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Make yourself be seen
Standing out from the crowd is the best way to secure a room and the best way to do that is to create a profile. Adding photos to your profile will also increase your responses and will place you at the top end of roommate searches. Create your profile here.

The more suburbs your add to your profile, the more times you will show up in search results and the more potential matches you will receive. Be sure to add all the suburbs you’re interested in.

Verify your mobile
To contact listings on the site, you will first need to verify your mobile. Once you have signed up, you will receive the verification security code to enter into the site. Never share this code with anyone, and only enter it directly into the site.

Introduce yourself
Don’t just sit back and wait for the offers flood in, be proactive many people offering rooms expect potential candidates to contact them first. Remember that many properties will interview multiple potential flatmates before choosing one. So don’t put all your hopes on the one place, have a few lined up for inspections.

Ask for a viewing
When enquiring about a property always politely check if and when you can inspect the property and meet the roomies. Depending on how many enquiries a property has received may influence when you can view the room, so try to be flexible.

Staying safe
If you’re feeling nervous about the inspection or meeting someone for the first time, there is no problem taking along a friend. More information about staying safe.