half on A potLuck Dinner once A month Lets just yellow Poster on The wall

Hope u are Having a Great Day it could Be a Bad Day iF all the 🌎 oceans just Leak PoP out innToo spaces out oF a Habitable water BuBBle planet Yep what a Miracle There’s are Noo Videos To disProve G🌎d or The Ends of Days around The corner

GandHi once Said Bee 🐝 The change You wish Too See The Descendants Worlds

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Hobby anySports HockeyGolf GreenBay BoxerDog Murïca

A Dream⚛Goals 2 Build a🍝Lunch🚑TruckEmpïre & also make a♂️♀️TvSïtcomTvShow wïth sïze oF 2🚚parkïng Spaces on🏠 wheels & adöpt 5Lïl ones 2 make sure They wilHave a EducatïonallyFuture with 5 virTue TvSïtcoms revenue

DeFïne a♂️♀️RoleModel Never waste mïLLïseconds on nonSense knowïng DeFïnitions oF other🇺🇸 Galaxïes FlowersSpecïes innTheUnïverse Gardens ALLways Tryïng 2 joïn @ 1 specïal PowerRangerAngelFanClub wïth nonjudgmentFree🇺🇸Doms oF wïL №Vïdeos 2 dïsProve ït

Rated•G ALLways eQual scïence Rated•R ALLways eQual BadApples methïDïoťs with №Goals ïnn Theïr LïFe Apples Dont Fall Far short From A 🍕Tree cleaningUp The WiFi♻LiFi

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EveryBody Die EveryDay any YouTubers Have over 1000 deceased people DeFine making Earth a Better place @ sponsiBility Goo Too any YouTubers with MiLLions oF suBscriBers cuz $1 will Go a Long way Too Doo someThing Positive inn♻Society

House on wheels size of 1 or 2 parking Space double Decker or shipping conTainers sticking Halfway out oF The water someWhere

or Living Quarters out oF 4 or 6 shipping conTainers inn The Ground & grow vegetables on Top or weld Too a Helicopter it possible Helicopters R very powerFul @ can Lift up a Tank up Less than 3 Flying shipping containers

HomeMade MRE Rations to make Food Last for Eons years recycled Trailers oF diesel Truck turn inTo Pods Apartments 4 a revenue & Rent them out 4 a payment plan sharing caring

Respect R parents Name @ They choose 2 give 2 us 2 r Birth🚸✌🍟HumansLzingBeings r EarthLings job in LiFe 2 Help Peoples ReaLize How Rare & valuaBle Each 1 oF us Really is @ Each oF us Has someThing Thats No 1 Else Has or Ever wiL Have someThing innSide That is uniQue 2 ALL Time it’s r EarthLings job 2 Encourage Each other 2 disCover @ uniQueNess & Too proVide ways oF deveLoping Expressions iF Hate yourJob Be YourOwnBoss cook 1Types oF EarthLings Food u~No peoples willBuy From u in A compact kitchen onWheels or Build Long disTances Floating Bridges overWater just 4 Bicycles 2 Ride on For a Fee or compete with CamFrog with a HomeMade superComputer in aLandscaperTrailer or Build JapanBunkBedsPods apartMent onWheels u~RentOut 2 peoples GrowVegetaBles or sugarCane 4 ethanol 2 power ourHouseCars shouldBe TheSize oF 2parkingSpaces inCludes Blend of 18 to 27.5perCent ethanol Flex Fuel VeHicles ALLways share🍕Murica ideas WiFi♻LiFi 2oooX13=26ooo 1oooX13=13ooo Murica🎳🤠🇺🇸🍎🏈⚾️🏀⚽️

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Lee George Loomis
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