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It’s Easy

Creating your listing is easy, searching is easy, messaging is easy! We send you your latest matches so you don’t miss out. Finding a roomie… easy!

100% Free

No tricks, no games, no hidden charges… That’s right, every part of our service is 100% free. We won’t take your money even if you want to pay us!


Phone verification, moderated listings, secure messaging. We make sure you and your contact details are safe until you choose to share them.

How to get started

1. Create your listing

Whether you are looking for a room or offering a room its important you create a listing. This builds trust with your potential roommates and save time on bad matches, having to type the same information time and time again or go on so many bad viewings.

I’m looking for a place
I’m offering a place

2. Browse potential rooms and roommates

Yes thats right whether you are offering a room or looking for a room you can proactively search for the right place or person for you. All our listing owners need to be verified and the accounts and listings are checked by automated and manual moderation systems.

3. Making contact

We have a secure onsite messaging system which means you can chat with potential roommates without sharing your phone number or email address until you are comfortable. From the messaging system you can access all the information of the listing so you know exactly who and what you are both referring to. We will send you a notification when you receive a new message.

4. Viewings

It’s very important for all the roommates to meet and to view the property and room. This is your home so its not just about the property matching, its also about the people. Take your time on the viewing and make sure you sit down for 10mins to get to know each other. If you miss out on some details on the first visit then its totally ok to request a second viewing. Once you are interested in a place/person make sure you ask all the technical details about rent, notice, deposit, dates, house rules etc etc… Better everyone knows where they stand up front than there be surprises later.

5. Moving in

Make sure you come to an agreement on rent, deposit, move in date, house rules, keys and all the other details of the tenancy. We always recommend that the new roommate and the head roommate or landlord have a written record to avoid confusion in the future