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Photo of Rico


27 years · Male

Chill person. I smoke weed. I stay to myself and Iā€™m fun as hell! I work for NIH and Iā€™m pretty busy with work so usually I come home make and knock o...

Roommate looking in: Bethesda Center, Bethesda MD.

Photo of carol


37 years · Female

Hi I am carol 37 years old, I am an eassy going person and respectful. I am working like a waitress.

Roommate looking in: Bethesda MD.



41 years · Male

I am interested in the room you have available. I have recently been transferred to Walter Reed until the end of the year, and need a clean and relia...

Roommate looking in: Bethesda MD.



28 years · Female

Hi, Hope you are doing well. My name is Aziza and I am very interested in renting your room. I just got a job offer from A consulting company in Beth...

Roommate looking in: Bethesda MD.



21 years · Male

Looking for a room without roaches šŸ˜‚ and that's about it I will be working most of the time hardly will have guests over lie rarely

Roommate looking in: Bethesda MD.

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Photo of Anna


21 years · Female

Hi, I'm a postbacc looking for a place close to Bethesda, preferable with easy access to the metro system/public transportation. I am looking for a qu...

Roommate looking in: Bethesda MD.

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