Roommates & rooms in Idlewild, Crofton MD

Photo of David Ostrin's room

Stonybrook Drive, Bowie MD

About 1.2mi from Idlewild, Crofton MD

I have a nice house in a quite residential neighborhood. I have a dog who is extremely friendly with people and other animals so small to medium size...

Photo of Robert's room

Jericho Park Road, Bowie MD

About 2.3mi from Idlewild, Crofton MD

I have a newly renovated and secluded 8 bedroom home near Bowie State University campus that I'm opening as a transitional home for women and children...

Photo of Carly

Carly · 25 years

Looking in: Annapolis MD & Crofton MD.

I am 25 years old and work full-time Monday-Friday at a dental office. I am friendly, clean and can be to myself. I have 2 yorkies that are friendly a...

Photo of Shawna

Shawna · 18 years

Looking in: Crofton MD.

College student looking to move. Anne Arundel county preferably. It’s just me. I work and go to school.


Chris · 65 years

Looking in: Crofton MD.

I'm great..................................................ui99yffcgtsfghhjhuiireasscvbnkoiuutressdxcvbjkoiu6essssxcbjjkkhhhjkjhhb


K. Goodman · 63 years

Looking in: Crofton MD.

Looking to rent a room by the end of June. I am friendly and I currently live in the crofton area. No preference in roomate

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Sandra · 44 years

Looking in: Crofton MD.

mid level professional woman. Values having a home environment that is peaceful, warm, and inviting. I'm rarely ever home. So when I am there, havi...

$800 — Updated

Rosalie · 26 years

Looking in: Crofton MD.

My name is Rosalie and I also recently moved here from NJ about over a year ago. I am 26 and a teacher in PG County. I am currently living with two ot...

Photo of James

James · 28 years

Looking in: Crofton MD.

I work full-time in Bowie MD at a physical therapy office. I’m taking classes this year for my prerequisites for grad school. I’m a fairly quiet, but...

Photo of Mayrelis

Mayrelis · 22 years

Looking in: Crofton MD.

22 year old who loves Jesus, people & all forms of art. Started a new job in the area of Crofton working with children and would like to live closer t...

Photo of Caleb

Caleb · 22 years

Looking in: Crofton MD.

I am a new science teacher employed with Indian Creek School. I keep a clean space and love to decorate and make any places that I live feel like home...

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